Ride Royal Enfield Bikes; Feel the Power


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Royal Enfield bikes are bikers' best friends and this brand has made its way into the Indian market in a big way. Its models are regaling people irrespective of the price.

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Ride Royal Enfield Bikes; Feel the Power

  1. 1. Ride Royal Enfield Bikes; Feel the PowerRoyal Enfield bikes are bikers best friends and this brand has made its way into the Indian market in abig way. Its models are regaling people irrespective of the price.There is something about bikes. No matter what people say about it not being as safe as a car, the factremains that riding bikes gives its riders a new high.Bikes like the Ducati Monster, Hayabusa, Harley Davidson, Honda Shadow and Royal Enfield are quitepopular among the bikers. Many people go crazy about the Royal Enfield bikes owing to its highperformance and the feel of riding the bike. Though there have been several companies who have triedto oust them in their own game, the Royal Enfield has held its own and its popularity has gone fromstrength to strength.
  2. 2. India is quite a flourishing market for the Royal Enfield. There are several varieties of this brand thathave regaled the Indians. Not only have they appreciated the bikes, they have also welcomed themopeds and scooter of this brand. Some of the bikes that Indians can swear by are the Royal EnfieldBullet, the Royal Enfield Bullet Classic, The Royal Enfield Thunderbird and The Royal Enfield Classic.Other than these there are also other options like the Royal Enfield Fury, the Royal Enfield Cafe Racerand for those who like to sparkle it all the way, there is the Royal Enfield Electra Twinspark KS. The bestpart about all these bikes is that they are very high on quality. No matter which model you buy, you willnot repent riding it. Its power, grip, sound and feel makes it you best road trip companion.
  3. 3. Whether you want to take you girlfriend out on a spin or not, you would not mind riding this bike formiles just for the sake of riding it. The Royal Enfield bikes in India have given a new meaning to theriders to go on never ending road trips. The sight of a huge group of Royal Enfield riders gunning downthe Highways has now become a common sight.For those who are passionate about bikes, money is not a factor. However, it is better to be aware ofthe Royal Enfield bike prices before you decide which one to buy. The Thunderbird models are priced
  4. 4. somewhere between Rs. 1,09,000 and Rs. 1,35,000. The Classic models have a standard price of Rs.1,00,000 and the Bullet comes at around Rs. 94,000 through 1, 06,000. These are the approximateprices of brand new Royal Enfield models and can vary with its condition.