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Dongbu of the Future - Cutting Edge Technologies of Dongbu


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Dongbu of the Future - Cutting Edge Technologies of Dongbu

  1. 1. Dongbu of the Future - Cutting Edge Technologies of Dongbu
  2. 2. Dongbus Seven Business Segments Steel Metal Chemical Agriculture Health Distribution IT Electronics Construction Energy Real Estate Development Logistics Passenger Transport Contents Insurance Securities Banking Corporate Social Responsibility 1
  3. 3. Dongbus Seven Business Segments and Portfolios Agriculture Health Steel Metal Chemical Distribution Hot Rolled Steel Sheets Crop Protection Products Cold Rolled Steel Sheets Fine Chemicals Galvanized Steel Sheets Fertilizers Tin Plated Steel Sheets Seeds Steel Bars Animal Healthcare Products Steel Sheets for construction use Biological Resources CHQ Wires/CD Bars/STS Bars Farming and Plantation Ferro-Alloys Steel Substitutes Bio Business Solar Cell Materials Agro Products Processing/Distribution Secondary Battery Materials Foods (Natural/Organic) Chemicals Health Business Construction Energy Logistics Passenger IT Electronics Real Estate Development Transport Contents System IC Civil Infrastructures Integrated Logistics Semiconductor Foundry Plants International Logistics Robots Buildings Parcel Services LED Lighting Housing Passenger Transport LED Module Packaging Engineering Tourism IT Electric Power Generation Rent-a-Car Electronic Materials Natural Resources Call Taxis Development Advertising Real Estate Development/Operation Resort Development/Operation Insurance Securities Corporate Social Banking Responsibility Indemnity Insurance Scholarships Automobile Insurance Academic Research Sponsorships Life Insurance Educational Institute Sponsorships Stocks and Securities Social Philanthropy Asset Management Professional Basketball Team Savings Bank Credit Finance2
  4. 4. Dongbu’s Seven Business Segments andSubsidiary Companies Agriculture Health Steel Metal Chemical DistributionDongbu Steel Co., Ltd. Dongbu Farm Hannong Co., Ltd.Dongbu Metal Co., Ltd. Dongbu Farm Hungnong Co., Ltd.Dongbu Special Steel Co., Ltd. Dongbu Farm Biotec Co., Ltd.Dongbu Chemicals Co., Ltd. Dongbu Farm Ceres Co., Ltd. Dongbu Farm Co., Ltd. Dongbu Farm Fresh Produce Co., Ltd. Dongbu Farm Gaya Co., Ltd. Construction Energy Logistics Passenger IT Electronics Real Estate Development Transport ContentsDongbu HiTek Co., Ltd. Dongbu Corporation Dongbu Express Co., Ltd.Dongbu Robotics Co., Ltd. Dongbu Engineering Co., Ltd. Dongbu Passenger Services Co., Ltd.Dongbu Lightec Co., Ltd. Dongbu Power Corporation Dongbu Parcel Services Co., Ltd.Dongbu LED Co., Ltd. Dongbu World Co., Ltd. Dongbu Inc.Dongbu CNI Co., Ltd.Dongbu Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. Insurance Securities Corporate Social Banking ResponsibilityDongbu Insurance Co., Ltd. Dongbu Cultural FoundationDongbu Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Dong-gok Social Philanthropic FoundationDongbu Securities Co., Ltd. Dongbu Promy Professional Basketball TeamDongbu Asset Management Co., Ltd.Dongbu Savings Bank Co., Ltd.Dongbu Capital Co., Ltd. 3
  5. 5. Mr. Junki Kim, Chairman The energetic visionary entrepreneur, Mr. Junki Kim founded the forerunner of the Dongbu Group as a 24 year old college sophomore. His founding aspiration was to help enhance the economic future for the Korean people and the country. The management philosophy has been based on: experienced talented people, entrepreneurship, innovation, and customer satisfaction that exceeds expectations. The founder’s unwavering belief: “The future belongs to the one who prepares oneself with dreams and ideals” has fuelled his self-drive for continuous unrivalled challenges to meet new goals. The monumental growth of Dongbu as a leading business conglomerate in Korea during the last four short decades is truly a living testament to his life’s belief. His ongoing challenges and tireless efforts to make Dongbu an “Excellent Global Company”, by putting the emphasis on People, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, is going forward now and will continue into the future. Mr. Junki Kim Chairman, CEO and Founder of The Dongbu Group4
  6. 6. Our VisionTo be an “Excellent Global Company” overwhelmingly acclaimedby the people we serve throughout the world as a global leader in all classes ofour businesses.Our MissionTo provide superior quality products and outstanding services atcompetitive prices for people around the world through commitment toexcellence.Our three Initiatives Globalization Specialization Higher Value Added Products 5
