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Collage power point presentation of Nigeria


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Collage power point presentation of Nigeria

  1. 1. Language of Nigeria  There are 521 Languages spoken in the country of Nigeria.  They are broadly categorized into 2 different categories Niger-Congo and Afro- asiatic.  The main languages in Nigeria are Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Kanuri, Fulfulde, and Ibibio.
  2. 2. The Nigerian Cuisine •The cuisine of Nigeria is ancient art that reflects the history and forms of the country.
  3. 3. Nigerian Capital: Abuja  Abuja is the largest city in Nigeria by population
  4. 4. The location of Nigeria  Nigeria is bordered by Niger, Cameroon, Benin, and Chad
  5. 5. The Population of Nigeria  The population of Nigeria is 124,009,000.  The population of its capital city of Abuja is 776,062.  The other largest countries in Nigeria are Lagos, Kano, and Oyo. Lagos: 9,000,000 Kano: 3,626,068 Oyo: 3,565,108
  6. 6. The Green stripes represent its agriculture industry and its lush vegetation The white represents the desire for peace and unity within the country.
  7. 7. Nigerian Currency is a Naira  The countries currency is not close to worth as much as the USA dollar.  1 Nigerian Naira = 0.0064 US dollars
  8. 8. Interesting places in Nigeria  One interesting place in is Nigeria to visit is the mouth of the Niger.  Also you can visit the city of Kano and explore its ancient city.
  9. 9. Popular places in Nigeria  Anambra  Osun Osobgo  Lagos  Kano City  Yankari Game Reserve  Mouth of the Niger River
  10. 10. Mouth of the Niger River  The mouth of The Niger river is a hot spot for vacationers.
  11. 11. Anambra  Situated in midst of the River Niger, Anambra is a quiet place to spend a romantic weekend with your loved one.  The best time to visit Anambra is during the Omaba festival and Yearly yam festival
  12. 12. Osun Osobgo  This place has a religious and mythological significance to the people of Nigeria.  The Osun River flows through the, Yoruba country side forming into lagoons later
  13. 13. Lagos  One of the popular places of visit in Nigeria is Lagos which is the nerve-center of commercial activities in Nigeria  The city was once the capital of Nigeria and houses some of the best museums of the world
  14. 14. Kano City  Regarded as one of the major centers of trading and industrial activities, Kano is also one of the most important historical places of the country  The city has been well known for its architectural landmarks, dating back to 999 A.D.
  15. 15. Yankari Game Reserve  Often referred to as the land of vast natural diversities, Nigeria has many worth seeing natural sanctuaries.
  16. 16. Bordering countries  The countries that border Nigeria are Benin, Cameroon, Chad, and Niger
  17. 17. Animals in Nigeria  Here are 3 Animals in Nigeria  Lions  Side Striped Jackals  Wild Dogs
  18. 18. Here are some pictures of this beautiful country  This picture to the right is Kano city --------------------------------------------------------------  This is The capital Abuja
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