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Social Video Formula Review


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Social Video Formula Review, Social Video Formula is a killer course that teaches you how to leverage cheap Facebook video ads for huge profits in virtually any market or niche. If you are an online marketer, affiliate marketer, Amazon affiliate that sells physical products this will work for you. Thanks to Facebook's ongoing battle with YouTube to dominate video, you and I now have a unique opportunity to take advantage of Facebook's cheap ad rates. Yes you can literally pay pennies on the dollar and reach big rewards for driving traffic, building your list, creating brand awareness and of course making money.

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Inside Social Video Formula you will learn the secrets, strategies and tactics of some of the best Facebook marketers from a variety of niches. Bill McIntosh is well known for the high quality of his products and Social Video Formula was created with the same emphasis on quality and customer care.

Thousands of marketers dragged their feet when Adwords was hot and lived to regret not taking action. Don't let this opportunity to make real profits pass you buy. Check out Social Video Formula at this link: and perform your own due diligence.

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Social Video Formula Review

  1. 1. Can Social Video Formula Really Help You Make A Ton Of Money With Facebook Video Ads? According to creator Bill McIntosh and his team of Facebook marketing experts, it will! Bill and his team have created a comprehensive course that will teach you how to earn big leveraging video ads on Facebook. As you may know Facebook announced that it was going after Google’s YouTube to take over the videosphere and this is awesome news for anyone looking to drive massive traffic, build a list and sell online.
  2. 2. Let’s get straight to the point. Social Video Formula is a Facebook Video marketing course from creator and well known Internet Marketer Bill McIntosh. Because Facebook is now trying to leap over YouTube in popularity, they are literally giving away traffic with video ads. What that mean for smart marketers who have vision is that this might be the easiest money you’ll ever earn in your lifetime. I’ve been around Internet Marketing since 2006 and can still remember how cheap Adwords PPC was when it first started. You could buy ads for pennies. Now you can buy video ads on Facebook dirt cheap! But this opportunity probably won’t last as with Google Adwords, Adsense, etc. Once everyone has jumped on the band wagon, the cost Facebook video ads is likely to increase. Imagine turning $32 investment into $700. Or a $44 ad spend that resulted in $9000 in high end art work sales. That’s exactly what you’ll be able to do using the tips and tricks that you’ll learn inside of Social Video Formula. Bill has interviewed several top tier marketers in a variety of niches (eCommerce, retail, high ticket coaching and even physical products, affiliate marketers, affiliate recruiters) and has taken all of their top tips and compiled them into a comprehensive, but easy to understand course that will help you make a lot of money using video ads on Facebook. Facebook video ads are THE hottest new way of driving traffic and sales for just about any business. Because Facebook is now trying to leap over YouTube in popularity, they are giving away massive volumes of traffic on both free and paid ads. You know what that means, don’t you? It means this might be the quickest, easiest money you’ll ever make in your lifetime.
  3. 3. Most Profitable Traffic Source - Cheap traffic, high click through rates, incredible income... With the development of today’s Internet advertising products it’s a lot easier for marketers. This includes advertising on the social network Facebook. You will master a simple method of advertising and the most effective strategies to increase sales for your (on-line or off-line) business. From the training you’ll receive in Social Video Formula, YOU will be able to: Get your video ads a higher FB reach, get more shares and reach targeted customers using Facebook’s demographics (the best in the world). Bill has interviewed several top tier marketers in a variety of niches (eCommerce, retail, high ticket coaching, affiliate marketers and even physical products sellers,) and has taken their top tactics & tips and compiled them into a comprehensive, but easy to understand and implement course; that will help you make a lot of money using video ads on Facebook. • Get your videos viewed for less than a penny per view! • Drive traffic to your site for CHEAP! • Your video ads spread socially & go viral. • Retarget everyone who watched your video on Facebook & run ANY kind of ad to that audience later! • Run Facebook video ads where you only pay based on actual views. • Run Video ads that optimize based on your conversion rates! • Not only get cheaper traffic, but INCREASE your conversion rates at the same time! • And much more... And Do It Over and Over Again...
  4. 4. The creation of Social Video Formula resulted from a survey of a group of marketers on how to effectively advertise a new product? Their responses were that they were interested in ad- vertising their products on social networks, especially Facebook, because of the effectiveness and appropriateness of it with all kinds of products, markets and niches. Simply put, you just need to create an ad campaign run it on Facebook and your product will be accessible to buyers super fast. WHY YOU SHOULD PURCHASE SOCIAL VIDEO FORMULA ? Product quality: Products Bill releases are known to be top quality. His refund rates & customer loyalty is among the best in the Internet marketing niche. Customer support: Social Video Formula is backed by a team of customer care professionals. This is the reason Bill & his team have the lowest refund rate in the industry and if for any reason the product does not live up to its claims, they guarantee to refund you within 30 days of purchase. Broad Appeal: The beauty of Social Video Formula is that it works for about any market. Video marketers will love it, Offliners will learn how to cash in with it, affiliate market- ers can use it to drive traffic & it’s a white hot opportunity for about any marketer! So What Are You Waiting For? Click here to get all the details about Social Video Formula. Social Video Formula Review presented by Bob Coleman