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Impresoras de tarjetas Nisca brochure


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Impresora de tarjetas nisca, nisca mexico, proveedor de impresora de credenciales. Visite hoy:

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Impresoras de tarjetas Nisca brochure

  1. 1. Smart Printers, Affordable Solutions, No Problems.Plastic Card Printers
  2. 2. We give our customers what they wantin R&D and in quality assurance.NiSCA constantly strives totransform market demands intonew technologies. No matter howsatisfying a project may be to ourengineers, it is the market thatultimately passes judgment on itsvalue. It is precisely for this reasonthat we are ready to boldly challengethe perceived limits of currentengineering when it may yield whatour customers need. This stanceof ours will not change. NiSCA isworking to further raise the levelof professionalism of each of itsengineers, with the goal of oneachievement per person.NiSCA Corporation was establishedin 1960 and today has over 830employees in four locations. Ourmotto of “creation of value for thefuture” is evident in our investmentsfor future success.In January 1995, NiSCA received ISO9001 certification, an internationalstandard for quality assurance. Ourquality assurance program hasreceived recognition on an internationallevel. We strive to offer productswhich will satisfy all our customerswith reliable quality from the initialdesign through after-sale service.This irreplaceable world in which welive is now undergoing environmentalturmoil, even as science andtechnology continue to surge forward.With an environmentally conscienceview, NiSCA recognizes this throughits ISO 14001 certification. As acorporation contributing to society withthe motto of “creation of value for thefuture,” NiSCA received internationalISO 14001 certification for ourenvironmental management system inSeptember 1999. Specifically, we havebegun making efforts to use power andwater more efficiently, appropriatelyreducing such waste such as buildingmaterials and scrap paper, and othersimilar activities. All of us at NiSCAare committed to working together inthe same spirit of accepting challengesthat has served us well in R&D tograpple with this problem.NiSCA Corporation offers a broadproduct line ranging from plastic cardprinters to paper handling systemsfor the photocopier industry. Thecompany’s ability to manufacture manyof its required components is critical toour success in controlling quality andreliability in our product offering.Since the NiSCA plastic card printer’sintroduction into the marketplacein 1994, NiSCA printers have beenproducing high quality full color plasticcards for corporations, education,and government organizations. Withthousands of hard-working printersand hundreds of loyal Dealers, VAR’s,and System Integrators around theworld, NiSCA continues to be theleader in the plastic card printingmarket place.NiSCA technological leadership isobvious market wide:1. Delivered the first dual sided printer,19942. Delivered the first easily changeableribbon cassette, 19943. Delivered the first self-aligning printhead, 19964. Delivered the first modularlamination unit, 19965. Delivered the smallest dual printingand laminating system, 20006. Delivered the fastest dual sidedprinter, 2004NiSCA plastic card printers aresold through theTeam NiSCA salesorganization, located in Somerset, NJ,USA. The facility in Somerset providessales, stocking, and warranty servicesfor NiSCA products sold globally.In July 2008, NiSCA Corporationbecame the wholly-owned subsidiaryof Canon Finetech Inc.Creation of Value for the FutureNiSCA’s Continuing Challenge
  3. 3. Security 1milOverlaminatePassword ProtectedSecurity PrintingMagnetic Stripe(on backside)Micro PrintingWatermarkProximity AntennaMIFARE®AntennaBrilliant 24-bit300 dpi ImageVariable UV ImageThe most common security features on today’s plasticcards are custom and generic holographic overlaminates,pre-printed micro- or nano-text on cards, and embeddedholographic images on the card surfaces. Experts insecurity printing all agree that the more security featuresin a document, the less likely the document will becounterfeited. In an ideal situation, every plastic cardprinted would have at least three security features.The NiSCA plastic card printers provide one of the mostversatile printing foundations on the market. With thenewest security features added, vast combinations areendless.With the easy installation of a NiSCA laminator to anexisting printer installation, you can upgrade your systemto increase security in a matter of minutes.The PR53XX Series provides support for a multitude ofsecurity features which include:• UV printing of static or variable images• Micro text printing• Full 1mil security overlaminate with various holographicand ink options• Magstripe encoding on track 1, 2, and 3 in high- orlow-coercivity• Password protected variable resin or UV printingallowing the automated printing of the printer’s serialnumber, printer’s model number, date of printing, andvariable demographic data.• Smart Card features include Contact IC Chip and RFIDfrom HID, MIFARE and Legic technologies.NiSCALayers of Security
