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Moving checklists


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Make a moving checklists to keep you organised & on time. As well as, to decrease the moving stress , time & cost.

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Moving checklists

  1. 1. Moving Checklists Supported by:
  2. 2. Introduction Packing up and moving out of your old place, finalizing the paperwork, getting your finances in order for your relocation--you'll have a number of tasks to juggle prior to your move. Moving checklist is a list of tasks. Supported by:
  3. 3. Tip For Making Checklist  It should start around two months before a scheduled moving date.  Separated into three distinct periods of time: before a move, during a move and after a move.  Involve moving inventory, packing, making a moving budget, setting up travel arrangements and contacting the utility companies etc, in checklists. Supported by:
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  6. 6. Add On Checklists Supported by:
  7. 7. Before Moving  Moving Budget  Change of Address Notices  Medical Records  Utility Companies  Obtain packing supplies and materials  Delegate packing tasks for each room  Packing  Arrange for payment of movers on moving day Supported by:
  8. 8. Moving Day  Important Items  Transportation  Recheck the rooms  Confirm moving time  Sign all inventory sheets and bill of lading  Confirm final delivery address Supported by:
  9. 9. After Moving  Arrange for utilities  Licences and Registration  Obtain all local emergency numbers  Throw a housewarming party  Locate all of the important places Supported by:
  10. 10. Benefits of Checklists  Save Time  Save Brain Power  Using a checklist allows you to get more done  Creative  Make Delegating Easier  Reach Your Goals Quicker  Organise Supported by:
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