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Ford Ecosport eBrochure


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Ford Ecosport eBrochure

Published in: Automotive
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Ford Ecosport eBrochure

  1. 1. FORD ECOSPORT lndia. ford. com/ ecosport GO Further
  2. 2. Discover more with the Stylish SUV The city can serve up many challenges — pothotes, busted water pipes. rough roads, just to name a few. That's why the Ford ECOSDEM moves high above the ground, allowing You to SD over. ratherthan around obstacles. The ECOSDOFY is a great combination Of power and efficienc‘/ i And it's )US( the right size for city driving. There's no stunning you The scosooii puis 200mm 0! ground clearance between you an: the mac. Dotrloles, dttchesoi whatever else comes your way. All the right movies You want an suv but YDOY life Is In me city mars why the Eco5DOrt isme uerrcci in its iisrwsizea design rriakeslt easy In Dark and gllaiound those crampea city streets.
  3. 3. Where function meets form Control your life, hands free Like a spicy meai without a cold drink to wasri it down, iiery iniensiiy wouldn'tbe much mn wimouc a scftei l with SYNC‘. irs easiai man ever to stay connected wniia keeping yam hands saraiy on the sieeiing side. So with an its suv cauability. the Ecospoii rias the comfort of a sedan. iigm down to the details wheel and eyes on the road lwllr __Il~fiEJ'T - llllllti vi : ii-ii-sminu inrliseiiunu isnlaii llllln A Keyless Entry with Push-buiion siaiii You talk. SYNC“ listens rniani iiirnniinp. ioi Ynui kv= y'» The nnsnnn '»iri<ie<i Ihekfiv iah nri mu iinn JUN)! “ i» Hy iiriinmi wmiii / (Iii niiii inn nnni iiaiiisiii ThS'rV| U~? WI . n DIANOH Arid fill»/ PiIWiy -iiiiii iii-iiiiiiiiiii 'i ii i iiiii , i,i<i ‘Iii i. i. ii, i.iiii, i ivH‘"v': H V J’H’l'J. _’ iisiimiiiuaxosovr ,1 .3, , i I ‘ , J. . . t. YOU! music. your way Adluslahle steering wheel Vmfvc spvzni an that limo miiecting and mgariizirig your Tilt and IEVESCODK SYEEH7Vg wheel adaots comtartanivia VDUY «minis Ffiufilf So wiimnai iv; an inaa oi use device wiiii nwiiig aasiiiaiivaisisiigia nee andmmtonahie drrwng SVNCN. YOU can Dlay iiaii
  4. 4. Safe travel Green, in any colour Wherever your iourneys take you. rest easy that the Ecosoort has oeen ritteo with some of the latest Dvotective technologies. oesigneci to keen you sale The EcoSDort‘s engineering ano oesign are all aoout giving you more of what you need and less oiwhat you don‘t. That means giving you as rnany kilometres to every tank we can. without compromising on responsive power. so you spend less time at the ourno ario rnoretime on the roao. Effortless gear change ll’< easy to enioy oriying when oui fiwpeed manual transmission allows you to rnoye ihiouyzh the gears so ehoitiessiy ll you orelei an automatic but still want the iuei economy or arnanuai. our dual clutch. o soeeo Powershiii automatic transmission oeliyers both, wlih sear changes you oarely nolrce internationaizriglne oi the year '| ”i I t 1’ 71 you ll be hard nresseu in line a tieuer cornoirialion ml‘ nl fuel economy Mid WDWEI man [he lurtm (l’valEFd l0 | ltvi' Frofioosl Thlri lnnnvatrviz rmliol eneinr» ll: rP'» un in moi lr-nu iu. -i rh. iii .1 tradiilrmal lh iirin unitol nniclnn VK‘lH(1Pllvl’ri|7V(‘ nowei you-rl oxtittrl ni a i e | llrPN7FJm= with lull lmllun rll lllfil MDUVDIW Airbags all around Fnilinped with vrririi sioe anrl ciiriain alihazs. ynlrr» mriwcted irririi iwvvv arlillv you ran lhrrik nl Exceptional handling and control- with lurhrinlngy llklr iracliori torilroi dfld Anlvlnrk Hvnklllg sy. i.irri (lR‘3y. lhi. srnspcirl ri-an-. Arid ailaoi-. iiisiiiir livi-iv in yuui rlriyi~ Whllu lI'rIlIYI‘llkl‘ Mil L.1lmL‘7VA‘. -il<l «or: the car horn mllliw, uowriiiiil otter you take your root oh the brake giying you iust enoughtirnelosrnoothlyoccolerateoway 'p’lv4|lliIlJ‘Vl)lY| ‘/ll‘A| ilJlHiV'l( YLIHSV l’»‘. H‘V
  5. 5. No pocketbook, no problem More load space, less road space No one likes 7iShinE around in their pockets or Cluttered bags The EcoSp0rt‘s smart storage When we Say the E(oSp0rt is right-sized we're not iust talking about how easy it is to drive in the City. deslgn ensures that lives essentials are always easily wlthin your reach we're also talking about how much ioom it gives you il'| SidE. A place loi everything spacethai grows iisitrtii l7'yi]nrlP. i1flil(4i ii srhoonrioirlii-ior rhercnunnns mitt rlflwli tkiti oi ihe rinoli i. i.ii ‘»Iull<¢VidV(1litilli iiniisrioit }tl i. rnr. igi. snnc. » hwy» iill the lentil nun flxnflrt. iiko lianynhiultx whiltv 'stiHhlinV. iVip'. .iliiiig. i itiwr my lnlll i. itl. i ttiirii riiitki iirl ri. ri hiiirli-i . wi-it as . . ll'w riniitly thl iii litith iltiwii illltl ytiiii / uh lit ii -. rri. r.i li. itoiiii~ . llKt- i. tririii« ilikittiplluvi-| )iJAtlii1lilimtil -tiltilll iriiirlitroii. -tl i‘iiUIi)', lllull! .1wtfililllplHldtliiill‘ or nlll‘llVilV; '.| l‘il‘YVVHll‘llJli h mr rtroloi iii: ll Hllilt‘ out oiewt-i unrllii thii linnt «. .-. yi that iiil-. youi iiit- Even your ‘iliiifiliYr’it“i hove tliiiii own ’»DJl «-
  6. 6. Accessories vmnmmasmmmm1~. vrmnr; rsm» I115 ,1», -1 91'm(hnywm lmrvrw :1”. ‘?*9'. v-v ,3.. . hmJm!3 emu accessmwes avawlable . .m« 1, . : M Ma; m= VHF‘ mu. -.. ,. S1 VS! . aw W. (AMEN m mm ems . am am. 1:, . am am . :umlH"(- . ‘ . m. _.1.M 1‘ ll» ' Technicalspecifications Dlmnmllni o. ... u my» my Bum! Wlmh mm u1.. .u mun: mm» W. ‘ 3.. . (mm) mm M. my Fun M. my Emma u. ...11. my mmmu am. um: am Sun» m Fu-lnnhtlpnilwlll m . Dufllc-mm! my zmmm mun »1.. mu». a1..11m. »wmmm . ... rm. Nmrm mm mm wn-an-A Wvu Vol aw. ‘ z. .». .,. ,.. m ; .1.. l.« wm: ... ... ..1m wunfllpktv 5vvarKry1r5s my mum Swlru r-are P-rue lxmw. W. .. Svawwhnl 5.1.. .. .5; . sun um. m. .. nwu. mu swdeL(mzn Arvhus sn.1.. m., ..1. (onlluvahl: s. ».. mm ; ..m. nw. .. uwm. 5.. .“; sm. ..n=1a. ... ~., mw.1.m- L54 rm [Dbl-0 ma av um Wmmm Ndv nos mu Ml’: y. ... .m. .1l.1.m. mm ,2 u= m.«. ... .umu aw mluzym camnpm mmmm “mm Lu rwcrlrnm) we umm.1.wwn lnflIIIrVu1NMcPMm71Iltm .1.» roll . ...1.. ..s . nu1.m. . >um- mmm .11.. hum .1nm.1m. .s. m . m.. .. .m. ... .., ... Ambknh IV-nu n. ..u. m lflur-lum my 51.. mm msmMa. mc.1.. .1.n; ..m. .mm. . 1 (mum ' 1 (W m mum ya) um. <. .m. .u. ... .u. n.. Krunl ma. .. mm, Fmnltmruw l1., ., harms ; ... cww um n. .‘. . mm Ovwlevfilwn Bu! slam-Iwn lAlmnCnMrcl; .m. w. M. .. Vhlesmmz mm. ma fut! mmu 1w.1.¢ m (lunar Emrwmnlav Av: new Ezwwmv am. u. mw. .1.. >.1.. ..; m"1.. .u. aw». « o. ... «.1» 1.1mm . m..4.. ... .u. :.. .. mm. mm mm»: Au) ln ms. .m. m» .59-. ... . znum 1 V1.1.‘ s. .m1w. a.m.1m-—«w. m.c. mu »m. ..a.1..1u. m.1 mm Fnnmmlz owvm mu . :.. .m. . "ml. su. .m. m.a Run! m ».1a. .cw. w.1 mumps mm; Rem a. lunar wn-1 mum. Snlviwhuell M w. ... c.. ..¢ mmlu smw. ..» lam. ‘ Hum . w. ,.. .~w. lr, m «: ».. ..».4 arm . Dun s». ¢.we~1» lumev wvanneusvaewuwhul . ... ... w.. »emn. . smnm ml. lm. .m. .., . swam. » a. u.u. u. and a. .mw. n. .. m. ..».1 .1.. ..; ... .1.l. ~.m. .m-. s1m. .~. m.. mm. ..’ mm. .. v.1.. m..1, nu n, ... .p. w 1 :1.. . mo “.15.. 5.1mm mu Dawn .3.. . 5.‘ Saturn‘ n. .. 5.. . n. .. um. . m.. n.. wazvev elm s.1a1cu. m R« mm. . 1 um m Bd9((aluurm a. ..»1cw1.. ¢ £: Ir-mun-(Or svaycmumu
  7. 7. Colours Blend in with nature or stand out in style. With its range of stunning colours. the Ford Ecosport lets you do either, with ease. Diamond White Panther Black Smoke Grey Chlll Moondust Silver Kinetic Blue Mars Red Ford Service Savings on Service: The Ford Ecosport comes with a 2 year/ 1.00.000 kilometer warranty « Extended warranty: To cover yourcar againstallelectrical st rriechanicaliallursioran additionalperlod F0153!” Emumawssedt-‘mN°' - Servkn Holiday‘: Covers Periodic maintenance services. electrical E1 mechanical failures 0 1 ' 2 7flay‘iIW! e|L1'mm7lm I09 om Roadside Assistance « Total Maimanamx Plan‘: Complete maintersance of your car for guaranteed Deaceo0«r'und ownership - Ford Emergency Road Side Asslstance Program“: A 24x7 helpline to connisct you toone of over 200 authorised Ford Service Centres acres the country O 2 O