  4. 4. The PR53XX Printer third generation series offers brilliantimages printed on CR80 and CR79 PVC cards withthicknesses ranging from 10 to 50 mils. The PR53xxseries provides a well priced full-featured printer, offeringthe following industry leading specification highlights:Print Quality:• Full color edge-to-edge printing• 300 dpi dye-sublimation printing technology• 24-bit color continuous tone printing• 256 grayscale bitmap in all color modePR5310 SMART CARD• Variable UV printing• 100 cards per hour printing speed*• Dual sided printing• Dual sided lamination with alternating patch options• USB 2.0Provides support for:• HID Corporation’s Prox and iCLASSTMSmart Cardtechnology• Philips Corporation’s MIFARE®Smart Card technologyAll modules are integrated into the printer for seamlessprinting/reading/encoding functions.A software development kit is available from Team NiSCAat no-charge to allow for easy integration of the necessarycommands.Optional Accessories:Security Overlamination w/PR5302• Hardcoat (patch style)• Thinfilm (Softcoat)• 86 cards per hour printing speed (Single sided)• 80 cards per hour printing speed (Dual sided)Encoding• Magstripe• Contactless Smart• IC Contact*Cleaning Kits:• Fully accessorized 10,000 print kitsPR5350 HIGH SPEEDHigh-speed printing:• Variable UV printing• 164 cards per hour printing speed*• Dual sided printing• Dual sided lamination with alternating patch options• USB 2.0Provides support for:• HID Corporation’s Prox and iCLASSTMSmart Cardtechnology• Philips Corporation’s MIFARE®Smart Card technologyAll modules are integrated into the printer for seamlessprinting/reading/encoding functions.A software development kit is available from Team NiSCAat no-charge to allow for easy integration of the necessarycommands.Optional Accessories:Security Overlamination w/PR5302• Hardcoat (patch style)• Thinfilm (Softcoat)• 132 cards per hour printing speed (Single sided)• 112 cards per hour printing speed (Dual sided)• Magstripe• Contactless Smart• IC Contact*Cleaning Kits:• Fully accessorized 10,000 print kitsReliability:• Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)100,000 cards*• Standard 2-year warranty• ISO 9001 CertificationPrinter/PC Communication:• NiSCA print driver continuously maintains 2-waycommunication between the software application andthe printer at all time• Windows and Mac compatible drivers• Printer status information available in the NiSCA PrintSpooler Window• Remote status and diagnostics of printer is available viaBadging Applications* Please contact Team NiSCA for more information.NiSCA PR53XX
  5. 5. PR5350/PR5302 PRINTER / LAMINATORHigh-speed security lamination:• 132 cards per hour YMC / K / Lamination• 90 cards per hour YMC / K / Lamination / LaminationProvides support for:• 1mil holographic patch material• .5mil holographic patch material• 1mil clear patch material• .5mil clear patch material• Overlay / Thinfilm / Softcoat edge-to-edge materialAdditional support for:• IC chip cut-out patch material (1mil / .5mil)• ¾ magnetic stripe cut-out patch material (1mil / .5mil)• Alternating patch material (i.e. full patch front and ¾patch back)PR5350/PR5302 PRINTER / DUAL LAMINATORHigh-speed security lamination:• 112 cards per hour YMC / K / Lamination / LaminationProvides support for:• 1mil holographic patch material• .5mil holographic patch material• 1mil clear patch material• .5mil clear patch material• Overlay / Thinfilm / Softcoat edge-to-edge material• Optional edge-to-edge overlay with 1mil patchAdditional support for:• IC chip cut-out patch material (1mil / .5mil)• ¾ magnetic stripe cut-out patch material (1mil / .5mil)Modular Systems:• Modular inline encoding capability – field installable andinterchangeable magstripe and Smart Card encodingmodules: Contact Chip, HID, iClassTM, MIFARE®(PR5310and PR5350)• Optional single or dual lamination systems dependingon site requirementsEnvironmentally FriendlyNiSCA is committed to the protection of human