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Dtc family brochure_folder

  1. 1. FARGO®Direct-to-Card PrintersPrinting &EncodingSolutions
  2. 2. Versatility meets simplicityThe new advanced generation of HID Global’sFARGO® DTC printers are comprehensive,reliable and flexible, providing color andtechnology card personalization withupgradable security and equipment scalability.It features an intuitive user experience, sleekand adaptable design and innovative tools tohelp any organization efficiently migrate to ahigher level of security.Invest with confidence,Genuine HID™ printersWith more than 140,000 installations aroundthe world, HID Global is the expert in buildingcard identity systems that help make yourorganization more productive — whether youissue multi-function technology cards or basicphoto IDs. Best of all, the technology is backedby the trusted industry expert in the deliveryof secure identity solutions, HID Global.ƒƒ Sleek and modular design protects yourinvestment with a wide range of easy toinstall add-on upgrades as you need them.The right choice foreasy printing, encodingand/or laminating ID cards across your organization.ƒƒ Easy-to-use features and functionalitymean you don’t have to be an IT expertto keep your printers working or to trainothers on how to use it. The simple userinterface, on-board diagnostics andsimplified ribbon supply loading makeprinting hassle-free.ƒƒ Convenience is built-in with HID Global’sunique embedded badging application“Swift ID™”, enabling you to create yourown ID badges in seconds without havingto install any additional software.ƒƒ Exceptionally compact and flexible designenables you to meet your office spacerequirements by providing a powerfulprinter within a small footprint.ƒƒ Inline color and technology cardpersonalization with a single Ethernet orUSB connection.ƒƒ Protect your investment with a first-rate,two-year warranty.ƒƒ Full interoperability with Genuine HIDtechnology guarantees compatibility withother products within the HID ecosystem,enabling organizations to leverage theirexisting HID technology investments.
  3. 3. Reliable printing aseasy as 1-2-3Using the DTC1000 couldn’t be easier. Itsplug-and-play Swift ID™ embedded badgingapplication reinforces convenience byeliminating the need to install applicationsoftware. This means the printer is ready touse straight out of the box.Its small footprint makes it easy for theDTC1000 to accommodate any desktopconfiguration, and the intuitive user-focuseddesign provides system status through color-coded buttons, letting you know instantlyabout the work status of the printer.With convenience in mind, the DTC1000’seasy-loading, all-in-one print ribbon and cardcleaning cartridge simplifies the ribbon andcleaning roller loading process.Convenient, versatile and affordable, theDTC1000 is ahead of every other card printerin its class. It encodes and prints exceptional,high-quality photo ID cards, allowing for fullcolor edge-to-edge images on the credential.Alternatively, use economical half-panelribbons to personalize pre-printed cards with aphoto and bar code.Simple, reliable andaffordable photo IDcard personalizationGetting the most out of the DTC1000 to meetyour specific card printing and encoding needsis simple. Take advantage of the built-in andoptional features that suit your business:Built-in erase and rewrite feature. Helpseliminate the waste of short-lived cards (visitorbadges, transit cards, etc). It’s all done withspecial heat-sensitive cards — no conventionalprinting ribbon is involved.Cards thick or thin. Out of the box, theDTC1000 prints on ID cards as thin as 9 miland thicker smart cards up to 40 mil.Optional single- or dual-sided printing.Available in single- or dual-sided printing;dual-sided option provides more space forcompany or cardholder information andsecurity features.Stand-alone or networked environment.Ethernet with internal print server as an optionallows for remote printer sharing by manyusers.The FARGO® DTC1000 Direct-to-Cardprinter is simplicity at its finest. Itssleek user-friendly design is gearedtowards anyone looking for a high-quality card personalization printer tomake great-looking, full-color plasticID and technology cards on a budget.From producing company and schoolIDs and access cards, to membershipand customer loyalty cards, theDTC1000 delivers a convenientprinting and encoding solution.No software required: Swift ID™ embeddedbadging software eliminates the need toinstall PC software, so the printer is ready touse out of the box.FARGO®DTC1000
  4. 4. Versatility for your current andfuture needsThe DTC4000 delivers powerful printing andversatility rolled into one. By using differentcard technologies, card types and ribbons, theDTC4000 combines a high level of flexibilitywith the simplicity to easily print what youneed. You can personalize blank cards withfull-color, edge-to-edge images. Even more, theerase and rewrite card feature helps eliminatethe waste of short-lived cards such as visitorbadges. And the DTC4000 is fully compatiblewith most ID card issuance applicationsincluding Asure ID® Photo ID software whichoffers unique capabilities when used with HIDFARGO printers.With its built-in security for password-protected printer operation, and optionalfield-upgradable modules, the DTC4000 notonly meets your current needs, it also scales tomeet your future requirements:More security. Provides increased card securitywith optional fluorescent ribbon (UV) orholographic foil card printing.Technology options. Field-upgradable modulesenable migration to higher levels of security:encode data for magnetic stripe, proximity,contact and/or contactless technology cards,such as iCLASS®, for access control or otherapplications.The FARGO DTC4000 Direct-to-Card printer is ideal for mid-sizeorganizations seeking versatilityin a convenient, professional andsecure printing and encodingsystem. Whether you need employeeaccess cards or membership cardsfor a gym, the DTC4000 producesbrilliant photo ID cards as well asbarcodes and digital signatures formore sophisticated access controlidentification cards. Its sleek,scalable design simplifies equipmentupgrades and migrations to higherlevels of security.Easily adapts to evolvingsecurity, printing andencoding needsFARGO®DTC4000Increased capacity. Field-upgradable dual-input card hopper, holding 200 cards for highercapacity printing and encoding.Connectivity. Industry’s first printer to supporta less complex IT network infrastructure byprinting and inline encoding technology cardsthrough one USB or Ethernet connection.Stand alone or networked environment.Ethernet with internal print server as an optionallows for remote printer sharing by manyusers.No more hassle, no moreheadacheIts sleek and compact design makes theDTC4000 ideal for office environments wherespace is an issue, and the field-upgradablesame-side input/output card hopper helps fitthe printer into the tightest spaces.For maximum efficiency and convenience, thehigh resolution SmartScreen™ graphical displayaddresses error handling similar to that of acopy machine. And the user-friendly interfacesteps you through the entire printing processso anyone can print cards easily with virtuallyzero training. The easy-to-follow prompts alsomakes sure you’ll always know the status of theprinter. What’s more, the DTC4000 eliminatesthe hassle of changing the ribbons andcleaning roller with an all-in-one print ribbonand card cleaning cartridge.The DTC4000’s high resolution graphicalSmartScreen™ displays error handlingsimilar to that of a copy machine. Its user-friendly interface steps you through theentire printing process.
  5. 5. The versatility of the DTC4500 is unsurpassed.From loyalty cards to sophisticated accesscards with embedded electronics, this high-volume printer delivers speed, power andversatility all in one. It produces ID cardsusing two different printing methods: dye-sublimation for vivid colors and accuratephotographic images, and resin thermaltransfer for sharp black text and bar codes thatcan be easily read by infrared or visible lightscanners.Maximum security, future-proof versatility. TheDTC4500’s built-in printer password protectionguarantees secure printing, while options, suchas fluorescent ribbons for Ultra-Violet (UV)printing, offer a cost effective and dynamicincrease of security. What’s more, the DTC4500offers additional field-upgradable options formigration to higher levels of security and othercard issuance requirements in the future:Technology options. Field-upgradablemodules encode data for magnetic stripe,proximity, contact and/or contactlesstechnology cards, such as iCLASS®, for accesscontrol or other applications.Optional Card Lamination. For applyingoverlaminates to produce tamper-proof,secure cards that resist forgery; unique,High security and modularityfor high-performancepersonalizationFARGO®DTC4500field-upgradable high-speed dual-sidedsimultaneous lamination also saves time.Custom Holographic Overlaminates. For ahigher level of card security and an additionallayer of physical protection against wear andtear.Single- or dual-sided printing. The field-upgradable dual-sided printing moduleprovides more space for card holderinformation and security features such asduplicate photo and digital-signature.Easily integrated...everywhere you need it.The DTC4500 easily connects to PCs throughits built-in USB and Ethernet ports. With itsbuilt-in internal print server, you can installa DTC4500 anywhere on a LAN for greaterfreedom when you are planning widespreador high-volume card issuance. Additionally, theDTC4500 is fully compatible with most ID cardpersonalization software, including Asure ID®,which offers unique capabilities when usedwith HID FARGO printers.Custom overlaminatesare available for afield-upgradablesingle- or unique,high-speed dual-sided simultaneouslaminator.The FARGO® DTC4500 printer/encoder is the workhorse of HIDGlobal’s FARGO Direct-to-Card printerline. With its heavy-duty engine andhigh-performance design, the printercomes with a standard dual-input cardhopper for increased card capacityand the ability to manage more thanone card type at once. High capacityribbon supplies enable the printerto produce more full color cardsthan most printers before the ribbonhas to be changed, reducing userintervention and printer downtime.This printer is the number one choicefor fast, high-capacity card printingand encoding.With easy set up and a user-friendlySmartScreen™ graphical displayfor print status, the DTC4500 isextraordinarily simple to use.
  6. 6. DTC1000 DTC4000 DTC4500Dual-sided printing Factory ordered Field-upgradable Field-upgradableSwift ID™  Magnetic stripe encoding Field-upgradable Field-upgradable Field-upgradableContact smart card encoding Factory ordered Field-upgradable Field-upgradable125 kHz (HID Prox) reader Factory ordered Field-upgradable Field-upgradable13.56 MHz (iCLASS®, MIFARE®, ISO 14443 A/B, ISO15693) read/write encoderFactory ordered Field-upgradable Field-upgradableInline printing and encoding througha single USB or Ethernet connection   Rewrite Technology   USB connectivity   USB and Ethernet with internal print server Factory ordered Field-upgradable Color changing status buttons   SmartScreen™graphical display N/A  Ribbon cartridge loading   Same-side input/output card hopper andSmartScreen™graphical displayN/A Field-upgradable Field-upgradableDual-input card hopper N/A Field-upgradable Printer password protection N/A  Fluorescent panel (UV printing) N/A  Single- or dual-sided simultaneous lamination N/A N/A Field-upgradable2 year warranty   PRODUCT COMPARISONAPPLICATION/PRINTER DTC1000 DTC4000 DTC4500Corporate ID   Membership Card   Gift Card   Loyalty Card   Mass Transit   Student ID   Health Card  Drivers License National ID FEATURESAPPLICATIONS
  7. 7. fargo.hidglobal.comBusiness Card
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