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Inappropriate workplace behaviors

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Inappropriate workplace behaviors

  2. 2. GENERAL TYPES OF INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIORS IN A WORKPLACE • Workplace bullying • Ethical/Race issues • Cultural issues • Workplace harassment • Social media harassment in the workplace
  3. 3. WORK PLACE BULLYING (THIS IS A VIOLENT TYPE OF BEHAVIOR) • 35% of Us workers have reported that they have been bullied at work. • A definition of workplace bullying provides a guide of bullying tactics for employees and managers. • Types of bullying in the workplace: • Direct or veiled threats of harms • Intimidating, harassing, bullying, or other inappropriate or aggressive behavior • Bringing a weapon to the workplace • Drug/alcohol abuse • Showing fascinations with workplace violence
  4. 4. ETHICAL/RACE ISSUES (THIS A TYPE OF DISCRIMINATION) • People can reflect the culture of their country, region, and/or subgroup. Many people in the workplace are able to harass people from different ethnics. • A workplace may have different ethnics that define that workplace. • Cultural norms (the laws that govern society’s behaviors) are the shared, sanctioned, and integrated systems of beliefs and practices that are passed down through generations and characterize a cultural group.
  5. 5. CULTURAL ISSUES • Today’s global companies allow people to work with others from different parts of the world. This is the only way that the variety of cultures might be increased. • The diversity of cultures in the workplace can lead to bullying and harassment. • Having one specific culture in the workplace helps describe what that company or business does.
  6. 6. WORKPLACE HARASSMENT (THIS IS A TYPE OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT) • Workplace harassment is when someone repeatedly does or says something to you that: • Is unwelcome • Offends, intimidates, humiliates or threatens you • Would offend, intimidate, humiliate or threaten most people if it happened to them. • Anyone in the workplace can harass or be harassed. • Being harassed can happened physically, verbally, or sexually.
  7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIA HARASSMENT • Social media harassment has increased in the workplace with the development of technology. • Co-workers are able to bully each over the internet now and this causing damage to the company or business. • Cyber-bullying can slow down production and cause worker to become depressed.
  8. 8. HOW TO ADDRESS THESE BEHAVIORS • Workers being harassed or bullied by another co-worker can go o their supervisor and tell them about the situation. • Workers can even go to human resources to fix the problem. • Going to a supervisor and letting them know what is happening can be the most effective way of solving the solution.
  9. 9. BIBLIOGRAPHY • roundup • • • • ethics-in-marketing-16/ethics-an-overview-101/culture-and-ethics-501-8309/ • and-social-responsibility-3/business-ethics-33/ethical-issues-at-an-individual-level- 173-8476/ • Diigo Link •