Green Earth Building Block


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The Green Earth Bloc is Building today in Green for the future in Energy savings in all areas of construction, outside, sound barring walls, stairwells, interior walls and fences. Use the Green Building choice made with 87% recycled material:

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Green Earth Building Block

  1. 1. Introducing WW Green Build Corp. “Green Earth Bloc” TM • Introduction to Green Earth Bloc • Overview of WW Green Build Bloc • The Green Earth Bloc Benefits • Build Custom designs with Green Earth Bloc • Major Corporations building with the Green Earth Bloc • Endless applications with the WW Green Bloc • The inventors home built with WW Green Bloc • Information on a Plant and Green Building Opportunities
  2. 2. Introduction to the Block WWGreen Build ‘s Green Earth Bloc (GEB) is made from 87% recycled material, which would otherwise end up in a landfill never to disintegrate. The recycled material is then blended with our proprietary ingredients and Portland cement to form the finished product. GEB is the building solution for economical, environmentally-friendly commercial and residential construction. Our goal is to develop turn-key manufacturing facilities in the United States and Internationally, to distribute the Green Earth Bloc. We save millions of trees while helping recycle waste of the world. The Green Earth Block is the only single mold patented design on the market today. We have partnered with a builder who has 23 years experience building with ICF’s. A Truly Green Building Material
  3. 3. Benefits building with the Green Earth Bloc • Expanded Patent Pending Fully Molded Design Block • Perfect weight to volume ratio. • Incredibly lightweight – five foot block can be handled by 1 person • Increased durability – resistance to wind, earthquakes, etc. • Ease of use - modifications on site simply executed • Recyclable – no wood - Save 141 trees per 1,500 sq ft home • No mold, termites, pests, warping, mildew and fire resistant • Reduced on-site construction time- no waste
  4. 4. Green Earth Bloc’s Benefits Design, Construction & Efficiency- During construction, the Blocks are dry stacked on top of each other without the need for mortared seams. The panels are easy to cut and shape to fit nearly any design. As the bloc’s are stacked, steel rods (rebar) are inserted in grid-work fashion throughout the cores, and then the cores are filled with concrete. Curved walls, dimensional walls rounded corners, leaning walls and arched openings are now easy and economical. On-site changes can be carried out with a snap. Strength & Durability- Green Earth Bloc’s structures are stronger then 2’ x 6’ wood framed structures. Walls are designed to stand up to the challenges of severe climates including tornados, fires, hurricanes and earthquakes. Energy Efficiency- Green Earth Bloc buildings show on average a 40%-50% energy improvement. They have a tighter building envelope, a higher insulating value, leading to fewer drafts and a decrease in operating costs to maintain a comfortable interior environment. Maintenance- Buildings are dimensionally stable, offering lower maintenance costs. With no wood to rot, no insects, paint lasts longer and stucco cracks are practically eliminated. HVAC units turn on/off less often. Reduced maintenance costs contribute to a lower cost-of-ownership in today’s economic times.
  5. 5. Build custom with Green Earth Bloc • Environmentally Friendly • Recyclable • Quicker Build • Efficient • Mold Resistant • Fire Retardant • Termite Resistant • Reduced Noise • Tax Breaks • Low Labor Costs • Seismic Level 4 Approved
  6. 6. The Green Earth Bloc is easier to install, and saves labor on the job site. With more thermal qualities than stick frame, you can understand why restaurants see the advantages. Food establishments are implementing more GREEN building concept’s today.
  7. 7. Owning your own plant in the USA, Native American Tribal jurisdiction or Internationally has ROI less than one year with all these Green building benefits Residential Industrial Military • Low Income • Warehouses • Offices • Planned Communities • Manufacturing Plants • Barracks • Custom Cabins • Distribution Centers • Storage • Fencing • Storage Sites • Fencing Commercial Institutional Complete Kits • Office Buildings • Schools • Flex Lofts • Retail Buildings • Libraries • Flex Plex Multi-use • Apartments • Churches • Security Stations • Fast Food • Convention Centers • GargesQHousesuarter Restaurants s
  8. 8. Projects built using C-ICF’s (Composite Insulated Concrete Forms) Hotel: Palm Springs, CA Church: Palm Springs, CA Church: Buckeye, AZ Salt River Dialysis Center Scottsdale, AZ Salt River Planning & Administration: Scottsdale, AZ Salt River Court House: Scottsdale, AZ Salt River Finance Bldng: Scottsdale, AZ McDonalds Restaurant: Tempe, AZ Truck Wash: Winslow, AZ Mojave Mental Health Center Bullhead City, AZ Heber Elementary School Heber, AZ Hite Fire station @ Lake Powell Hite, UT Harris Commercial Center Henderson, NV Salt River Elderly Care Center Scottsdale, AZ Bullhead Fire station @ Lake Powell Bullhead, AZ Montessori School Cortez, CO Visitor Center & Clinic @ Lake Powell Page, AZ Fountain Hills Medical Center Fountain Hills, AZ post-Office Guard Shack Allen Park, MI Church: Clarkdale, AZ Cocopah Rec. Center Yuma, AZ Mojave Mental Health Center Kingman, AZ 14 City of Phoenix Fire Stations Phoenix, Az 12 City of Gilbert Fire Stations Gilbert, Az 4 City of Flagstaff Flagstaff, Az Global Water Treatment Plant Maricopa, Az Kyreene Utilities Building Tempe, Az Ronald Mac Donald House Palm Springs Cal. Green School House Chandler, AZ. Sandra De O’Coner Medical Center Chandler, Az Lake Powell Fire Station Bullhead, AZ Battered Women Facilities LA, Cal Chandler Medical Center Chandler, AZ For information on Green Earth Block Plant email:
  9. 9. Thank you for viewing our WW Green Build Corp. The Platinum Composite Green Building Block Email: