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The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales


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A simple 5 step process to create on-going, automated email campaigns that engage your audience and identify highly
qualified prospects.

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The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales

  1. 1. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales Business Growth ebook Series Craig Klein
  2. 2. Table of Contents Business Growth eBook Series iii Meet Your Hosts v Featured Expert—Michael Halper vii Featured Sponsor— ix The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales 1 Using Email Effectively 2 The “Magic 5”—First Steps 3 Email Campaign Purpose 4 Getting Started 5 Step #1—Identify the Target Market 7 Step #2—Define Pain Points 9 Step #3—Create Content 13 Step # 4—Create Qualifying Questions 20 Step #5—Develop FAQs 23 Final Notes 25 Next Steps 26 Page ii
  3. 3. Business Growth eBook Series We want you to grow your business. It is really that simple. In fact, we surround ourselves with companies who share our belief that when we help you grow your business, everyone wins. We believe that when we help you grow your business, we also help grow communities, families, employers and our customers. We have created this series of eBooks—in conjunction with a webinar series—to help you expand opportunities for growth in your company. This is true even if you are not a SalesNexus customer…even if you use one of our competitors…we want to share what we have found to be useful for business growth. Many businesses have great products and a great team, yet still struggle to master the strategies and tactics of connecting with their market, standing out from the competition and closing sales. Toward that goal, we have assembled a team of experts to share the best of what they know really works. Nothing is held back or saved only for those who are clients of our individual company. Each eBook is packed with practical steps any business can take immediately without busting the budget. Below you will find a list of eBooks and webinars in this series. While each eBook builds on what was presented in the eBooks earlier in the series, you can choose to take them in any order. However, we strongly suggest you read the first eBook or attend that webinar to get an understanding of how the information fits all together. To Your Business Growth, Craig Klein, CEO SalesNexus Page iii
  4. 4. Business Growth Series THE MAGIC 5 OF CONTENT BASED EMAIL MARKETING THAT DRIVES SALES The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales Business Growth ebook Series Held on January 16h, 2013 A simple 5 step process to create on-going, automated email campaigns that engage your audience and identify highly qualified prospects. Craig Klein How to Qualify Sales Leads and Focus on Sales Growth that’s Profitable Held January 30th, 2013 An in-depth look at how to use simple questioning techniques to determine if a sales lead will purchase and the powerful impact of consistent qualifying. Building a Successful Marketing and Sales Process by Identifying Your Customer’s “Pain” Held on January 23rd, 2013 An in-depth investigation of how to identify the emotional circumstances that cause customers to buy from you, how to question prospects to diagnose their “pains” and build sales processes that win! Manage a Sales Process of Actions that Lead to Sales Growth Held on February 6th, 2013 An in-depth look at what should be measured in every sales process, how to set goals for and measure it and how to manage sales people to achieve business growth. 360 degree View of the Customer Relationship for Business Growth The 4 Pillars of a Sales Messaging Strategy that Drives Growth Held on February 13th, 2013 An in-depth look at how strong relationships between customers and companies drive business growth and the risk of mistaking a customer to sales person relationship with a customer to company relationship. Held on February 20th, 2013 How to communicate what your products and services do for your customers, get their attention and understand their needs, with Michael Halper, author of “The Cold Calling Equation” Page iv
  5. 5. Meet Your Hosts Craig Klein, CEO, As CEO, Craig Klein leads a team that is on a mission to help your business grow. They accomplish this goal by providing an online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that is fully integrated with an email marketing system. Klein brings 18 years sales executive and management experience to designing SalesNexus solutions. SalesNexus is a different kind of CRM and email system for many reasons. Perhaps the most meaningful is the company recognizes that one size will not fit all in business. Since key people of the company come from a sales background, they know how to work with you to find unique solutions specific to you, your business and your customers. Thousands of sales teams from around the world have discovered that SalesNexus takes the hard work out of selling. That way you can focus on the people part of serving your customers. They know that you enjoy sales because you enjoy people. SalesNexus will maximize the time you spend establishing deep relationships with your best customers. This team feels success when they make marketing and selling easier for you. That is why SalesNexus is hosting this Business Growth series of webinars and eBooks Don’t forget that SalesNexus offers a 30-day free trial of their program so you can try it out…look around… ask questions to determine if it is the right fit for you. During the free trial period, you can also download your choice of 500 business contacts—with email addresses—at no cost at all via Learn more about LeadFerret below. Page v
  6. 6. Meet Your Hosts Forrest Cassidy, CEO, Lead Ferret is the world’s first 100% free business-to-business database with complete information. They offer more than 10 million easily searchable B2B contacts—with emails—FREE. In today’s business environment, it is critical that you use your time in the most time efficient manner possible. The objective of Lead Ferret is to make prospecting and generating leads easier for sales teams, recruiters, and small business owners. The LeadFerret system allows you to spend less time prospecting and more time selling…and that leaves more time to do the things you really love to do. Learn more about Lead Ferret on a following page. Page vi
  7. 7. Featured Expert—Michael Halper Michael Halper, CEO, SalesScripter, LLC Driving improvement in sales organizations is the mission of everything that Michael Halper does professionally. With more than 20 years in frontline sales, marketing and customer service, he brings innovative solutions to all his clients. We are honored that Halper agreed to share his expertise with us as part of the Business Growth Series. Don’t miss any opportunity to learn from him. In addition to this series, here are a few ways you can get valuable nuggets of sales wisdom from Halper: • “The Cold Calling Equation”: As author of this groundbreaking book, Halper shares powerful insights into the ‘blood sport’ of cold calling. Sales professionals always resist cold calls. Yet those who master the art of the cold call have always closed more deals and hit their goals. Cold calling success is NOT about working harder or working more. Instead, it is about using proven, step-by-step tactics to achieve immediate results. In addition, the book will help you make human connections and find more opportunities. Get the book here. • This web based tool is a complete game changer in the field of sales. SalesScripter assists your company in identifying the details you need to create powerful sales messaging. The tool will help develop your sales scripts, email templates, voicemail scripts, qualifying questions, objection responses and more. Try SalesScripter FREE! • Launch Pad Solutions, LLC: Launch Pad is a training and consulting firm that helps businesses increase sales revenue by improving areas of sales prospecting and lead generation: Page vii
  8. 8. Featured Expert—Michael Halper • Sales Consulting: Launch Pad works with management to establish sales messaging, processes, and strategy that lead to immediate improvements in results. • Sales Training: Training programs that help frontline sales resources to improve their ability to effectively prospect. Sales resources are able to make immediate improvements due to the effective, yet practical and easy to implement, tactics. • Sales Coaching: Launch Pad works with sales professionals and managers on a one-to-one basis to help ensure the right steps are being taken to improve sales prospecting and lead generation. • Appointment Setting Service: For businesses that do not want to spend their valuable time on prospecting and working to generate leads, Launch Pad takes over that responsibility through an appointment setting service. Under this model, Launch Pad’s team of telesales resources performs prospecting activities and schedule appointments for clients that have outsourced that functional area. Page viii
  9. 9. Featured Sponsor— Lead Ferret is a sales organization’s most powerful source of new business. Like it says on the Lead Ferret website, when you access this service—it is like adding 10 million+ contacts to your address book. The database contains complete information including email addresses…and so much more. It’s free to join, so go check it out. Throughout this series, we will be showing you how to use this contact information and implement strategies for business growth in an efficient, time-saving and highly professional manner. If you are a SalesNexus user you can download 500 free contacts a month. You can even take advantage of this free offer during the free trial on SalesNexus. Since some people say that, “2 minutes on LeadFerret is worth 2 hours on LinkedIn.”— you should take a few minutes to learn more. Every record in LeadFerret is complete with company information, name, title, address and phone number. You can search by SIC and NACIS codes. You can search by location in several ways, including a map tool. Page ix
