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Healthy KPIs in a Marketing Automation and CRM Context


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Many new terms have arisen alongside 21st century marketing technology and processes. This deck attempts to explain a few key concepts in the buyer's journey or lead life cycle, in the context of a healthy KPI waterfall.

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Healthy KPIs in a Marketing Automation and CRM Context

  1. 1. KPIs for Managers: A Marketing Ops Perspective Jeremy Mason, Marketing Ops and Lead Gen Q3, 2014
  2. 2. Agenda KPIs in Context What is available? Healthy B2B KPIs Influencing the KPI funnel
  3. 3. KPIs in Context
  4. 4. Funnel-System Context Lead Source (origin) Campaign Influence (path to deal) Primary Campaign Source (tips deal) Visitors Prospects MQLs SQLs Conversion Responses Recorded on Campaigns Cookie Dropped
  5. 5. Conversion Flow Closed-Loop Context Closed Campaign Pardot Campaign Lead Campaign Influence Opportunity Marketing Automation System CRM Segmentation List Response Primary Campaign Source Rules Emails Drips Forms Prospect members (optional) MQL SAL SQL Inquiry Customer Campaign History assign 1 2 3 Contact Account
  6. 6. What is available?
  7. 7. Intra-organizational Volume Velocity Value Historical Data Experience What is available?
  8. 8. What is available? Extra-organizational Benchmarks Literature Forums and Feeds Historical data None of this is new. The path is well worn.
  9. 9. Healthy B2B KPIs
  10. 10. Healthy B2B KPIs (undulating lines) Impressions Prospects MQLs 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Health KPIs (~30-day conversion cycles) Impressions Prospects MQLs SQLs Customers Funnel Path Complete buyer’s journey velocity
  11. 11. Healthy B2B KPIs Conversion ratio influences upward pull Velocity determines when a change will occur Correlation should be positive for any KPI with those below it Impression volume can forecast future sales from campaigns
  12. 12. Unhealthy B2B KPIs Higher funnel levels have no influence on lower Correlation is weak or negative Forecasting from top of funnel is impossible 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Unhealthy KPIs Impressions Prospects MQLs SQLs Customers negative weak
  13. 13. Influencing the KPI Funnel
  14. 14. Influencing the Funnel: Systems Weekly inbound mix reviews(impressions/visits/exposures) A/B Tests Review and experiment with timing Experiment with asset types and segment by preference Semi-monthly conversion rate reviews Monthly year-over-year analysis
  15. 15. Influencing the Funnel: People+Process Ignore your intuition when possible Talk to your co-workers (No Silos) Brag about your successes Continuous improvement (Not just for Manufacturing)
  16. 16. Thanks!