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Impresora hidglobal-credenciales-tarjetas-fargo-hdp8500le-printer-br-en-20121030

  1. 1. FARGO® HDP8500LEIndustrial Card Laser EngraverPrinting/Encodingand EngravingSolutions
  2. 2. HDP8500LE precision lasers can also performlenticular personalization to produce multiplelaser images (MLI) and changeable laserimages (CLI), providing additional barriersagainst counterfeiting attempts via desktopprinters.The Ultimate Interoperable System forSecure Card IssuanceThe HDP8500LE is recognized by thegovernment-to-citizen ID market for itssuperior tamper-evident personalization andits interoperability with the HDP8500 printer/encoder and lamination modules, enablingfull-color and laser-engraved personalizationof polycarbonate cards that are commonlyrequired in extended-life government identitycredentials.These same advantages make the HDP8500Industrial Series personalization systemideal for card issuance programs thatbear an elevated risk of forgery or identitymisrepresentation, including voter or workerregistration cards, drivers’ licenses and citizenidentity permits.Engrave durability and confidenceinto ultra-high security credentials.Laser Engraving Technology inthe FARGO® HDP8500LE enablesmultiple security attributes,including surface relief for tactileauthentication, detailed micro-text which defies duplication bystandard desktop printers, andlenticular personalization fordistinctive multiple laser images(MLI) and changeable laserimages (CLI).Secure Personalization that’s Laser SharpThe new FARGO® HDP8500LE Industrial CardLaser Engraver from HID Global integratesseamlessly with the HDP8500 printer/encoderand lamination modules, enabling increasedcredential and organizational security bycombining high security laser-engravedpersonalization with superior High DefinitionPrinting™ (HDP®).Leveraging the most versatile laser engravingtechnology in card identity systems,HID’s HDP8500LE introduces multiplepersonalization attributes, making forgery andmanipulation virtually impossible. Attempts toalter engraved information will result in visiblecard damage.Engrave Security into Every CardHDP8500LE laser engraving etches multi-faceted security elements into identificationcards. Laser-engraved data and images arepermanent and secure. Any attempts to alterengraved information will destroy the integrityof the image; tampering will be immediatelyevident. In addition, laser engraving producesraised lettering that can enable verification ofauthenticity at the touch of a finger.The camera vision system ensures accurateplacement and registration of data on the cardsurface, and reproduction is so precise thatit even allows the engraving of microtext —microscopic type that cannot be read withouta loupe or magnifying glass.High Definition Printing (HDP)delivers the highest image quality,layered on the highest functioningcards. HDP Film fuses to thesurface of proximity and smartcards, conforming to ridges andindentations formed by embeddedelectronics.
  3. 3. The most secure credentials are highly differentiated, employing multiple visual, digital and engraved elements to ensure accurate identificationof each individual cardholder while establishing barriers to fraud and counterfeiting. Each module in the interoperable FARGO Industrial Seriescontributes security elements to finished credentials using advanced printing, encoding and engraving technologies and materials: HDP8500LE laser engravercarves unique, unalterable text, visualsecurity elements and other images intocard surfaces. HDP8500 printer/encoderadds overt, covert and forensic visualsecurity elements to high definition printimages via fluorescing print ribbon and/orholographic HDP Film. HDP8500 lamination moduleapplies clear or custom holographicoverlaminate patches to cards, increasingdurability, card life and fraud protection.Dye-Sublimation Printing:Visual Security ElementsFluorescing HDP Print RibbonInvisible in normal lighting, printeddata fluoresces blue when exposedto ultraviolet light.Custom Holograms:Visual Security ElementsAdd one or multiple custom holographicsecurity features to your overlaminate orHDP Film for increased protection againstID counterfeiting and tampering:Overt features (visible to the naked eye): Morphing images Flip images Fine line design 2D/3D ribbon Pseudo colorCovert or forensic features (require a toolto view and authenticate): Hidden text Microtext Nano textCustomHigh SecurityOverlaminateHDP PrintImage withLaser EngravingLaser Engraving: Visual Security ElementsUnique identifying data or images are engraved into the card body itself for tamper proof,highly durable personalization, making forgery and manipulation virtually impossible. Attemptsto alter engraved information will result in obvious card damage.Custom MicrotextMicroscopic type of less than1 point font size, readable onlywith a loupe, enables covertauthentication.MLI/CLI - Multiple/Changeable laser imageEngraved images or data changewith the viewing angle to permitconvenient identity verification.Sub-surface imageLaser engraving below the cardstop surface, such as this ghostimage, delivers the highestdurability.Tactile Surface ReliefRaised lettering provides evidenceof authenticity at the touch of afinger.The System-wide Approachto Highly Secure CredentialsBlank Card
  4. 4. FARGO HDP8500 Industrial SeriesPersonalization SystemThe HDP8500 Industrial Series PersonalizationSystem allows the seamless integration of IDcard printing, encoding, laser engraving andlaminating into one machine, empoweringcard-issuing organizations to efficiently,reliably and securely produce multi-layered,secure credentials in a single pass through thesystem.The high duty performance FARGO IndustrialSeries from HID Global is the superior choicefor extended-run, high throughput credentialpersonalization and issuance. It’s especiallysuited for the high duty cycle requirements oflarge government ID card programs, laboriousservice bureau conditions, and demandinguniversity and large enterprise environments.In addition to the new HDP8500LEinteroperable laser engraver module, theIndustrial Series includes the superiorHDP8500 printer/encoder – with fifthgeneration HID Global High Definition Printing(HDP) technology – and an integratedHDP8500 lamination module. The entireHDP8500 system is supported by HID’s AsureID® Exchange Card Personalization Software.Built StrongEach module in the sturdy HDP8500 IndustrialSeries features precision-engineered interiorcomponents encased in solid metal cabinetry,providing improved resistance to partsfatigue and general wear from routine andrepeated use. The metal shell and ruggedizedcomponents create a stable environment thatoperates reliably over continuous runs.In fact, the HDP8500 Industrial Series isloaded with features that maximize card yieldper shift, including multi-card processingcapabilities, 400-card input hopper capacity,accessible card path and graphical touchscreen interface, and built-in physical andelectronic security features. These featureswork together to ensure continuousproduction, even in the most demandingenvironments.Superior Printing and EncodingHID Global pioneered High Definition Printing,also called retransfer print technology, indesktop ID card printers. The HDP8500 printengine works with a wide variety of cardmaterials, giving you greater printing flexibility.To produce crisp, high definition images ontechnology cards—even cards with surfaceimperfections, the HDP8500 printer/encoderis the clear choice.Rugged, Tamper-Resistant LaminationThe HDP8500 Lamination module is designedto work with the most durable consumables,ensuring long-life cards for small andlarge government ID programs. Clear andholographic overlaminate patches providehigher card durability and extended life to IDcredentials, as well as lasting protection fromfraud. The HDP8500 lamination module is theideal system addition for producing ID cardsthat need to last.Simultaneously print,engrave and laminate cards.Asure ID: The perfectdriver for the ultimate cardpersonalization machineHID Global’s Asure ID Exchangeis the perfect accompaniment tothe HDP8500 Industrial SeriesPersonalization System. The mostadvanced card design and issuancesoftware, Asure ID provides a single,intuitive interface for managingdata and issuing credentials,including simultaneous printing,encoding, engraving and lamination.The available Asure ID SoftwareDevelopment Kit (SDK) enablesintegration into any credentialmanagement system.
  5. 5. Key Elements for Successful Government ID Personalization ProgramsFlexible technology increases options and improves security. FARGO HDP8500Printer/Encoder dye-sublimation, retransfer technology works with a widerchoice of card materials, is more resistant to tampering, and easily handlessurface or embedded electronics irregularities.Five key feature areas of the HDP8500 Industrial Series Personalization System ensure the productivity, security and reliability of your operation.Total system security safeguards equipmentand card materials. Physical locks protectmaterials before, during and after processing.Electronic PIN access prevents unauthorizeduse, and advanced encryption standards protectelectronic data.Ease-of-operation and simple routine maintenance meanslower training and production costs for card issuance.Simple touch-screen commands enable consistentthroughput of multi-layered, high secure, personalizedcards in a single pass. The patented input hopper allowsautomatic selection from two different card types.Several field-upgradable options can be added tomeet specialized project requirements, over time.Interoperability with Genuine HID Technology™guarantees compatibility with other productswithin the HID ecosystem, enabling organizationsto leverage existing investments.Built for maximum reliability in challengingenvironments, multiple HDP8500enhancements eliminate card surfacedebris, help prevent defective prints,improve card handling, and ensure reliableconsumable materials handling.Specifications Overview (complete HDP8500LE specs available at Printing StandardWarranty Printer: 3 years; Laser module: 2 years; Laser diode: 5,000 hoursLASER ENGRAVER (LE)CHARACTERISTICSLaser Type 12W air cooled DPSS laserCard Material Types Polycarbonate cards recommended; accepts ABS, PC, PET, PETG, compositeLaser Personalization Types Sub-surface and tactile laser engraving • Microtext • MLI/CLICommunication Interface Ethernet LANRegistration Capability Optional Camera Vision SystemLaser Speed Up to 2300 cards per 8-hour shift depending on card coverage of laser data (laser engraving only)Power Input 100-240 VAC, 8.5 A MAX, 50 Hz - 60 HzCertifications Class 1 Laser, UL, CE, FCC Class-ASYSTEM SECURITY STANDARDSPassword Protection Yes (Workbench and Display)Locking Card Input and Output Hopper YesLockable Printer/Laser/Laminator Housings YesCARD STANDARDSCard Size CR-80 onlyCard Input Capacity (2 Hoppers) 400 cards (.030" / .762mm)Dual Card Input Hopper Capability YesCard Output Capacity (1 Hopper) 200 cards (.030" / .762mm)Card Thickness Laser module: 30 mil only (.030"/.762mm)Card Exception Feed YesCard Cleaning Station TwoHARDWARE CHARACTERISTICSDimensions and Weight (printer) 15.5" H x 28.2" W x 14.0" D (394mmH x 716mmW x 356mmD); 61 lbs / 27.7 kgDimensions and Weight (engraver) 20.5" H x 10.0" W x 20.0" D (521mmH x 254mmW x 508mmD); 88 lbs / 40.0 kgDimensions and Weight (laminator) 13.5" H x 15.0" W x 14.0" D (343mmH x 381mmW x 356mmD); 29 lbs / 13.2 kgOPTIONSDual-Sided Simultaneous Lamination YesISO Card Flattener YesISO Magnetic / Contact /Contactless Smart Card EncodingYes / Yes /YesTotal SystemSecurity
  6. 6. North America: +1 949 732 2000 • Toll Free: 1 800 237 7769Europe, Middle East, Africa: +44 1440 714 850Asia Pacific: +852 3160 9800 • Latin America: +52 55 5081© 2012 HID Global Corporation/ASSA ABLOYAB. All rights reserved. HID, HID Global, the HIDBlue Brick logo, the Chain Design and FARGOare trademarks or registered trademarks of HIDGlobal or its licensor(s)/supplier(s) in the US andother countries and may not be used withoutpermission. All other trademarks, service marks,and product or service names are trademarks orregistered trademarks of their respective owners.2012-10-30-fargo-hdp8500le-printer-br-enAn ASSA ABLOY Group brand