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Why i love playing soccer


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Published in: Sports, Education
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Why i love playing soccer

  1. 1. WHY I LOVE PLAYINGSOCCERBy: Austin Frisch
  2. 2. When I was seven, my dog and I would go outside together and play with hisnew ball. . I would kick and throw his new ball anywhere in the yard and hewould go run after it and return it to me.
  3. 3. I soonstartedplayingsoccer withhim, whichsparked myinterest inthe sport. Istartedpracticingsoccer withmy dog. Ijoined myfirstrecreational(REC)soccer teamwhen I waseight.
  4. 4. While playing on the REC team, I met some new people and made newfriends. One of the major reasons why I enjoy soccer so much is the friendsthat play soccer with me.
  5. 5. . I startedscoring goalsand actuallycontributingto theteam, whichmade me likethe sporteven more. Ientered a fewtournamentsand won afew medalswhich mademe prettyhappy.
  6. 6. played REC until high school then I joined the high school team. I had alot more fun.
  7. 7. I wasnervous fortryouts butfeltaccomplished when Ifound out Imade theteam. Thegood newsis that wedidn’t reallyhave cuts.
  8. 8. . The practices were fun. Our team had a good time playing soccer andjoking around together.
  9. 9. Even thoughour teamdidn’t winmanygames, westill had fun.We endedup winningthreegames. I willdefinitelycontinueplayingsoccerthroughouthigh school.
  10. 10. . Soccer is by far my favorite sport. I enjoy playing it and the people I playwith.
  11. 11. THE END