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UX Critiques (the Houston Startup Design Workshop) - revised



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UX Critiques (the Houston Startup Design Workshop) - revised

  1. 1. HOUSTON STARTUP DESIGN WORKSHOP Quick, grounded user interface critiques Houston Experience Design, Tue, Oct 11 @ Caroline Collective
  2. 2. AGENDA MIND GAMES how to think when giving and receiving critiques GOALS & CONTEXTS Modelling the user, the interaction, the interface, and comparisons ACTIVITIES Documenting and critiquing interfaces
  3. 3. MIND GAMES
  4. 4. MINDGAMES Designers don’t design anything. Organizations design everything. Always remember it’s never about you. It’s always about the TEAIM. Everything has GOALS & CONTEXTS. Goals are the point, contexts the constraints. Nothing else matters. Identify what achieves the goal and what doesn’t.You want to evaluate OUTCOMES, not identify solutions.
  5. 5. GIVING CRITIQUES TEAIM: It’s not about right or wrong. It’s about “us” succeeding. GOALS & CONTEXTS: Ask questions about context and what the goals are. OUTCOMES: Identify what may work and what may not.
  6. 6. RECEIVING CRITIQUES TEAIM: Remember it’s not about you. It’s about “our” goals. GOALS & CONTEXTS: Focus on goals and contexts. Judo aesthetics and preferences. OUTCOMES: Note what works, what doesn’t, and open questions.
  8. 8. GOALS & CONTEXTS Model the user Model the interaction Model the interface Compare and evaluate
  9. 9. MODEL THE USER Who is the user? Young? Old? Busy? Relaxed? Why is the user here? What’s their goal? What are they trying to do?
  10. 10. MODEL THE INTERACTION When will the user use this interface? Just once? Once a day? A week? A month? A year? Where will they be? At home? Work? In the car? On a tablet?
  11. 11. MODEL THE INTERFACE What kind of interface is it? Words, lists, galleries, infographics? (Usually evident at first glance) How will they use it? Browse? Click? Drag? Select? A wizard?
  12. 12. COMPARED TO WHAT? What’s a similar interface or experience we can compare this to? Compared to that interface or experience, how good is this one supposed to be?
  13. 13. EVALUATE Not as good as our comparison, but still usable. As good as our comparison. Better than our comparison. Better than any other experience out there.
  14. 14. QUESTIONS?
  17. 17. FOR MORE INFORMATION Our speaker: Houston Experience Design: AUSTIN GOVELLA A user experience community for information architecture and interaction design Information Architect + UX Designer @houstonux @austingovella houstonexperiencedesign