healthand prevention of pollution by taking into considerationthe complex and interconnected relationship of ourecosystem.The company maintains management systems designedto ensure compliance and support integration ofEnvironmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) considerationsinto its business process. NiSCA’s dedication to andleadership in meeting the EHS government requirementsare evident in the recent renewal of its ISO 14001Environmental Management System (EMS) Standardcertification.Today, the printers sell on their strong reliability, excellentprice point, and brilliant image reproduction. They featurea two-year warranty, assuring a safe investment for yourplastic card printing needs.* Please contact Team NiSCA for more information.Printer Series
  6. 6. NiSCA’s quality and reliability in an entry-level printer.13”9”7”All-in-one removable ribbon cartridgeRemovable 100 card feederThe PR-C101 single sided printer provides a simple andaffordable out-of-the-box solution for high quality, highdurability, plastic cards with low maintenance requirements.The printer is small enough to fit into an office overhead binor under a counter. Offering the first ever rotating LCD paneland optional front or back exit, the PR-C101 can be placed inany orientation to fit your office environment perfectly.The printer’s ribbon cartridge with cleaning assist roller unitis disposable.The PR-C101 comes packaged with an entry-level badgingsoftware application. This basic professional solution isgreat for every small organization, including police, libraries,schools, clubs, casinos, and more.All-in-oneremovable ribboncartridge withcleaning assist rollerRemovable 100 card feederRejector optionalexit hopperRotatingLCD panelPR-C101 BASIC SOLUTION• Brilliant 24-bit color, 300 dpi edge-to-edge image• Media thickness 10 and 30 mil• 171 cards per hour printing speed*• Extremely small foot print and light weight (14lbs)• Removable 100 card feeder• First ever rotating LCD panel to fit any officeenvironment• All-in-one ribbon cartridge with cleaning assist roller• Includes entry-level software• 2-Year hands-free warranty*• 50,000 cards mean time between failure (MTBF)*• USB 2.0 output• Windows and Mac compatibility• Other models available with contactless SmartCard encoderSingle feedmechanismSafetylock* Please contactTeam NiSCA for more information.NiSCA PR-C101 Out-of-the-Box Solution
  7. 7. NiSCA6 PC sends command to continue printing.Printer completes printing task.5 Printer sends completecommand to PC Printer.2 Printer sends card toencoding station in printer.3 Printer sends “card inposition” command to PC.4 PC sends data through RS-232 port.Verifies accuracy. Completes read or write.1 PC sends print job to printer.STEPSENCODINGSmart Card PrinterA Smart Card ID is a plastic card with a built-inmicroprocessor and/or memory chip carrying personalidentification data. When inserted into a reader, it transfersdata to and from a central computer.There are two categories of Smart Cards. The first is aContactless Smart Card. It has no visible module andcommunicates by means of a radio frequency signal.Physical contact between the card and a reader is notneeded. This type of technology is also known as RFID(radio frequency identification). The second category isknown as a Contact Smart Card. It operates by physicalcontact between the reader and the Smart Card’scontacts.There are advantages and disadvantages in bothcategories and the choice between which technologyto make your investment will greatly depend on yourparticular application, card usage, reader, and networkingtechnology available.Currently, the majority of Smart Cards are eitherprogrammed (written) or read manually after the printingprocess has occurred. This process is time consuming,as a person has to manually insert a card into anotherdevice, identify each card in the system, and write to orread from it. In addition, there are occurrences of badchips, meaning that the chip being written to or read fromis faulty. In this case, you printed on a card that is notusable, thus wasting the ink ribbon.NiSCA has developed a process for integrating Smart Cardtechnology into the ID card printing process. We haveinvented an in-line process that saves time and money byprogramming and/or reading the card in the printer beforethe printing starts.What makes the NiSCA process extremely unique is thatthe printer always knows the position of the card duringthe process. This is critical when programming or readingSmart Cards to ensure correct programming or reading isoccurring to the correct card.
  8. 8. PR5302 HEAT ROLLERThe PR5302 Heat Roller (laminator) is designed to easilyattach and operate with the NiSCA dual sided PR53XXseries printers. The unit offers high-speed lamination forstandard CR-80 cards. A state of the art RS-422 high-speed communication port interfaces with the printer,allowing the printer’s firmware and driver to optimallyconfigure the unit for a variety of laminate materials.Additionally, two PR5302s can be attached together andconfigured with one PR5300, PR5310 or PR5350 printerto apply different types of laminate materials to a card.This solution offers the utmost in security and protectionfor your applications.• High speed lamination – from 8 to 50 seconds per card• Hardcoat 1mil or .5 mil patch lamination – registered and wallpaper formats, model PR5302A• Thinfilm lamination – registered and wallpaper formats, model PR5302D• Dual sided lamination – same patch or alternating front/back patches, two PR5302s as shown below• High speed dual sided lamination – using two lamination unitsNiSCA offers two types of laminators, the PR5302Aand the PR5302D. Both types have support for either110 Volt or 220 Volt power. There is no auto-switching;therefore, the power requirements must be specified attime of purchase.NiSCAEasy Laminate Change Field UpgradableIn 1998, NiSCA was the first company to offer the modularlaminating unit attached to the printer. Today, that samedesign has proven its effectiveness by laminating manymillions of cards at thousands of locations.The secret to the design is inside the orange roller – ahalogen heat lamp. This specially designed “heat roller”offers extremely quick heat-up and cool-down times - youcan begin to print and laminate in less than 2 minutes. Inaddition, the heat roller offers an extremely long life and ismore energy efficient than common heating elements usedin other systems.The modular design is optimal for field upgrades. No toolsare required to add a laminator to an existing NiSCA printer.When the laminator is attached to the printer, the printerautomatically configures the laminator. This is ideal forserviceability and ease of integration.With one PR5302 Heat Roller, the user can laminate asingle side – front or back – by configuring the hardwarein the NiSCA driver. In addition, it is possible to laminateboth sides of the card with one laminator, which can beconfigured in the driver as well. As there is only onesupply of laminate material in one Heat Roller unit, you arelimited in laminating both sides of the card with the samelaminate material, unless you have purchased “AlternatingPatch” material. NiSCA’s alternating patch material givesthe user the option to laminate both sides of the card withtwo different laminate designs.In most cases, users request a hologram on the front ofthe card and a clear material on the back of the card toprotect a bar code or other critical data.The alternatingpatch material is commonly used for Smart Cardapplications where there is a contact IC chip on the front ofthe card and a magnetic stripe on the back of the card. Inthis case, the alternating patch material will have a die cutout for the IC chip on the front and a 3/4 patch on the back ofthe card so the magnetic stripe does not interfere with it.Dual lamination with two PR5302 units attached cansuccessfully be used in many applications where thecustomer requires lamination on both sides of the cardwith different laminate material, and also requires higherthroughput.Operating a system configured with two Heat Roller unitsincreases printing speed greatly over a single laminationsystem using alternating patch material. Adding twoPR5302 units to your printer is simple, but does requirea specialY-cable and ROM for the second laminator (partnumber: 3885cable/rom), so, please instruct your resellerthat this is the desired configuration and specify the cableon your order.
  9. 9. F. NiSCA Tamper EvidentG. Latent ImageB. Animated Light Micro-TestE. Laser Retrievable ImageD. Flip Image - Two ChannelHologram.C. Mixed ResolutionsAs an added security feature,various image elements areoriginated intertwiningvarious resolutions. Almostimpossible to reproducewithout actual data utilizedby the generating computer.H. Red UV PrintI. Micro-TextJ. Fine LinesA. Extremely Fine LineGuilloche ElementsG. Latent Image F. NiSCA Tamper EvidentNiSCA offers a variety of laminate materials in twocategories, Hardcoat (patch style) and thinfilm (orSoftcoat). Hardcoat lamination assures superior protectionagainst color fading and scratching. NiSCA’s 1mil Hardcoatmaterial stands up to the rigorous durability testingregularly performed by driving license authorities globally.Hardcoat material is available in a standard 1mil (.001 inch)or custom .5 mil (.0005 inch) thickness.NiSCA’s thinfilm laminate is unique because it is the onlymaterial on the market