  7. 7. Dongbu’s Monumental Growth The Dongbu Group began in 1969 as a small company, Miryung Construction Company, Ltd. , founded by the visionary entrepreneur, Mr. Junki Kim, on a start-up budget of only $25,000 with two employees. The company, during the ensuing decade, has quickly grown into a leading construction firm in Korea, boosted in part, by its enormously successful construction ventures in the Middle East. By the late 1970s, Miryung Construction was well-capitalized with funds and amassed pivotal resources, which enabled the company to lay down a framework for what is the Dongbu Group today. Since the 1980s, Dongbu has pursued a steady course of diversification and expansion. Initially, the focus was primarily on Korea’s much needed core industries: steel, fertilizer, construction, logistics, and finance. In time, Dongbu aggressively expanded into high-tech industries and the global financial services industry to reach out to the demands of the challenging global market opportunities. Dongbu, thereby, positioned itself well for sustained growth in these ever rapidly evolving and highly competitive businesses of the future. In an attempt to preserve the global community for future generations, Dongbu launched “green” strategies to become an environment friendly “green” company, and implemented cutting edge “green” technologies throughout the facilities wherever necessary. Presently, Dongbu is a Korean global conglomerate corporation which operates through seven business segments with 59 subsidiaries and 40,000 employees. Although Dongbu started nearly a half-century later than the other leading contemporary competitors in Korea, the corporation ranked as one of the top ten Korean conglomerates in 2000 based on a report by The Fair Trade Commission of the Korean Government. Similarly, all the Dongbu companies are commanding a top-tier presence in their respective fields of industries in Korea. Dongbu is currently embarking on company-wide ambitious strategic plans with a full thrust to be a global leader in all classes of its businesses in the 2010s.6
  8. 8. Assets and Revenues of Dongbu, 1969-2013 60,000 36,853.9 30,000 20,023.5 Assets Revenues 15,045(Unit: US$ 1 million) 8,871.6 10,049 4,533 7,051.3 799.9 2,094.3 18.7 162.2 0.1 4,040.6 201.9 2,044.8 0.09 13.5 875.3 1969 1975 1980 1985 1995 2000 2005 2010 2013 1990 * (Estimate) * Total Assets US$60 billion / Total Revenues US$30 billion 59 Subsidiaries / 60 Business Divisions / 40,000 Employees 7
  9. 9. Steel Metal Chemical Dongbu Steel Co., Ltd. Dongbu Metal Co., Ltd. Dongbu Special Steel Co., Ltd. Dongbu Chemicals Co., Ltd.8
  10. 10. Dongbu Steel Products HR steel sheets, CR steel sheets, galvanized steel sheets,Co., Ltd. colored steel sheets, tin plated steel sheets,Korea’s Leading Eco-Friendly steel pipes, steel bars, steel sectionsIntegrated Steel Mill The largest single Electric Arc Furnace(EAF) mill in the world and the only EAF mill in Korea Green Technology: less carbon dioxide, less energy and recycling scrap metals Capacity: 6 million tons (planned future capacity: over 10 million tons)Dongbu Metal Products ULPC(Ultra Low Phosphorus Carbon) FeMn Alloy,Co., Ltd. low medium high carbon FeMn Alloy, SiMn AlloyA Global Leader of One of the two companies in the world which developedFerro-Alloys Industry ULPC FeMn and one of the three which developed Refined FeMn World’s single largest Ferro-Alloy factory (capacity: 500,000 tons) Future Products - metal silicon(capacity: 100,000 tons)Dongbu Special Steel Products CHQ wires, CD bars, stainless steel bars, bar to bars,Co., Ltd. peeled bars, Q/T barsKorea’s Number One Supplier of core materials for key automobile parts,Manufacturer of Steel Wire construction industries, consumer electronics, machinery makers, shipbuilding industries The largest production line for CD bar in Korea Capacity: 400,000 tonsDongbu Chemicals Chemical Products nitric acid, sulfuric acid, mixed acid,Co., Ltd. ANS(Ammonium Nitrate Solution)A Leading Chemical Company Energy Materials - secondary battery materials, carbon materials Applications metal surface processing, acryl fiber, fertilizer, dye-washing, waste water processing, polyurethane materials, secondary battery 9
  11. 11. Agriculture Health Distribution Dongbu Farm Hannong Co., Ltd. Dongbu Farm Hungnong Co., Ltd. Dongbu Farm Biotec Co., Ltd. Dongbu Farm Ceres Co., Ltd. Dongbu Farm Co., Ltd. Dongbu Farm Fresh Produce Co., Ltd. Dongbu Farm Gaya Co., Ltd.10
  12. 12. Green Agro-materials ProducerDongbu Farm Hannong crop protection products, fertilizers, seeds,Co., Ltd. animal healthcare productsKorea’s Largest Innovative Green Bio-industry Businesses functional bio ingredients, bio-energy, bio-chemicals,Agro-Materials Company fermented products Green Agro-industry Businesses state of the art industrial farming, plant factory, overseas plantation, afforestation SeedsDongbu Farm Hungnong - Korea’s number one seed brand ‘Hungnong’Co., Ltd. - 300 varieties for 14 cropsThe Leading Company in - the most selling varieties in domestic market - export to Japan, China, Southeast Asia and EuropeKorea’s Seed Industry - the largest seed processing center in Asia Bed Soils Korea’s number one horticultural bed-soils maker Animal Healthcare ProductsDongbu Farm Biotec - animal medicines including antibiotics,vitamins,Co., Ltd. vaccines, disinfectants and insecticides - Korea’s number one animal insecticides makerExperts in Animal Healthcare Household InsecticidesProducts and Household Insecticides - insecticides used for eliminating pestsDongbu Farm Ceres Natural Enemy Insects - 30 species including Phytoseiulus persimilisCo., Ltd. - consulting biological control using natural enemy insectsGlobal Top Three in the Natural Pollinator insects(bumblebees)Enemy Insects Industry Educational and pet insects, feed insects, etc. Wholesale distribution of agro-productsDongbu Farm Co., Ltd. (fruits and vegetables, own-brand products)Korea’s Best Agro-products Management of green-house, nursery and distribution centerDistribution Company Export of agro-products Agro-products distribution chain: collection, auction, distributionDongbu Farm Fresh Specializing in eco-friendly agro-productsProduce Co., Ltd. Cold chain system(low temperature storage, etc)Large Agro-products Wholesales Company Export of agro-productsDongbu Farm Gaya Premium fruit and vegetable juice - carrot, tomato, aloe, peach, cactus, etcCo., Ltd. ‘Gaya g water’(natural mineral water)Experts in Premium Beverages - certified by FDA and WHO Health functional foods, organic foods, diet and beauty foods, natural cosmetics 11
  13. 13. IT Electronics Dongbu HiTek Co., Ltd. Dongbu Robotics Co., Ltd. Dongbu Lightec Co., Ltd. Dongbu LED Co., Ltd. Dongbu CNI Co., Ltd. Dongbu Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.12
  14. 14. Dongbu HiTek Co., Ltd. Products LED/LCD/AMOLED drive IC, CMOS image sensor,Home to the World’s No.1 Specialty touch screen controller, power IC, converter IC,Foundry and Korea’s No.1 System IC solar cell inverter IC, motor drive ICFoundry World’s Number One Specialty Foundry Developed 0.18 BCDMOS process technology, the first in the foundry industryDongbu Robotics Co., Ltd. Products - industrial robots: display, semiconductor,Korea’s Top Manufacturer electronics, automobile manufacturing robotsand Designer of Robots - intelligent service robots: intelligent pet, public service(information/guidance) robotsDongbu Lightec Co., Ltd. Products - general lampsKorea’s Top Manufacturer of - interior/advertisingLED Lighting - special lighting: explosion-proof lamp, street lamp, security lamp, floodlight lamp, plant cultivation lampDongbu LED Co., Ltd. Products - LED packaging for mobile phone, TV, monitor, and laptopKorea’s Leading Manufacturer of - power LED for lightsLED Products - BLU(Back Light Unit) module Be in possession of key technology of packaging and modulatingDongbu CNI Co., Ltd. Major Businesses IT outsourcing, value distribution(IBM H/W, S/W, HP-3PAR),A Company of Total IT Services solution business, system integration(SI), IT convergence business(ubiquitous technology-based service)Dongbu Electronic Products - magnetic powder coresMaterials Co., Ltd. - inverters: solar/wind power generatorsA Global Leader of - polymer: eco-friendly high performance adhesivesMagnetic Powder Technology - metal powder and polymer technology convergence products 13
  15. 15. Construction Energy Real Estate Development Dongbu Corporation Dongbu Engineering Co., Ltd. Dongbu Power Corporation Dongbu World Co., Ltd.14
  16. 16. Dongbu Corporation Major Businesses civil infrastructures, plants, buildings, housingA Global Company with real estate development, engineeringA Half-Century of ConstructionExperience Specializing in overseas projects in power plants, environmental plants, steel and other industrial plants Future-oriented eco-friendly housing, U(Ubiquitous)-homeDongbu Engineering Major Businesses highways, civil structures,Co., Ltd. geotechnical engineering, railways,Korea’s Top Global Engineering and water resources and environment,Consulting Company urban planning, environmental resources, water and waste water, transportation, landscape architecture, construction managementDongbu Power Major Businesses - thermal power development and operationCorporation - renewable energy development and operationAn Eco-friendly Electric Power Dongbu Green Power PlantGeneration Company - Korea’s first private coal-fired power plant - eco-friendly green power plant - capacity: 1,000 mega watts (500MW x 2)Dongbu World Rainbow Hills Country Club World best private golf club designed byCo., Ltd. Robert Trent Jones, Jr. with club houseOperator of designed by M.A.I GroupWorld Best Private Golf Club 15
