Suzuki bikes rock the markets


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Suzuki is a renowned name in the two wheeler segment. It has an array of competitors and owing to its quality performance has marked its presence as the top choices in the market.

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Suzuki bikes rock the markets

  1. 1. Suzuki bikes rock the marketsSuzuki is a renowned name in the two wheeler segment. It has an array of competitors andowing to its quality performance has marked its presence as the top choices in the market.Suzuki offers variety of two-wheelers proving to be a true companion. Suzuki offers Suzukiscooters, Suzuki mopeds and Suzuki bikes. Regardless of that you buy, you are assured the bestenhanced riding experience and performance with utmost comfort.
  2. 2. The performance quality and the comfort of riding is ensured by Suzueki and this is the fastestgrowing company in India. Its brand has made a special place in the automobile market and isworth appreciation.Suzuki Motorcycle India is the Indian venture of Suzuki Motor Corporation. They nevercompromise in value packed products. This company markets and manufacturers two wheelersappropriate for Indian markets. They initiated campaigning Suzuki Heat and Suzuki Zeus, wherethe Heat were for excessive bike users and was equipped with a robust reliable engine, while theZeus was for businessmen. These became winners even besides its variation.
  3. 3. Suzuki bikes in India include Suzuki Max 100 R, Suzuki Shogun, Suzuki Samurai, Suzuki Max100, and the most recent launch Suzuki GS150R. Their bikes get sold equally as their brand hasa special name. Suzuki provided a tough challenge for vehicles in the scooters and mopedssection by introducing Suzuki Access 125 against TVS Scooty Pep +, Honda Aviator and HondaActiva.
  4. 4. Suzuki Access 125 is designed exclusively that it can be used by anyone. It is powered by 125ccair cooled, 4 stroke engine and is sporty. Its features include spacious under seat, front forksuspension, attractive silencer cover, clear lens multi reflector suspension and chrome platedsilencer cover. The Suzuki bikes in 150cc offer tough competition and its engine focuses onacceleration with low range to mid range speed.The latest Suzuki Bike prices are Suzuki Access 125 is Rs.51, 200, GS 150R is Rs.70, 000, GSXR1000 is Rs.14, 03,800, Sling Shot varies from Rs. 53000 to Rs. 55800, Zeus 125 XU is Rs.47,000, XEU is Rs. 52,000, XDU is Rs.50, 500, Gladius 650 is Rs. 7,00,000, GSx R600 is Rs.9,50,000 and GSX R750 is Rs.10, 00,000.
  5. 5. Suzuki bikes ensure smooth and comfortable ride. The engine balance technology minimizesvibration that is caused by the interia and centrifugal force. These bikes have a speedometer inassociation with an RPM indicator. All the Suzuki recent bikes have a sporty look and present astylish integration. The provide the all varaities of bikes information with prices,specification, features and high quality photos, news and user read reviews.