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Team4 ppt


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Team4 ppt

  1. 1. Ivan Burrhus Petrovich Frederic Pavlov SkinnerClassical conditioning Operant conditioning
  2. 2. Edward John Lee Broadus Thorndike WatsonTheory of trial and error Apostle of Behaviourism
  3. 3. Behaviorism is primarily associated with Pavlov’s classical conditioning withThorndike, and Watson with Skinner’s operant conditioning.
  4. 4. Classical Conditioning The process of reflex learning that was investigated by Pavlov. This is where an unconditioned stimulus, like food, which produces an unconditioned response like salivation is presented together with a conditioned stimulus like a bell. With a result that the salivation is eventually produced on the presentation of the conditioned stimulus alone (the bell) therefore becoming a conditioned response.Operant Conditioning When an organism participates in a behavior, the consequences from the behavior reinforces them, and they are more likely to emit that behavior again.
  5. 5. Teachers StudentsUnder behaviorism, Under behaviorism,teachers will reward good students will emit abehavior which is positive behavior that will bereinforcement. rewarded. After retrieving that reward, the student will remit the behavior.
  6. 6. We believe that behaviorism is a great theory toimplement into our classroom because itencourages the students to act positively. Also, itwill promote a positive atmosphere in theclassroom. The students will put more effortinto their work to receive a reward.
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