  10. 10. Featured Sponsor— The methods we are showing you in this series will demonstrate how to use this robust interface to grow your business. In the first eBook, you will learn how to identify your ideal prospect. You may have a geographical territory or there may be a size of business that fits well with your product/service. You can search in terms of revenue range, industry, department within the company and the title of the individual you should contact. You simply plug the demographic details into the LeadFerret system. You get a list of target prospects to download into SalesNexus. You have spent much less time finding the right type of person and can now spend more time connecting with high quality prospects and building relationships. It all fits together with one purpose—to Grow Your Business. Page x
  11. 11. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales
  12. 12. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales Using Email Effectively Sales people always want more leads, yet they often have trouble identifying a good prospect from leads that will end up wasting time. It is very costly and difficult to connect with prospects, cold-call, knock on doors, present at trade shows and other ways to find prospects. Email marketing appears to be a very cost effective alternative. It allows you to focus on the right people—so you can spend time and money on the ones who are most likely to purchase. You will need to know how to build lists, what and when to send emails, how to get meaningful results out of those emails…how to generate real, quality sales leads. However, email marketing can be a mine field if you have never tried it before. Many in the sales world are very inexperienced with email marketing. Some sales leaders want to take advantage of email marketing, but they stop because there are so many unknowns. They simply get stuck, without making the first step or two forward. This eBook is provided to help you get started. Page 2
  13. 13. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales The “Magic 5”—First Steps SalesNexus has developed a simple system to create an effective content marketing campaign. You don’t need to be a genius copywriter or hire a marketing consultant to do it for you. Just follow the steps we are about to outline for you. Basics of the “Magic 5”: • Identify five pain points that your product or service addresses for your customers. You will build a content marketing campaign around those pain points. • Create five qualifying questions. When people respond to the content marketing email, so your sales team can thoroughly qualify them. These qualifying questions reveal when it is appropriate to invest sales time in a prospect. • Finally, when someone has been qualified, the prospect gets a campaign of emails to answer frequently asked questions. These are easyto-identify questions potential buyers always ask. Page 3
  14. 14. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales Email Campaign Purpose An email is expected to generate interest, engagement and a conversation or a lead. Sales people still need to be involved in the buying cycle. However, they enter the process after the buyer has responded to an email. That way, your sales staff knows the buyer has shown at least some interest. You shouldn’t expect your emails to generate orders. Instead, expect your emails to generate conversations with salespeople. That is where content marketing comes in. Content Marketing is NOT SPAM People are typically cautious about starting an email marketing campaign because they don’t want to be perceived as spammers. Your customer and prospect list is your life blood and you don’t want to endanger that relationship. In a typical B2B organization, a lot of time and money has been invested in trade shows and other prospecting activities to generate your list. You shouldn’t expect your emails to generate orders. You should expect your emails to generate conversations with salespeople. And that is where content marketing comes in. You do not want to send any emails that are going to annoy hardearned prospects and customers. Instead, you want those prospects to look forward to your emails and share them with their colleagues. The right kind of email is going to build your brand with that list. You will be sending the prospects valuable information that deepens your relationship with them. This eBook will help you learn how to send emails that are not spam. It is what we call content marketing. Page 4
  15. 15. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales Getting Started Most business owners and sales executives have great expectations and great intentions. Still, they find it difficult to write compelling articles. Most will end up with very ‘sales-sounding’ emails. Even if your objective at the outset is to create content based emails, you will naturally write from the perspective of your company, products and services. It can often come off as sounding kind of ‘salesy’. That is what we want to avoid! Our highly effective method practices the ‘give-to-get’ principal. Give your prospects something valuable…intrinsically valuable… something that they can use without ever interacting with your company again—Something they appreciate. That type of email builds your brand. It builds engagement with your company. Create engaging content that your audience finds helpful, informative and entertaining. The “Magic 5” system has… • Five educational content pieces, focused on your customers’ typical “pains”, that you email to target contacts. • Five qualifying questions that set the bar for sales engagement • Five FAQ emails that answer the questions that all those qualified prospects are going to ask. What it looks like: The first five content pieces are based on known pain points that your product or service addresses. This content is placed into an automated email campaign that is scheduled every couple of days—or it might be every couple of weeks—or couple of months…all dependent on the market you target. Page 5
  16. 16. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales When the prospect interacts with the email, it tells you that they may have some interest in your product or service because their interest in the article or content demonstrates that they suffer from the “pain” it discusses. At this point your salesperson gets on the phone to qualify the reader by using pre-determined qualifying questions. Mechanics of Magic Five 1. Automated email campaign goes out. 2. Within your email marketing tool, (SalesNexus or some other system), you can see who is opening and clicking in the emails. When the prospects are qualified, they go on a different campaign. It also happens automatically. The second email campaign is designed to address those frequently asked questions. 3. Then you can drill down to a specific campaign and say “show me a list of people that clicked on the emails in those campaigns.” Important Point: 4. Put salespeople on top of those guys. Ask those prospects qualifying questions. Don’t be tricked into thinking that just because somebody read one of your articles they’re worth jumping in a plane 5. Send FAQs to prospects that have and doing a demo or a presentation. Until they are qualified, been qualified with the questions. you don’t want to invest a lot of sales time in anything other than a qualification process by telephone. That way you save on travel and other sales expenses and your sales people work only with qualified leads. In fact, you may want to wait until folks interact with all five of your emails before you call them. At that point, they have demonstrated more interest. Then you phone and qualify them. That way, you’ve made the prospect really pass the bar before you start investing a lot of time in them. It is up to you to determine how much interaction to expect from a prospect that is getting emails before give them a call. It will vary for different businesses. Page 6
  17. 17. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales Step #1—Identify the Target Market Knowing your target market is the number one factor for success here. You want to be as specific as possible. You really want to know who your ‘ideal prospect’ is. With a tool like you can do some very specific searches. A few tips on searching for contacts in Lead Ferret: • Search by title level—are they C level, VP level, Director, etc? You can use a very specific title. • Search by revenue, number of employees, SIC code, and industry. • Search by location. One way to do a location search is the map feature. It is handy to target a specific geographical area. • Use Lead Ferret as a resource for contact records…including email addresses…phone numbers, physical addresses, SIC information and a number of really neat fields like social media links to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. Some records even have data like the type of device used—such as an iPad, iPhone, Android device, mobile device, etc. • Subscribers to SalesNexus can download 500 of these contacts into SalesNexus each month at no additional charge. Page 7
  18. 18. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales EXAMPLE: A business that targets hospitals: They sell white boards that go in patient rooms. Their ideal prospect is somebody with the title of chief nursing officers. It is a really tough list of people to reach. Type in ‘chief nursing officer’ and Lead Ferret comes back with 15,000 contacts in the U.S. with email addresses! Forrest with Lead Ferret says, “Our objective is to really, again, just provide the best possible information— all completely free—with the best quality and types of data Lead Ferret can provide. ‘Seeing is believing’ and it is all totally free to view on the website and search.” • Free to set up a Lead Ferret account • Free to search • SalesNexus subscribers can download 500 contacts every month—Free. Page 8
  19. 19. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales Step #2—Define Pain Points One of the most common areas where questions arise with email marketing is what to put in the subject line. To illustrate, here is an example from one of the SalesNexus campaigns. Craig knows that someone who cares about pipeline management is a good prospect for his company. One of his automated content emails has a subject line, “Five ways pipeline management grows the bottom line.” If the recipient opens that email, it tells a little about the level of interest. The email content goes deeper to uncover the pains a little more. It asks, “Is the next quarter in the bag? Is it tough to know what to expect this month?” If the reader clicks the link to read the article, that action tells him that SalesNexus want to talk to that person. 3 Levels of Pain This is a general overview of uncovering your client’s pain points. Another eBook, “Building a Successful Marketing and Sales Process by Uncovering Your Prospect’s Pain,” will discuss this topic in more detail. Page 9
  20. 20. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales Technical Pain The lowest level of pain is technical pain. Pain refers to something that is not working well or could be working better. Don’t get the term technical confused with IT or technical products. It just means this pain is felt in the operational areas of the organization like a company’s processes, systems, or people. For example, on boarding an employee can take a tremendous about of time. It may not involve any technology. The process involves a person and a training process. It can be a cumbersome and painful. That is technical pain. Other examples are slow or broken processes, employee or system performance or a lack of reliability. Business Pain Technical pain will trickle up and work its way up to impact your prospect at a business level. It is easy for salespeople to get stuck and focus on the technical pains because they are the most obvious. Technical pain is often not enough for the prospect to take action. Be aware that technical pain will impact the prospect in a larger way. For example, it impacts the company from a cost standpoint. Let’s look at the example of on boarding an employee. It takes a lot more time and resources to train the employee than we would like. If you bring a salesperson on board, a slow process is also means it is taking longer to get them out in the field to generate revenue. So, the technical pain hits your company in a couple of areas of cost. Scenarios like low revenue, low market share, close rate, maybe high cost (cost of goods sold, high labor cost, high operational cost), poor delivery of services. If your company delivers a software solution, yet has Page 10
  21. 21. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales technical pain of poor system performance, it is going to impact delivery of the solution causing you to lose customers…that is your business pain. But it doesn’t stop there. Those pains will continue to work their way up. Personal Pain We often forget the impact your prospect experiences on a personal level. EXAMPLE: Let’s say you sell an IT product and your ideal prospect is the Director of IT. When the organization is feeling both technical and business pain, what does that mean to the individual? It could impact their personal income in a very negative way. The pain could affect an annual bonus or their base compensation. It could impact their career. If there is a system outage, it might eliminate the opportunity for them to be promoted or it could cause them to be fired. Personal pain is what honestly drives most of the decisions people make. At some level, we’re all selfserving. The next eBook in the series, “Building a Successful Marketing and Sales Process by Uncovering Your Prospect’s Pain,” will go into more detail on uncovering the prospect’s pain. You will learn a lot more about these three levels. We will show you how to know where pain is; about the six recognizable pain symptoms and other specific tactics to uncover your prospect’s pain. SalesScripter SalesScripter is a web-based tool that will guide you through questions that extract the key details about the products you sell, the value you offer, the pain you resolve, and more. All of the valuable data that you put into the scripter will be populated into an extensive library of sales scripts, email templates and sales tools. Page 11
  22. 22. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales Two key steps in the Magic 5 System are the pain points that you resolve and the qualifying questions that you should ask. As you go through the scripter, you will actually check both of those boxes—it will accurately identify what pains your products resolve. The scripter will also produce a list of qualifying questions that you should be asking. You can sign up at at no cost and try it during a trial period. Testimony about the “Magic 5” System Michael Halper describes his sales process before working with SalesNexus. He used a variation of this concept in his business of appointment setting for his clients. This was the OLD process: • Get contact lists from other databases that provided contact names, titles and phone numbers. • Telesales staff would make calls and follow up with emails that asked about their pain. The Reversed—NEW process triggers more appointments. With SalesNexus and LeadFerret, he was able to shift the process to sending emails first and then making calls to prospects that opened and clicked links in the emails. His telesales staff has drastically improved the team’s effectiveness. They went from making ‘blind calls’ (colder than cold calls)—to making calls where there is some level of interest, much warmer! With the “Magic 5” system, the prospect is raising their hand a little bit. They are saying—I have some level of interest in learning how to fix this problem in my life or my business. Their response is great information. Allowing the prospect to take this initial step is the power of this program. It is much more effective and has resulted in greatly increased success for us. Page 12
