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Austin Berger Entrepreneur Visual Resume


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Austin J. Berger Visual Resume. Let's Connect!

Published in: Technology, Business

Austin Berger Entrepreneur Visual Resume

  1. I AM Inspired. "
  2. I AM From North Dakota "
  3. I AM " Proud to be Bismarck High Demon
  4. I AM A former Biology Major at MSUM
  5. I AM Glad that didn’t last
  6. I AM Now a Sailor.
  7. I AM Not looking back
  8. I AM A Tampa Bay Lightning Public Relation’s Intern
  9. I AM AM I An Entrepreneur My photo
  10. I AM The Founder of Ab Entertainment Representation Agency My photo
  11. I AM My photo The founder of Fantasy Freaks & Geeks
  12. I AM Someone who challenges current business models "
  13. I AM Not this kind of thinker
  14. I AM This kind of thinker
  15. I AM The lead wolf in the pack
  16. I AM Also a team player"
  17. I AM Someone who can deliver results ""
  18. I AM Able to build your company’s online presence
  19. I AM Starting to consider Social Media as my second language
  20. I AM Comfortable using Keynote, Excel, Outlook, Adobe and PowerPoint "
  21. But More Than Anything...
  22. I AM READY.
  23. Let’s Connect I AM Austin J. Berger Phone: (407-454-4992 Email: