Transformers and its applications


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Transformers and its applications

  1. 1. Transformers and Its ApplicationsTransformers as the name implies transforms electrical energy by changing the voltage from high to low.It permits electricity to be send out high voltages at long distances, and utilized at lower voltage. Voltagedetects how strong or how many currents are carried out over short or long distances.Transformers are utilized mainly to alter the number of amperes, volts, watts and electrical current fromthe power source directly to where they are needed. It changes the voltage input to a specific value ofvoltage output. It can either function to step up (increase) the voltage, or step down (decrease) thevoltage.There are many uses for transformers. However, in some electronic machines, it is embedded so youcannot actually see it. It is present in computers that covert for instance the incoming 120 volts into 5 and12 volts respectively. It can also be found in adapters for electronics.Commonly seen in mobile chargers where it lowers the incoming 120 volts into lesser voltage so thatmobile can receive it without any electrical faults. Electric Transformers performs by supplying thecorrect electric current from one transformer to another through the use of circuit. It comes in range oflow voltage, high voltage and step down.AC Power Transformers are used to change Alternating current voltage in AC power circuits. This is whyAC is more advantageous than DC (direct current). It is a dual electromagnet which is consists of two setsof wires for input and output voltages. It is used to lower currents so electronic and electrical supplies canbe used safely at home.Step down Voltage Transformer is made to lower electrical voltage. It has primary voltage which ishigher than the secondary voltage. This is why it is called “step down” as it lowers the current. It is usedin order to utilize 110v product in a country with a 220v supply. It alters electrical voltage from one levelto a lower level. It is used in applications such as power distribution, electrical isolation, control andinstrumentation.Step up Voltage Transformer has secondary voltage which is higher than its primary voltage. Itgenerally "steps up" the voltage applied to it. For instance, it is required in order to use an appliance with220v in a country with 110v supply. It is widely used in power transmission system where there is a needto convert the power from generator or power source to a very high current.