  23. 23. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales Step #3—Create Content REMEMBER: The more emotional the pain—the better. Lots of research supports the idea that we all buy things for emotional reasons. All the business and technical things are justifications for our emotional reasons to buy. That is why you want to get to that emotional level if you can. Once you have identified the pain points your products help to resolve, you can move toward content creation. If your pain is working late to handle billing new clients—the headline and subject of your email might be “Three Ways Inefficient Bookkeeping Kills Profits of New Businesses.” Subject line examples might be: “Working Late Again to Build New Clients?” or “You Choose—Build New Clients or Spend Time with the Family.” Five Emails Addressing Prospect’s Pain You will now create five different emails. Pain number one will be the subject of email one. Pain two will be subject of email two…and so on. We will show you some pretty simple ways to do this. You will see a lot of this in emails from SalesNexus. And it has been proven to work for SalesNexus clients and a lot of people who do content marketing in other areas. Examples… • Four ways to avoid Pain #1. • Five steps to fix Pain #2. • How XYZ corp. fixed Pain #3 Obviously, you are going to replace “Pain #3” with the actual pain. People respond well to content that revolves around step-by-step and how-to topics. That is why they make good subject lines. Page 13
  24. 24. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales Once you have identified these pains, it all starts to fall into a system and it gets pretty easy. EXAMPLE 1: A company does CFO coaching and consulting. When a new year is approaching, many are focused on planning the upcoming year. The subject line reads: “Which planning tool are you using, a budget or a forecast?” Inside the body copy of the email it reads: “Click here for more thoughts.” Pretty simple. Right? But if somebody clicks that link, my friends at the Strategic CFO want to talk to that person. EXAMPLE 2: A company does cruises out of Clear Lake and Galveston Bay here in the Houston area. They do weddings and parties and things like that. They also have public events that are right for date night. The subject line reads: “Does someone deserve a date night?” The body copy is just a straight up appeal saying you might be interested in this. When the reader clicks the link, it goes to a little video about the boat itself. You see the boat out on the water. Everybody is having a good time. The company knows they want to talk to anybody who sees the video. Page 14
  25. 25. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales Sit Down and Create Content It does not have to be hard. If you’ve identified the pain points that you resolve, you know what to write. You need an article about each of those pains. Believe it or not, no matter how inexperienced you are with this sort of thing, you know how to talk about this stuff. You talk about it with customers all the time. You may not be very comfortable about the concept of writing it, but once you get started, you will find it comes together pretty quickly. Put some time on your calendar, whether it’s during the day, in the evening, or on a weekend. Block out some time and create your first piece. It goes a lot easier than you think it might. But remember, you don’t have to write everything yourself. Content Idea Resources • Articles on other sites. In most cases it is completely fine. Some sites will make it clear how to honor any copy rights. Most sites, like blog sites and trade publications are happy for you to mention their content. That is fine. If you see an article that you think your prospects would be interested in…that really addresses one of those pains…send them a link to that article. • Try doing a quick video with a customer. Involve a customer that has taken advantage of your service with good results. Ask them on video what it was like to be in pain before they had you…and now what is it like? That is a great, quick and easy video to make. Put it on YouTube and send a link. • Get customer stories and testimonials that say “Don’t let this happen to you.” A kind of horror story type of thing. It is a good approach. Page 15
  26. 26. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales • Comparisons of options and competitors. Show a side-by-side comparison of your product or service with the three biggest competitors with subject lines like “Compare Office Supply Vendors Side-by-Side. • Book recommendations are another idea that can be easy and not require you to write a full blown offer. These are only a few ideas. One way or the other, you’ve got to sit down and create the content. It should be something that your prospects are going to value in and of itself. Email Campaign So—once you have your content pieces, you need an email to send. As we discussed earlier, you want the email to point to your content. Your email should sell the content…not your solution, not your company, not your product. This is the part that a lot of people have trouble with. You