  17. 17. Logistics Passenger Transport Contents Dongbu Express Co., Ltd. Dongbu Passenger Services Co., Ltd. Dongbu Parcel Services Co., Ltd. Dongbu Inc.16
  18. 18. Dongbu Express Stevedoring providing world best stevedoring service at majorCo., Ltd. harbors in KoreaKorea’s Leading Total Logistics Cargo TransportationCompany the best inland transportation services through nationwide networks for all major locations Storage container yard service, container freight station service, general storage, refrigeration and freezer storage International Logistics global network of 80 points across 36 countries Third Party LogisticsDongbu Passenger Express Bus Services nationwide routes and terminalsServices Co., Ltd. Brand Call TaxiA Provider of Safe, Reliable and largest in Korea with a fleet of 15,000 taxisComfortable Passenger Transportation Rent-a-Car Prestige Tourism Cruise ServicesDongbu Parcel Parcel Delivery Service a leading provider of worldwide parcel delivery servicesServices Co., Ltd. Express ServiceFast and Secure express delivery of documentsGlobal Parcel Services Company Warehousing & DistributionDongbu Inc. Brand, advertising and design consulting services Culture and entertainment businessAn Experienced Brand Consulting,Advertising and Design Company 17
  19. 19. Insurance Securities Banking Dongbu Insurance Co., Ltd. Dongbu Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Dongbu Securities Co., Ltd. Dongbu Asset Management Co., Ltd. Dongbu Savings Bank Co., Ltd. Dongbu Capital Co., Ltd.18
  20. 20. Dongbu Insurance •The first automobile insurance company in KoreaCo., Ltd. •Total assets: US$22 billion, Total sales: US$10 billion •Rated No.1 by Dow Jones Sustainability IndexKorea’s Leading Total Indemnity in the industry in KoreaInsurance Company •Included in Forbes list of “Asia 50 Fabulous Companies” •Selected by Bain & Company as “10 Best Companies in Korea” •Rated ‘A(Excellent)’ for five consecutive years by A.M.Best •Global networks: London, New York, California, Hawaii, Guam, Qingdao, Beijing, Hochimin, JakartaDongbu Life Insurance •Industry’s highest investment yield for six consecutive yearsCo., Ltd. •Making profits for 13 consecutive yearsKorea’s Leading Life Insurance •Rated “A+, Positive” in Insurer Financial StrengthCompany Rating(IFSR) by NICE of KoreaDongbu Securities •Brokerage operations, asset management, investment banking, and sales of all types of financial productCo., Ltd. •Assets: US$7 billion,A Leader of Total Finance and Customer deposit assets: US$18 billionInvestment Banking •The best power in project financing, fixed income brokerage and researchDongbu Asset •Assets under management: US$10 billionManagement Co., Ltd. •The highest performance in every sectors including equity, fixed income and AIA Leading Asset Management FirmDongbu Savings Bank •The only savings bank continuously prospering since establishment in 1972Co., Ltd. •Retail banking with global competenceKorea’s Leading Total Financial - WSBI membershipServices Savings Bank - strategic partnerships with German, Swedish, Thai and Indonesian savings banksDongbu Capital Co., Ltd. •Installment finance and leasingA Leading Credit Finance Company •The best stability and profit margin 19
  21. 21. Corporate Social Responsibility Dongbu Cultural Foundation Dong-gok Social Philanthropic Foundation Dongbu Promy Professional Basketball Team20
  22. 22. DongbuCultural Founded in 1988 with chairman Junki Kim’s gifts of private propertyFoundation Offers scholarships and fellowships to qualifiedKorea’s Leading Supporter of Korean students studying in Korea and abroadScholarships, Fellowships andInstitutional Research Grants Supports institutional research grants Assists to develop and improve educational environment and infrastructures of remote rural areas Recent expansion of resources to underprivileged communities in Asia and Africa Endowment: US$500 millionDong-gok Social Founded in 1989 with chairman Junki Kim’s donation of all private stocks of 16 companies locatedPhilanthropic Foundation in Gangwon ProvinceThe Largest Social Philanthropic In honor of his late father Mr. Jinman KimFoundation in Gangwon Province (Dong-gok, the pen name) to enrich welfare of underprivileged senior citizens and children in the province Supports and provides community facilities (eg. senior citizens’ center) and homes The Dong-Gok Prize : Awarded to prominent people of talents from the province Endowment: US$100 millionDongbu Promy Three times championship winner in the “Korean Professional Basketball League”Dongbu’s ProfessionalBasketball Team 21