The power of analytics and data


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Sophie Buchanan, Manager, Campaigns, VicHealth

Social and online media is a vital part of the 21st century communications palette—but one of the real benefits of the technology is often overlooked.

Digital channels offer deeper and more granular information about user engagement than almost any other channel available.

This session will focus on how the (often free) range of analytics and data collection tools available can be used to evaluate impact and sharpen communications across some key social media platforms.
Presentation at the DrugInfo seminar: Leveraging social media, held in Melbourne, Australia, 16 July 2013

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  • Here’s your new car. It’s a top of the line S-class mercedes, launched last month and called the greatest car in the world. You’ve chosen your favourite colour, and carefully selected the matching leather upholstery. You’ve paid a premium for the scratch proof alloy wheels. And now you’ve got your sweet ride, optioned with every bell and whistle you can imagine. But in the dealership, you declined to take the free package of analytics available with every new vehicle.
  • So this is what you’re driving now. No headlights. No rear vision mirrors. No windscreen, for that matter. So guess what? Now you can’t see the road ahead, and you can’t see where you’ve been.
  • Here’s an example from our Walk to School website last October. This is the most basic – but most important – number. How many people are actually visiting your site.
  • This is also important. Are you reaching people in the locations that are important to you. Now, I’m pleased that our Malaysian neighbours are interested in walking to school, but really, they’re not the main game for us. You can also work out what city or region your visitors are coming from.
  • This is also important. Who’s sending people your way? Once you know that, you know where to spend either your money or just who to thank so they keep on doing it.
  • And this is pretty key too. As you can see, not many people came to us by Googling walk to school. Taken with the last slide we concluded, clearly, that our advertising with Bub Hub reaped massive rewards. But our printed collateral didn’t really. However, our Say When campaign from last year yielded opposite results. In that instance, our digital advertising was effective, but the stats also made it clear that people did what we told them to do on our posters and postcards: google say when.
  • These figures are from our current TeamUp project
  • Likes are the basic currency of Facebook. They’re what everyone aspires to – and they’re important but they’re not all there is. Where your likes come from is also key…
  • And who likes you is also important…
  • And if you want your users to stay engaged, you need to know what they like and what they dont engage with
  • Here’s an example from our Walk to School website last October. This is the most basic – but most important – number. How many people are actually visiting your site.
  • Whether it’s a free app, or not, you need to know how many people are using it…
  • But you can also see when people are downloading…
  • And what you were doing that day. Anyone want to hazard a guess about what was happening at the end of May and start of June??
  • If you can find a dime … buy an online ad. Pawn the office printer if you have to.
  • Go forth and analyse…
  • The power of analytics and data

    1. 1. The power of analytics and data Sophie Buchanan Manager, Campaigns
    2. 2. This is your new car (Psst: it’s a metaphor)
    3. 3. This is your new car (Without analytics)
    4. 4. Data and analytics matter… • They help you know what you’ve achieved so far • They help you understand why you’re getting results (or not) • They tell you who is listening to you (and who isn’t) • They give powerful, real time feedback on everything you do • And best of all… many tools are completely free!
    5. 5. Google analytics • Free & simple: just add the tracking code to your site • You decide what actions you want to track • Get reports on demand or at scheduled intervals
    6. 6. How many
    7. 7. Where from
    8. 8. Where else from
    9. 9. Where else else from
    10. 10. And so much more as well… • How long – is your content what they expected? • How deep – is your content meeting their needs? – do you need to elevate some pages and demote others? • How often – do people visit once, or keep coming back?
    11. 11. Facebook insights • Free with every ‘fan’ page – not profile • Get reports on demand or at scheduled intervals
    12. 12. They like us! They really like us!
    13. 13. But who are they?
    14. 14. And what do they want?
    15. 15. It’s free, so you might as well use it… • Check you’re reaching who you want to reach • Dig deeper to find out when people are looking at your page, and time your posts accordingly • Check which posts do best: text? images? video? questions? • And if you can, advertise. It really does make a difference…
    16. 16. Appfigures • Free and premium packages – free one does everything you’ll need • Get developer to connect your app
    17. 17. Downloads…
    18. 18. Downloads … by date
    19. 19. Downloads … by date, with extras
    20. 20. A word from our sponsors… • Start with Google Adwords & Facebook – they work! – they’re cheap! – you can do them yourself! – you can reach exactly who you want at a price you can afford! – you can monitor performance hour by hour!
    21. 21. A world of data and most of it free…