want the email to be intrinsically valuable. You want to give something to the prospect that doesn’t have anything to do with you getting anything out of it. Your email should sell the content …not your solution …not your company …not your product This generous, non-sales approach is what creates a bond with your prospect. In your email…talk about the content itself. Make them want to read it. Make them hurt. Make them feel the pain that they are in— without your product or service—without trying to sell anything. Remind them what it feels like to have the problem your product fixes. Ask how it happened—or—has this happened to them. Make them click to read the content. Some people will include a little teaser amount of content…like the first paragraph or an excerpted power quote from the content. Ultimately, you need them to click to go read something or watch a video—because that is how you know they want to read it. Page 16
  27. 27. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales SalesNexus EXAMPLE #1: Subject line is: “Five Reasons Your CRM isn’t Working”. For me, that is a powerful subject line. If your CRM is not working and you can’t figure out why not, I can help you. If you read this email and decide to read the article, it makes you a pretty good prospect for SalesNexus. Page 17
  28. 28. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales SalesNexus EXAMPLE #2: We have a few eBooks that we’ve done and this is an example, “Seven Easy Ways that Sales Teams Win with Email Marketing.” If the reader wants to know how sales team can win with email marketing, then I probably want to talk to you. If you just want to know about email marketing, but the sales team part doesn’t really matter, I may not want to talk to you. Your subject line and article titles subtly help you learn about the level of interest of the reader. Page 18
  29. 29. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales SalesNexus EXAMPLE #3: Subject line is: “Seven Hidden Costs of CRM”. If you’re using a CRM—and you feel kind of like you got the bait and switch…you got burned…it may cost a lot more than your thought it was going to…that kind of thing—then again, I want to talk to you. Look at this one in particular. You can see how simple it is. There is very little text. There are no images or graphics…nothing fancy. Just a little bit of hitting on the pain and here is the link to read the article. This is one of our most effective emails. Page 19
  30. 30. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales Step # 4—Create Qualifying Questions Once prospects read your content marketing emails, a good next step is to try to call and get them on the phone. Instead of making a call where you appear to be selling your product, you can call the prospect to follow up with some questions. It is a very effective way to create conversations with prospects and gather valuable information. At the same time you are able to ask around five qualifying questions when you get a hold of the prospect. Your qualifying questions can appear to be inquisitive on the surface. But what they actually do is help you figure out how they will fit with what you have to offer and how likely the would be to buy in the near term. Another eBook, “How to Qualify Sales Leads and Focus on Sales Growth that’s Profitable” is devoted strictly to qualifying. You’ll learn how to qualify and how to develop good qualifying questions. Qualifying Process “Softly” Qualify. You want to identify if it even makes sense for you and the prospect to spend much time talking. You are basically trying to identify if the prospect needs what you have to offer and if they are even the right person to talk with. When the call is completed, you want to know if it makes sense to ask for an appointment to meet with them. You want to: • Gather Information • Determine the level of need and fit Page 20
  31. 31. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales • Identify right person to talk to about product/service ƒƒ Maybe this person is not at the right level in the organization. You can get something from the call, but it is not smart to drive out and have a meeting. ƒƒ Perhaps you should make a new call to someone at a higher level that will be able to respond to a meeting. EXAMPLES: • How do you feel about your current level of leads? • What systems are you currently using? • Are you the right person to talk about this? Define your goals and track the answers If you are in sales, you have probably done prospecting with cold calls…the good old fashioned way. We all know what that is like and it is not always fun. And it is not always profitable if you don’t do it right. The most uncomfortable part is the initial engagement. With the Magic 5 approach, the conversation is much softer. It is more conversational. You call to say I hope you enjoyed (the specific article). I am not sure whether it is a good fit for you, but I want to ask you a few questions. Then you get to the qualifying questions. If they enjoyed your article, they are going to be happy to talk with you for a couple of minutes. You’re going to be able to gather valuable information. Your goal in that call should be very specific. Decide your goals ahead of time. Do you want to register them for an event? Will you ask for an appointment? Do you want Page 21
  32. 32. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales to ask for permission to send them something that is more in depth on the subject? Do you want to ask for the order? Consistently document the answers to your qualifying questions. With SalesNexus, you can create little drop downs to keep track of the answers to the questions. Each business will want to define the questions and add the drop downs for sales people to just point, click and record the answers. You can also use this data for marketing and analysis in the future. If your CRM doesn’t have the ability to create drop downs like this, you can still track the answers. Use an Excel file. Whatever tool you use, you definitely want to be able to go back at the end of a month or two of doing this record keeping and analyze what you have recorded. The data will show which articles were clicked, the trends and how many sales resulted from any particular email. It gives you the ability to notice things that you would miss otherwise. You then go back to tweak and adjust the campaign. You really want to track this data. Page 22
  33. 33. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales Step #5—Develop FAQs Think about the questions typical prospects ask before they write the check, sign an order or give you the credit card information. • How do you compare with other solutions? • What is the set up process? • What is the delivery time? • What are the steps in the process? • How difficult is the set up or installation? • What are the customer service options? • What is the refund/return policy? These emails start going out to the prospects that have been qualified. The prospect has answered all the qualifying questions the right way and now we’re pursuing them as a prospect. The FAQ emails begin and they’re educating the prospect. It facilitates the sales process and helps them move forward. Above you will see a screen shot of SalesNexus FAQs. These are some common questions from people who are genuinely interested in purchasing our solution. They ask how SalesNexus compares to other popular brands. Our prospects often want to know how many emails they can send out or if they can create autoresponders. You know the questions in your business world. Writing these emails should be really easy part of the overall process. Page 23
  34. 34. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales The purpose of these emails is to ensure that every prospect learns everything they need to know about your offering. In spite of sales people’s best efforts, often lack of time with the customer leads to the customer being unclear about very specific details that prevent them from moving forward. This campaign of FAQ emails helps avoid those “stalls”. Page 24
  35. 35. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales Final Notes Using the “Magic 5” of Content Based Emails, within an automated campaign, will reach out to a much wider audience than your sales team can currently reach…whether you are currently cold calling or using other techniques. You simply load a list of emails and start sending automatically. It has very low labor cost. • You are building your brand with these people because these are NOT sales emails. • You identify interested leads from the ones that click on a link. You’re going to build lasting relationships because you are sending them things they value. It builds your brand as an expert— as a trusted resource. You’re going to end up with a higher close rat. We have seen it work over and over and over again for our clients. The Magic 5 System Simply Works. • Sales people get on the phone and ask qualifying questions (recording answers in the CRM) It is a much easier way to connect with difficult accounts. If you currently have a lot of trouble just getting that first conversation, this method is a great solution. Using the “Magic 5” allows you to focus your sales time on highly qualified prospects. In most businesses, you’re spending most of your sales time just trying to get connected with anybody who generally fits the profile. With this Magic 5 system, sales people are easily connected with prospects who have already told you, with a click to an article, that they are at least mildly interested. Page 25
  36. 36. The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales Next Steps We hope that you’ve benefited from our ebook! We truly want to help you take your business to the next level. If you have questions about how these ideas can best be applied in your business, we’re only a phone call away! Really! Call or email and we’ll do our best to help however we can. All the best, Craig Klein CEO, 713.862.0001 Free Live Training For hands on instruction on how to write emails, create email templates and build campaigns, join our weekly live training session on Wednesdays at 3pm ET. Sales Growth Webinars and ebooks In addition to this ebook, we’ve published 6 webinars and ebooks. Access them all, completely free, here 30 Day Free Trial Start your Free, 30 day trial of SalesNexus and transfer 500 contacts to email to begin identifying qualified leads for your business today. Page 26