designed to adhere to the ribbon’soverlay panel applied by the print head. Therefore, itprovides enhanced dye migration and fading protection.The Softcoat material can be applied edge-to-edge andoffers up to 500 images per roll versus the Hardcoat’s 255images per roll.Adding lamination to the application will increase thecard’s life, secure the data on the cards, and increase thesecurity of your offices. NiSCA stocks several types ofgeneric security hologram material and clear (nohologram) laminate material with no minimum orderrequirements. Many customers opt for the convenienceof a generic material, whereas others prefer the enhancedsecurity of a custom laminate. NiSCA is always pleasedto offer consultation on security lamination designed foryour needs.NiSCA Lamination Security FeaturesCustom security features can be designed into bothHardcoat and Softcoat material and are common forclients interested in using their cards as visual securitypasses – sometime called “flash passes”. Below areexamples of the 10 most common features integratedinto laminate material.Security Lamination
  10. 10. * Please contact Team NiSCA for more information.Module solutions have always been a staple for theNiSCA line of desktop card printers. Since our inceptionin 1994, the PR5002 printer offered modular flip-turnstations, encode stations, and lamination stations. Today,our product line has evolved, but not varied from thisfundamental concept.The NiSCA module concept is a perfect fit for large-scaleproduction or central issuance of secure credentials. Ifone printer or laminator goes down, the remaining unitscontinue to function while a replacement module is easilyset in its place - production never stops. Numerous USGovernment Agencies, seven US States driver’s licenseprograms, four countries, and thousands of companieshave adopted the NiSCA modular solution.Our latest advancement in the modular concept comeswith the introduction of the PR5300 and PR5350printers with USB 2.0 bus protocol. NiSCA’s USB printerfirmware and drivers act in the same manner as SCSIdevice in which each printer is individually addressable,controlled, and monitored. NiSCA’s firmware and drivercan independently communicate with and manage up to 8NiSCA printers on a single computer.Eight printers on a single computer provide extremely highthroughput for card printing. Add-on the lamination moduleto provide layered security; and add the in-line Smart Cardencoding (available in the PR5350 and PR5310) and youhave a highly precise and intelligent production solution forhigh value cards and massive projects.Summary of NiSCA CPS:High-speed printing (Based on 8 PR5350 printers)*:• 1320 cards per hour - YMCO• 1040 cards per hour - YMCKO• 840 cards per hour - YMCKO / K (Dual sided print)• 760 cards per hour - YMCKK / K / Laminate (Dual sidedprint/single side lamination)NiSCA CPSSERVICE BUREAU APPLICATION8 USB Printers on 1 PCLoad-BalancingJob-RoutingDifferent Lamination Requirements Different Card StockCentral Production Solutions
  11. 11. PR5310 PR5350 PR-C101300 dpi, 24-bit continuous tone printing Yes Yes YesDye-sublimation printing Yes Yes YesDual sided printing Yes Yes NoEdge-to-edge printing Yes Yes YesInline encoding options Mag/Contactless Smart/ICContact*Mag/Contactless Smart/ICContact*ContactlessSmartSeparate image and function memory Yes Yes YesExtended image memory, MB Yes, 8 Yes, 16 Yes, 8Separate memory modes Yes, 5 Yes, 5 NoParallel processing Yes Yes YesPrinting speed YMCKO*, cards/hour 75 133 150Printing speed resin, cards/hour 327 600 643Printing speed single sided lamination, cards/hour86 132 N/APrinting speed dual sided lamination, cards/hour 80 112 N/AUltraviolet printing capability Yes Yes NoMicro printing capability Yes Yes YesInterface USB USB USBCard size CR79 CR80CR79 CR80CR80Card thickness, mil 20 to 50 20 to 50 30Card input/output hopper 100/100 100/100 100/30Windows® 2000/XP* Yes Yes YesMac compatible driver Yes Yes YesSecurity overlaminate add-on module Yes Yes NoWarranty 2 Years 2 Years 2 YearsYears of service Since 2004 Since 2004 Since 2007Special order 10 mil No Yes YesFeatures:• Automatic cleaning, the industry’s first ribboncassette, quick-change print head and, as always,NiSCA’s simple to read and use 2-line LCD display.• RoHS (Restrictions of the use of certain HazardousSubstances) Compliance. The RoHS directiverequires producers of electronic equipment toreduce the concentration of hazardous materialsto acceptable levels. NiSCA achieved RoHScompliance for all featured models.NiSCA User FriendlyEasy CleaningEasy Print HeadReplacementEasy ChangeRibbon CassetteSpecificationsISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified*Please contact Team NiSCA for more information.
  12. 12. Contact Information:732-271-73671-800-359-7300sales@teamNiSCA.comtechsupport@teamNiSCA.com0409 5,000