Around the world in 80 days


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Around the world in 80 days

  1. 1. By: Austin Owens P-4
  2. 2. United States
  3. 3. PhysicalGeography• Grand Canyon~ I would love to visitthe Grand Canyon causeit is one of the majorland marks in the U.S.Aand it is supposed to bepretty cool.- The Grand Canyon 277miles long, up to 18miles wide and reachesa depth of over a mile.
  4. 4. HumanGeography• Baseball~ Baseball is one of themajor human geographyin the United States. Iwould always want to goto a San Francisco Giantsgame.- You play on a diamondshaped felid withbats, gloves, and abaseball
  5. 5. Issue• Crime~Includingterrorism, murders, andall the kind of stuff.-North Korea probablybeing the main problemwith all of the threatswe receive from them.
  6. 6. PhysicalGeography•• Volcanoes~ I would like to visit thevolcanoes in Canadacause all of thevolcanoes are apart ofthe ring of fire.- There are a total of 72volcanoes with 21 activevolcanoes.
  7. 7. HumanGeography• Hockey~ I would like to go to aCanadian hockey gamecause hockey is themajor sport in Canada
  8. 8. Issue• Deforestation~ Canada has somedeforestation in thereforests.~But there deforestationonly accounts for 0.4%in the globaldeforestation.
  9. 9. Europe
  10. 10. PhysicalGeography• The Alps~ I would like to visit theAlps to go hike the trails.~The Alps stretch acrossthe center of Europe.~The tallest of the Alpsis Mont Blanc, which is15,774 feet high and islocated in France.
  11. 11. HumanGeography• Soccer~ I would like to go andsee one of there manysoccer team play inEurope.
  12. 12. Issue• Ending Conflict~If all of Europe wasunited to gather it wouldprobably end allconflicts they have ormay have.
  13. 13. Russia and Former USSRRussia and Former USSR
  14. 14. PhysicalGeography• St. Petersburg~ I would like to go to St.Petersburg to be able totravel around watercanals through the city.
  15. 15. HumanGeography• Volley ball~ Volley ball is probablyin the top 3 sports inRussia where soccer ismost likely number 1but I would want to seea Russian volley ballgame.
  16. 16. Issues• Global EnergyLandscape~Russia’s economy reliesheavily on its energydivision for economicgrowth, with anextremely tightconnection between oilprices and the country’sGDP.
  17. 17. East AsiaEast Asia
  18. 18. PhysicalGeography• Mt. Everest~ I would love to try toclimb 29,029 feet toconquer one of thebiggest challenges onearth. Mt. Everest is thebiggest mountain onearth
  19. 19. HumanGeography• Buddhism~ Is one of the mainreligions in east Asia, Itgrew into an importantreligion in China by 300A.D.
  20. 20. Issue• Asia’s growingpolitical economicprominence~Will it continue andplace stress on bothlocal and globalprocesses. Great focushas been placed on howAsia’s increaseddevelopment hasnegatively affected theenvironment.
  21. 21. AustraliaAustralia
  22. 22. PhysicalGeography• The great Outback~ The outback coversmost of Australia, with90% of the people livingin the cities and the restevery where else.
  23. 23. HumanGeography• Rugby~ I would like to go andssee a intense rugbygame in Australia.
  24. 24. Issues• Election~Australian federalelection members willbe elected for the 44thParliament of Australia.
  25. 25. The Caribbean
  26. 26. PhysicalGeography• Islands~ I would like to visit atleast one of theisland, prefer theBahamas.
  27. 27. HumanGeography• Tourism~ Tourism is probablythe main source thathelps the economy.
  28. 28. Issues• Most of it is a thirdworld country~ Most of the Caribbeancountries are thirdworld, so the part whereyou stay is the goodparts but outside that itis rough.
  29. 29. AfricaAfrica
  30. 30. PhysicalGeography• Sahara~The Sahara is theworlds hottest largestdesert on earth. Itcovers around 3,600,000square miles and coversmost of North Africa.- It is around the size ofBrazil.
  31. 31. HumanGeography• Tourism~ I would want to go andvisit one of there manyGame Reverses.
  32. 32. Issues• AIDS~ AIDS are really bad inAfrica with about 22.5million people are livingwith HIV in Africa.
  33. 33. Latin America
  34. 34. PhysicalGeography• Andes~ I would like to go visitthe Andes Mountainwhich is a system thatruns along westernSouth America.
  35. 35. HumanGeography•• Urbanization~ There are many moreurbanization happeningin Latin America which isthe movement of peoplefrom rural areas intocities.
  36. 36. Issues• Deforestation~ The rain forest in Brazilis being cut down whichthey call “slash andburn”, they do this to getmore room to farm andstuff like that.
  37. 37. Middle EastMiddle East
  38. 38. PhysicalGeography• Tigris River~ I would like to visit theTigris River just cause ofthe name, it flows 1,850km.
  39. 39. HumanGeography• United Arab EmiratesAbu Dahbi~ I would like to visitUnited Abu Dahbi in themiddle east which is oneof most wealth citiesthere.
  40. 40. Issues• War over Israeli~ There is a lot of fightbetween Israeli and theArab countries over whoIsraeli belongs to.
  41. 41. The EndBy: Austin Owens