What Is Automatic Blog Posting Software? Does It Work?


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What Is Automatic Blog Posting Software? Find out what automatic blogs are and why they are so popular despite what people say. Most have never used autoblogs or have failed in their attempt. Learn how autoblogging can quickly boost your onilne marketing results.

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What Is Automatic Blog Posting Software? Does It Work?

  1. 1. ==== ====How to Create Auto Updating, Income Producing, Traffic Generating Siteshttp://mblikes.info/ABS/==== ====A while back I mentioned the word "autoblogging" on my website, which got several peopleconfused. Autoblogging is not a blog about cars, although an "auto blog" may mean exactly that.Autoblogging is a term I use to describe automated blogs and automated blogging. In other words,instead of the usual method of writing the content yourself, or pasting articles from article sitesmanually, you can actually automate the content and linking for your blogs. What it takes is thecorrect mindset, the correct method and the correct tools.1) The Mindset of An AutobloggerFirstly, an autoblogger has to learn to manage expectations. No matter how good you get atautoblogging, youre never going to produce high quality sites that attract a loyal fan-base usingautoblogging methods. Nothing beats content that is original and written by a human being.That being said, the wise autoblogger knows that all he really needs from one of his "autoblogs" isa few hundred to a few thousand visitors a month, and just one or two ways of turning thosevisitors into a profitable revenue stream.If he can achieve this, his blog would be considered a success! He then moves on to a differentblog, probably on a totally different topic or niche.2) How To Blog AutomaticallyThe method most people know is republishing content from RSS feeds. The only problem is thatmost of these people use the same RSS sources everyone else is using. They grab RSS feedsfrom news sites, PR sites and blog listings like Googles Blogsearch or Technorati.Needless to say, it doesnt work very well. RSS is now a fully developed technology, and youll besurprised to find that forums, directories, regular websites and even online groups have their ownRSS feeds. All you really need to do is figure out a concept for using these feeds, and then createyour autoblog.Besides using RSS feeds, articles are also a good way of adding content to your blogs. However,unless youre doing this automatically, the amount of time spent copying articles and pasting theminto your blog may not be worth your time.Another autoblogging tactic is using data feeds from affiliate networks, and posting them into blogposts with your affiliate ID included. Unlike using RSS feeds from blogs, people dont get annoyedwhen you do this.
  2. 2. 3) Autoblogging ToolsLet start with the hosting. If youre autoblogging, one blog is not enough. Youll need to create andmanage a handful of blogs at the same time. Therefore, you need some sort of reseller or VPS(Virtual Private Server) that can handle many domains and individual accounts for each blog.Next comes the blogging platform. As far as autoblogging goes, nothing comes even close toWordpress, an open-source blogging software that you can use on your own domains, and modifyas you see fit.One of the most important tools youll need is an "RSS feed aggregator" like RSS2Blog or othersimilar software. An aggregator is the key to almost all autoblogging techniques, as most otherapplications like article posting and data feed posting requires it.To expand your blogs traffic exponentially, youll also need a language translator script installedon your autoblogs. Having this script will instantly multiply your traffic and earnings without anyextra work on your part.Lastly, youll also need a social bookmarking script that automatically submits your new blog poststo social bookmarking sites like Del.icio.us. Submitting you posts to social bookmarking sites is stilla good way to get your blogs indexed and ranked in the search engines.Gobala Krishnan helps beginners and experienced marketers master Wordpress and blogging forcreating micro-niche websites that produce massive profits. Get started now by reading his"Autoblogging Secrets Revealed" [http://autoblogging.easywordpress.com] report at[http://autoblogging.easywordpress.com].Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Gobala_Krishnan==== ====How to Create Auto Updating, Income Producing, Traffic Generating Siteshttp://mblikes.info/ABS/==== ====