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Social Media Measurement Best Practice Seminar

This Slideshare represents the powerpoint that was used for Jared Troutman's speech on 9/13/2014 at the Omaha Press Club for the Social Media Measurement Best Practice Seminar.

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Social Media Measurement Best Practice Seminar

  1. 1. Social Media Measurement – Best Practices Claudia Bohn, Methodist Health System Sarah Lake, Emspace Group Jared Troutman, Universal Information Services
  2. 2. Why Measure Social? • Unparalleled access to consumer data • Insight into specific audience segments (i.e. millennials, industry, media, etc.) • less intrusive • Measures performance of company as a whole • See what parts of strategy are lacking, make changes – “If we fall behind next year, we’ll do things differently. If we see a certain message falling behind, we can remedy that.”
  3. 3. The 4 Social Media Measurement Must-haves • Set objectives - goals • Reliable Monitoring/Coding • “Right Metrics” • Transparent and Consistent Methodology 2,500 2,000 1,500 1,000 500 - Media Impact by Platform Twitter Instagram Facebook YouTube
  4. 4. Goal-Setting: what’s the objective? 18 16 14 12 8 6 4 2 0 10 Facebook Twitter Blogs Number of Messages Platform Rare opportunity to examine Creighton's Future Will enhance visibility of the University, improve recruiting Big East will receive boost from CU, Butler, Xavier Acting in best interest of athletes, alumni and fans Will preserve and enhance Big East's tradition Realize realignment decisions driven by football Creates long-term stability for members; greater control Conference strengthened by rivalries in Northeast, Midwest Creighton's participation in MVC has been very good Opportunity for increased ticket sales, boosters, corporate sponsorships Men's basketball will remain nationally competitive Fans will enjoy Georgetown, Marquette et al at CenturyLink Improve ability to recruit, retain and graduate student-athletes Creighton will make an announcement soon Creighton's move will benefit the city of Omaha Rumors/Speculation of the move • How are messages resonating? • What messages do you want to • track? • What organic messages exist?
  5. 5. Reliable Monitoring/Coding • Humans Vs. Machines • Automation good for monitoring, data-mining; not so much for analysis (Start up story) • Example: Creighton “…over six million forms of communication."
  6. 6. AVEs Right Metrics • No industry consensus, but general agreement exists (AMEC, Barcelona Principles). • No “one size fits all” solution (Creighton) • No AVEs; impressions frowned upon (Vanity metrics) • Quality of Voice, not Share of Voice (tone, message penetration, etc.)
  7. 7. Transparent and Consistent Methodology • Google TV realized trend lines similar to the competitive set. Partnership and Voice Control coverage climbed steadily during Q2. Analysis should be transparent and accurate and replicated in the same fashion – no “Secret Sauce.” Jeff Richardson, VP Communications at VantageScore Solutions: “Very busy executives ultimately want to see one number, which is a challenge as media is amorphous and fragmented. The Impact Score allows us to get close to that metric that someone running a business is used to seeing, like sales growth.”
  8. 8. To recap: • Know objectives • Reliable coding • Right Metrics • Transparent Methodology
  9. 9. Methodist Health System PR Overview • Universal Services: tracking, reporting and clipping services o Evolution to better leverage the tools of Universal Services o Adjusted parameters and key words • Key drivers realigned with strategic initiatives • Measurement to support and show alignment with strategic initiatives @MethodistHealth
  10. 10. Methodist Health System PR Overview 0.8 0.7 0.6 0.5 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1 0 2013 2012 @MethodistHealth
  11. 11. Where to invest resources in social channels? • Facebook o Consumer-focused • Twitter o Healthcare industry engagement o Media engagement o Consumer engagement @MethodistHealth
  12. 12. @MethodistHealth • August 2012 - 752 Twitter followers Top interests of followers include: 51% “Health news and general info” 47% “Health, mind and body” 46% “Business and news” 39% “Politics and current events” 34% “Biotech and biomedical” • September 2014 - 1,648 Twitter followers Most unique interests of followers include: 34% “Biotech and biomedical” 24% “Alternative care” 20% “Pharmacy” 11% “Elder care” 7% “Cosmetic Surgery” 41% of followers are within the Omaha market @MethodistHealth
  13. 13. @MethodistHealth Healthcare industry engagement @MethodistHealth
  14. 14. @MethodistHealth Media engagement @MethodistHealth
  15. 15. @MethodistHealth Consumer engagement @MethodistHealth
  16. 16. Positioning your industry experts Goal: To increase awareness, in the month of April, around sexual assault services provided by Methodist Strategy: Develop and execute an online forum utilizing Twitter (i.e. Twitter chat) Evolution from 2013 to 2014: • Leverage existing relationships established for the 2013 Twitter chat • Incorporate additional event/media partners • Moderated discussion format • Utilize a broad-reaching hashtag (#SexualAssualt) • Move Twitter chat to an earlier day within Sexual Assault Awareness Month @MethodistHealth
  17. 17. Ex: Positioning your industry experts @MethodistHealth
  18. 18. Ex: Positioning your industry experts Target: women ages 18 to 24 Target: women ages 18 to 24 2013 Twitter Chat Results Hashtag #BeAwareOutThere Participants 28 Tweets 50 Estimated reach 12,229 Impressions 81,426 2014 Twitter Chat Results Hashtag #SexualAssault Participants 13 Tweets 434 Estimated reach 30,183 Impressions 428,321 @MethodistHealth
  19. 19. Summary • Recognizing the benefits of social media as it relates to PR • Researching and implementing new tools for measurement of social media • Benefit of integrating social media strategies into PR communication efforts @MethodistHealth