P.A.R.T.Y. Piloting an intervention for young offenders


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Presentation by Jen Thompson, Program Manager, National Trauma Research Institute, The Alfred. Presented at DrugInfo seminar on crime and disorder at Melbourne Exhibition Centre, 5 September 2012.

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P.A.R.T.Y. Piloting an intervention for young offenders

  1. 1. P.A.R.T.YPrevent Alcohol & Risk-related Trauma in YouthPiloting an Intervention foryoung offenders…Jen Thompson – Program ManagerNational Trauma Research Institute – The Alfred
  2. 2. The youth dilemma …• Hormones• Peer group pressure• Socio-economic issues• Cultural issues• Academic pressure• Biological immaturity• Mental immaturity - “no fear” attitude
  3. 3. The youth dilemma …Sometimes leading to…• Risk taking• Poor decisions• Crime• Substance abuse• Traumatic incidents
  4. 4. Trauma in Youth…The leading cause of death < 40yrs…• 50% of childhood deaths• 75% of adolescent deathsYoung people don’t consider the survivors…• “I’m invincible, immortal”• “I’ll be fine – or if something happens…I’ll die”
  5. 5. Trauma in Youth…4035 Top 3 causes30 of injury2520 Female Male 19-25 year olds Grand Total1510 at The Alfred5 in 20110 Motor vehicle driver Motor vehicle passenger Motorcycle driver
  6. 6. Crime,Choices,Consequences…A pre-sentence, intervention partnership between• The Magistrates’ Court,• Victoria Police,• The Youth Junction Inc.• The Major Trauma Services (The Alfred, The Royal Melbourne Hospital)
  7. 7. Worldwide Program…• Commenced in 1986 by an ED nurse• Canadian based trauma prevention (Headquarters remain in Canada)• Over 100 sites world-wide (Canada, USA, Japan, Asia-Pacific, Europe)• 6 Australian sites Royal Perth, The Alfred, Royal Brisbane, & Royal Melbourne hospitals, Royal North Shore (Sydney), John Hunter Hospital (Newcastle)
  8. 8. P.A.R.T.Y…per year• Full day in-hospital program• 20 programs for students (aged 15-19 years)• 4 programs for young offenders (19-25 years)• 4 programs for Defence Force Trainees (19-25 years)• 4 programs for Parents• 2 Outreach programs to regional centres• Up to 30 participants per session
  9. 9. The P.A.R.T.Y. focus…• Consequences for actions• Making sensible choices• Disability not death• Good partnerships with emergency & support services• Does not moralise about vices…• Is not anti-alcohol• Does not focus on good outcomes
  10. 10. P.A.R.T.Y. Interventiona snapshot …• Looking at a group of 128 young people referred by the magistrates to complete the program.• Out of 128 referred, 23 did not manage to complete the program.• Out of 105 remaining, 52 young people were eligible to complete a 3 mth follow-up survey
  11. 11. Demographics…
  12. 12. Demographics…
  13. 13. Demographics…
  14. 14. Short-term Recidivism…• 29 have not re-offended 2010/11 Re-offending Statistics• 2 have re-offended• 4 failed to complete the Not Re-offended program as they did not Have Re-offended attend the P.A.R.T.Y. Partially Completed Component Program Not Contactable• 17 were uncontactable
  15. 15. Ethics & Wellbeing…• Ethical approval granted by Alfred Health, Dept of Education Research Office and Catholic Schools Research Office• Consent obtained from school staff, students, guardians, and patients who will participate• Standard Operating Procedures in place to support participant wellbeing (psycho-social, physical)• Participants advised of appropriate behaviour for a hospital environment, respect for staff, patients and other visitors, and privacy issues.• Inappropriate behaviour not tolerated (but rarely an issue)
  16. 16. Ambulance Victoria…
  17. 17. Trauma Injuries…
  18. 18. ED & Trauma Centre…
  19. 19. ICU & Helipad…
  20. 20. Trauma Wards…
  21. 21. Burns Unit…
  22. 22. Physiotherapy…
  23. 23. Occupational Therapy…
  24. 24. Orthotics & Prosthetics…
  25. 25. Speech Pathology…
  26. 26. Testimonials – young offenders…Q: “Would you recommend P.A.R.T.Y to your mates?”A: Yes = 125 No = 5 Blank = 3 94% would recommend it“Yes, it was a real eye opener” – male 22 yrs“Yes, Yes, Yes!” – female 20 yrs“Yes, to calm them down so it doesn’t happen to them” – male 20 yrs“Yes, because it changed me” – male 19yrs“Yes, the mates that speed and drink alcohol while driving - male 20 yrs
  27. 27. Does it work?Recent research suggests a benefit…2010 Banfield – Journal of Trauma• Analysis of 10 years of P.A.R.T.Y Program• concluded that the P.A.R.T.Y Program effectively reduced the incidence of traumatic injuries among its participants (by 5%) compared to matched controls (N=1281)
  28. 28. Does it work?And this from the Juvenile Justice cohort…2012 Ho et al – PLoS ONE• A Retrospective Cohort Study• Demonstrated attending program was associated with a reduced subsequent risk of committing violence or traffic related offences, injuries and death.
  29. 29. Questions?P.A.R.T.Y @ AlfredNational TraumaResearch InstituteThe Alfred, MelbourneJen: +61 3 9076 3759Janet: +61 3 9076 8888Web: www.partymelbourne.net.au