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Automatski - Smart Building Solution


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Automatski - Smart Building Solution

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Automatski - Smart Building Solution

  1. 1. Smart Building Solution Automatski Corporation Private Ltd. 207 Regent Street London W1B 3HH United Kingdom +91-9986574181
  2. 2. Automatski Corporation, London Page 2 Executive Summary Buildings today are complex concatenations of structures, systems and technology. Over time, each of the components inside a building has been developed and improved, allowing modern-day building owners to select lighting, security, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems independently, as if they were putting together a home entertainment system. But building owners today are beginning to look outside the four walls and consider the impact of their building on the electrical grid, the mission of their organization, and the global environment. To meet these objectives, it is not enough for a building to simply contain the systems that provide comfort, light and safety. Buildings of the future must connect the various pieces in an integrated, dynamic and functional way. This vision is a building that seamlessly fulfills its mission while minimizing energy cost, supporting a robust electric grid and mitigating environmental impact. This document outlines the Automatski Smart Building Solution.
  3. 3. Automatski Corporation, London Page 3 Contents i. Global IoT Leadership ii. Leadership iii. Smart Buildings iv. Services v. Further Information
  4. 4. Automatski Corporation, London Page 4 Global IoT Leadership Automatski Corporation is one of the Top Global Internet of Things firms; Head Quartered in London, U.K. with an offshore presence in Bangalore, India. It is the world’s first in all of its 5 IoT offerings. It was founded in 2014 by Aditya Yadav. Middleware IoT Platform - Has been built using first principles from the ground up to offer comprehensive real world IoT solutions. We are the worlds first to do this at IoT Scale which we believe is beyond Internet Scale w/ ~1 Trillion Devices and a Billion+ ops Autonomous Compute Platform (R) aka - Scheduled for release in Sep/Oct'15 comprising of 18+ foundational IoT Services. We are the worlds first in this because Things can consume the services autonomously without absolutely any human intervention, become first class Autonomous Citizens of the internet. Something like The SkyNet from the movie Terminator. AutoSIM IoT Simulator - We are the world’s first to offer a comprehensive IoT simulator which supports 10+ protocols, runs on a distributed server cluster and simulates 1m-100m+ devices. Massive Online Simulations - The SmartCity Simulator - Scheduled for Jan/Feb'16. Smart Cities are a catch22 because one cannot develop the best platform and solution without having the sensors and infrastructure in place, and no one will put the infrastructure in place upfront without any utility. Hence we are developing a Massive Scale SmartCity Simulator which can run on 500-1000 server clusters, simulate 1Billion+ devices from traffic signals, sewage, energy meters, water, healthcare, emergency services etc. And can do throughputs of 10Billion+ ops and integrate with systems of systems globally; which can be used for Smart City Development. Again we are the world’s first with this too. WirelessSIM Simulator – The World’s First Complete Solution for Field/Site Wireless/RF Network Design, Protocol Agnostic. (i) Closed Form Solutions (ii) Experiments & Empirical Solutions (iii) UTD based 3D Simulations. 3-4% Accuracy. It’s an RF Power, Sensitivity, Distance & Layout design solution.
  5. 5. Automatski Corporation, London Page 5 Leadership Automatski Corporation was founded in 2014 by Aditya Yadav. Aditya is from IIT Bombay and IIM Bangalore by education, has worked with Top Global firms like McKinsey, BCG, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, Tesco, Google etc. Aditya has 18+ years of industry experience covering executive management, consulting and advisory, technology, operations and management, financial engineering, research and development, innovation, agile, big data, cloud computing, data science etc. Aditya has been an advisor to National Skills Development Council, NASSCOM and the government of India. For more information about Aditya please see or Besides IoT Products, Platforms and Trainings, Automatski also builds IoT solutions for its clientele, and engages in Consulting and Advisory Engagements throughout the Globe. For more information please look at our website
