Don’t be caught underwater


Published on | Explaining the benefits of using Automated Laundry System’s Preferred Customer Service plan to keep business and commercial washers and dryers in tip top shape.

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Don’t be caught underwater

  1. 1. Fireplace Inserts Monthly Laundry Machine Maintenance Is A Must For Businesses Don’t Be Caught Underwater
  2. 2. Whether you’re a business who launders a lot like hotels and fitness centers to places that provide a lot of laundry units like Laundromats, retirement villages, and apartment complexes you need your washers and dryer to be in top shape. When a unit goes down you either lose money or have agitated customers - sometimes both. In the next few pages, we’ll take a look at the reasons and benefits of having Automated Laundry Systems provide you with preventive and emergency services.
  3. 3. What Can Happen? Faulty washers can burst a hose, losing hundreds of gallons of water an hour. According to a study done in 1999, dryers were the cause of 14,600 fires, 20 fatalities, and have amassed $86,800,000 in property damage. Most of these types of problems could be prevented if the machines were maintained and serviced by professionals on a regular interval.
  4. 4. Preventive Saves Money Properly preserved laundry units not only last longer but also perform better. Washers and dryers can last up to ten or fifteen years if they are cared for. When dryers are cared for at regular intervals they are at their most efficient – usually completing loads in an average of 30 minutes.
  5. 5. Can I Do It Myself? The easy answer is: yes, you could service all of your washers and dryers yourself. But the easy answer isn’t always the best. You have better things to do with your time than doing all- inclusive inspections on your units.
  6. 6. Your Time Is Valuable When a washer or dryer needs to be repaired it takes time away from your business and customers. The time it takes to pick up the replacement parts - once you figure out what the parts that need to be replaced are. The time it takes to install the parts - once you’ve studied how to install the parts. The time it takes to check and repair each and every unit you have… That’s too much time.
  7. 7. The engineers at Automated Laundry Systems are experienced in dealing with every brand of washers and dryers. These men and women are skilled, friendly, and professional – they make owning and operating washers and dryers easy. Leave It To The Experts
  8. 8. Trust Automated Laundry Systems to provide you with peace of mind. Their Automated Preferred Customer Service Plan covers all of your equipment for a fixed monthly rate. The plan covers maintenance and rush service if your washers or dryers unexpectedly malfunction. Preferred Customer Service Plan
  9. 9. The Outstanding Features Include All service labor is covered All parts are 15% off the list price Priority Service Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Emergency Service available at discounted rates Complete preventative inspections of all equipment
  10. 10. Tel: (888) 875-9556 Web: Automated Laundry Systems has been serving California since 1976. They provide the best, full service laundry solutions in the industry. Their employees are knowledgeable, skilled, and have a vast experience with washers and dryers. Contact Us