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Suzuki Access eBrochure


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Suzuki Access eBrochure

Published in: Automotive
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Suzuki Access eBrochure

  1. 1. WHY WISH FOR ANYTHING ELSE? SUZUKI flccess 125 ; <lzca. cc/ W 4// jaw w/3%:
  2. 2. s Way of Life! True to its name, SUZUKI Suzuki Access 125 gives you an access to everything. Be it power, style or mileage: you'll . Metallic sonic silver tyne) Metallic Flint erey two) have all your wishes fulfilled. So while you "‘, K enjoy your ride, why would you ever wish for anything else? Pearl Nebular Black tvmtl Candy Antares Red (15/A) Pearl Mirage wtiite (VPA) Comlort and Fun smart built-in turn signal. ‘rail ligrits that are trendy New-age body graphics stylisn, crirome-plated Large size untterseat xtra torque perlormance Telescopic iront Iork Wider seat lor cornlorl riding. and attractive silencer cover compartment (><rPl tor more power and suspension ror taster pick up comlorlaole fldlrlg. Product Specifications Type 4 stroke, single Cylinder, Air Cooled OHC Displacement 124cm‘ Max Power a 4Kw@700Drprrl ta 5Bhn@7,0D0rprvll Max Torque 9 BNm@500D1pm [I okg-rn@5,5aorpm) Transmission CVT z stanersyslern sells. kick Front Telescopic, Coll spring, oil Damped Flear Swing Arm Type, coil spring, oil Damped Front Drum (120 mm) Rear Drum (120 mm) , Front 90/IUD-In Cerltrallsed ignition Multi—rellector lights lor Easy—to—read Real 9°l‘°0"0 key swltcn, wltri snutter, better visibility, instrument panel, / I J’ I Length l,75o mm Wldlh 6'50 mm Heigtit t t25 mm wrteel Base 1 25a mm Aulhorised Dealer Ground Clearance l6D mm . . . . . Sea‘ New 780 M Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited ‘ ‘ Kerbwe-gm Hskg Plot No.1, Nelson Mandela Road, Vasarlt Kunl. New Delhi - 110070 Battery tzv SNI Headlamp t2v 35/35w speciitcatlons, appearances equipments, colours. materials and other items or Suzuki product shown in tnls catalogue Fuel Tank are subyecl to criange by manulacturers at any time witriout notice and triey may vary depending upon local Conditions WE‘ 73"“ CHPSWV 5 “L and requirements Please visit your local aealer lor details oi any changes Actual body colour may differ lrorri tne “"°5'S“'5l‘E°5 2°'- colours in tnts catalogue.