  6. 6. Automatski Corporation, London Page 6 Smart Buildings The Foundational Piece of a Smart Building is the Building Hub built by Automatski on top of the AutoGate Gateway, very similar to the Automatski Smart Home multi-hub. Refer to our Smart Home whitepaper to understand more about how that works. To offer universality the Automatski Building Hub has to support a wide range of RF protocols and Standards which are as follows. 1. IEEE 802.15.4 2. ZigBee 3. EnOcean 4. Low Power WiFi 5. Z-Wave 6. KNX-RF 7. Wavenis 8. IETF Sensor Networking Standards 9. 6LoWPAN 10. ROLL 11. CoRE 12. IPSO Alliance 13. EMerge Alliance 14. Connected Lighting Alliance 15. Other Industry Alliances It is important to note here that a Smart Building doesn’t necessarily need to be controlled remotely and hence the Cloud Services, App Marketplace and other components normally found in Smart Homes Solutions are absent here.
  7. 7. Automatski Corporation, London Page 7 The focus is on Integration and management. A Smart Build Solution needs to provide ways of managing the following. 1. Energy Backup, Harvesting & Management 2. Elevator Management 3. Lighting Management 4. Internet & WiFi Management 5. Audio Video Conferencing 6. Water Management 7. Fire & Life Safety 8. Water Management 9. 24/7 Monitoring 10. Digital Signage 11. Telephony 12. Security & Access Management And offer an Automation Solution and an Integrated Control Room Solution A Smart Building needs some sensors laid throughout the building premises for example… 1. Gas (e.g. CO2) sensors 2. Fire & Smoke sensors 3. Occupancy sensors 4. Motion sensors 5. Access Control (NFC/Cac Cards) 6. HVAC 7. Temperature & Humidity Sensors 8. Cameras
  8. 8. Automatski Corporation, London Page 8 Services Consulting & Advisory i. Security & Privacy ii. Risk Management iii. Regulatory & Compliance iv. Policy & Governance v. Design & Architecture vi. Big Data, Data Engineering, Data Sciences, Decision Sciences vii. Economic Models viii. Simulations ix. Agile & Software Engineering, Coaching & Advisory Engagements Solutions i. Cloud Computing ii. Big Data & Analytics iii. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence iv. Mobile & Web Applications v. Sensors & Actuators vi. Platforms vii. Functional/Regression/Performance/Str ess Testing viii. Open Source ix. Security & Privacy x. Large Scale Integration xi. Standards & Interoperability
  9. 9. Automatski Corporation, London Page 9 A Typical Solution i. Cloud Services - AWS, Azure etc. ii. Mobile - iOS, Android & Windows Phone iii. Desktops - Windows & Mac iv. Sensors - Arduino, RaspberryPi, Edison etc. v. Gateways & Hubs vi. Edge Networking vii. Fog Computing *** 1 week - a couple of months, Project Duration Domains i. Smart City ii. Smart Energy & Smart Grids iii. Smart Healthcare iv. Connected & Autonomous Cars v. Smart Homes vi. M2M vii. Industrial IoT IoT Training i. Introduction to M2M, IoT, and IoE ii. Global Players and their Offerings iii. Standards, Protocols & Consortiums iv. Sensors, Devices & Gadgets v. Programming Arduino, RaspberryPi etc. vi. Writing your first IoT Application vii. Open Source in IoT viii. APIs ix. Mobile & WebServices x. IoT Platforms xi. Domain Solutions – Smart Cars, Smart Healthcare, Smart Energy/Grids, Smart Cities, Smart Homes & Industrial IoT xii. Data Sciences & Decision Sciences – BigData, Cloud & Analytics xiii. Polyglot Architectures & Programming – Java, C#, R etc. xiv. Software Engineering Principles in IoT – Design, Architecture, Testing – Functional/Regression/Performance/Str ess xv. Simulations xvi. Security & Privacy – Principles & Design xvii. A Structured Approach to IoT Adoption Online Exam & Certification (Optional)
  10. 10. Automatski Corporation, London Page 10 Further Information Please refer to our website for further information Send us an email on Or call us on +91-9986574181 Copyright Notice © 2015 Automatski Corporation. Reproduction without written permission is completely forbidden. External Publication of Automatski Corporation Information and Data: Any Automatski Corporation information that is to be used in advertising, press releases, or promotional materials requires prior written approval from the appropriate Automatski Corporation Executives. A draft of the proposed document should accompany any such request. Automatski Corporation reserves the right to deny approval of external usage for any reason.