PR and Marketing in Times of Turmoil from Marketing Jam '09


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At the Austin AMA Marketing Jam '09, strategic communications experts Stacy Armijo and Michael Russel of Pierpont Communications ( addressed how to approach PR and Marketing in times of turmoil.

Interested in more marketing programs and networking? Visit the Austin American Marketing Association website ( for coming events and the AMA blog ( to be a part of the conversation.

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PR and Marketing in Times of Turmoil from Marketing Jam '09

  1. 1. Marketing Jam ‘09 09 PR and Marketing in Times of Turmoil May 12, 2009
  2. 2. Question #1: How many of you h H f have iincreased your d marketing effort in the current business environment? i t? Yes No
  3. 3. Question #2: How many of you f l you must do more H f feel td with less? Yes No
  4. 4. Situation • Recessionary period • Unemployment high • Capital is constrained • Demand is down • Resources are scarce esou ces a e sca ce • Nothing seems easy
  5. 5. Never enough… Money Time Leads
  6. 6. Must haves… Strategy gy Targets Message Differentiation
  7. 7. Strategy • What is Wh t i my most compelling message? t lli ? • Where is my market sweet spot? • Who are the decision makers? • Should I shoot at the top first? • How do my targets get their information? • How can I penetrate those channels? • Can I secure referrals first? • What will be my follow-up plan?
  8. 8. Target / Focus • Research R h • ID your targets • Narrow your activities N ti iti • High frequency / high impact • Work harder W kh d • Work smarter
  9. 9. Messaging • Message session M i • Sharpen • Simplify Si lif • Document • Get internal folks on board G ti t l f lk bd • Test for message pull-through
  10. 10. Low Cost Tactics… Ask for Media Referral Relations Power Be Host mapping Letters E-Newsletter Speaking Gift Books Networking Entertain …can keep eyes Partner Events on your firm
  11. 11. Reach Out and Touch • Early ft E l / often • Reinforce relationships • Take T k no one for granted f td • Wine / dine • Seek S k new i fl influencers
  12. 12. Do Something Different • Host luncheons • Tasteful PR series-like events • Marketing Jam ‘09 g • Speed networking • C-level dinner • Unique client gifts • Reward referrals • Involve employees in marketing
  13. 13. Sales • Be b ld B bold • Ask for referrals • “We h ld b “W should be working t ki together” th ” • Call former clients / customers • Start St t small, b ild t t ll build trust • Ask for projects
  14. 14. The Beauty of a Recession • Perfect ti P f t time for differentiation f diff ti ti • The tough get tougher • Tests T t your resolve l • Spurs innovation • Successes are sweeter S t • Organization becomes stronger
  15. 15. Recommended Reading “Selling to VITO” (the Very Important Top Officer), Offi ) Author: Anthony Parinello “Getting to VITO” (the Very Important Top Officer), Author: Anthony Parinello
  16. 16. Defending the Role of Marketing
  17. 17. Marketer’s Role • Are you concerned about being laid off or losing accounts because of cutbacks? – You’re not alone – Organizational advocate vs. individual role vs • As marketers, how do we advocate internally for y the good work that we do?
  18. 18. Ask Yourself • What really drives your executives? – Sales? – Goodwill in the community? – One-upping competitors? One upping • Besides your direct supervisor, how many people do you really have a relationship with at your organization? • More importantly, what do they know about you?
  19. 19. Ask Yourself • How often do you report the results of your role? • When and what do you report? • Do your executives really understand how to evaluate your work? • Who initiates reporting?
  20. 20. Tracking and Reporting • Report your success on the same schedule used to measure operations • Demonstrate your impact on what matters to them y p (member satisfaction, product inquiries, sales) • Sh Show correlations and draw reasonable li dd bl conclusions (don’t need scientific results) • Words I don’t use: “branding,” “awareness,” “coverage” – Mean a lot to us, little to executives coverage
  21. 21. Look to the Marketplace Find benchmarks to Track the activities of reinforce expectations competitors
  22. 22. Become a Planner • The only way to demonstrate success is to defined what success is • Minimize the impact of fly-by projects that derail p y yp j your most important initiatives • B a team player, b a team player with li i Be l but l i h limits
  23. 23. Marketing in a Recession Initiative Outlook Your Action Cost Cutting C t C tti Eliminate Eli i t non- Use t ti ti U statistics and d essential analysis to show how functions first y you’re essential Executive New executive Demonstrate your Changes “doesn’t get” strategic value in a marketing language they do “get” get Budget to Believe marketing Demonstrate how ot e depts other depts. ta es esou ces takes resources marketing c eates more a et g creates o e away from R&D, resources for operations production, etc.
  24. 24. Questions? Call us… Stacy Armijo Michael Russell 512-448-4950 512-448-4950