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Facebook virality

  1. 1. How you can get involved
  2. 2. What is virality? In terms of Facebook, virality is defined as:“The percentage of people who have created a story fromyour page post out of the total number of unique peoplewho have seen it.” No, not this type of virus. ;)
  3. 3. Our virality successes July 18, 2012 – The library posted a reminder to patrons about the adult summer reading program coming to a close at the end of July with a picture of the lemonade stand. Virality = 21.95% October 1, 2012 – The library posted a funny picture/Internet meme about being at the end of a book and not being ready to say goodbye to the characters. Virality = 16.86% August 30, 2012 – The library posted an announcement/picture about Food for Fines starting up again. Virality = 16.46%
  4. 4. How can you get involved? Generate Facebook posts on the library’s page that appeal to a wide variety of our “fans” or “likes”. We always will have content about library events, holidays, and national library related weeks and activities. However, outside of the expected content, we also need the occasional humor to mix things up in our library’s Facebook posts. This is where memes come into play.
  5. 5. Memes Dictionary.com defines a meme as:“A cultural item that is transmitted by repetition in a manner analogous tothe biological transmission of genes.” PC Magazine defines an Internet meme as:“An image, video, story or joke that is voluntarily passed from one Internetuser to another via e-mail, blogs and social networking sites. Considered aform of art, Internet memes are created to promote individuals, groups,movies, art, music and products, as well as to perpetrate a hoax or just befunny. They can disappear in days or last for years.” Internet memes, in particular, are extremely popular in the social media/online community. These can help the library improve its reach and virality on Facebook.
  6. 6. Internet meme examples We want these to be library-related, such as these examples, but not offensive: Both of these are from http://www.someecards.com. Meme Generator http://memegenerator.net/ is another good website to get some meme ideas.
  7. 7. Submit your own Internet memes Due to copyright restrictions, we cannot use the pictures from the prior websites mentioned. Choose pictures from the free stock photo websites that Margaret has shared with all of us. Submit a Facebook contribution form on Lint that includes the picture you selected and the text that you would like to place on it. You may see your Internet meme appear on the library’s Facebook page, and help us increase our virality in the process! 
  8. 8. Questions?