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  • Microsoft released the Windows Live FrameIt SDK at the end of February and now available for download. Windows Live FrameIt allows you to organise and display photos on compatible devices, such as a digital photo frame. You can also get weather and news feeds on the FrameIt device too!The Windows 7 engineering blog have posted another massive article, this time focussing on Application Compatibility Testing for Windows 7. If you’re a developer this is well worth a read.The guys over at the IE Blog have put together a quick tutorial on how you can create a dyanmic web slice in just 5 minutes!
  • Microsoft have announced the availability of App-V 4.5 CU1 with support for the Windows 7 Beta! If you’re a subscriber of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MSOP) you can head to Microsoft Connect to register and download the update.Windows Server 2008 SP2 RC has been released on MSDN and TechNet.Last Month Jeff Alexander and
  • Rob Bushway from revealed that Microsoft has added support for custom dictionaries, such as Medical, in Windows 7.Microsoft have made available the Windows Vista SP2 Release Candidate. Vista SP2 is a roll up of all hotfixes since SP1 as well as additional support for Bluetooth 2.1, inclusion of Windows Search and the Wireless Feature Pack.
  • Microsoft have announced some new (much needed) features for OfficeLive including Folder support and file copy/paste from within OfficeLive itself.The Microsoft Dynamics CRM team kicked off a world tour at the end of February targeting developers considering using Dynamics CRM as a line-of-business platform, Silverlight or WPF to build compelling experiences, Office or SharePoint to build on the familiar skills of your end-users or Partner-Hosting or Azure Services to extend you application to the cloud.The OneNote community site was developed by OneNote fans with the aim to help new users and raise product awareness.Microsoft recently announced, probably due to a number of rumours out there, that they are internally testing a new search engine Kumo
  • The Legionnaire is a really interesting device, not only is it a high end Windows Mobile 6.5 device, it can also be plugged into a netbook shell – power that netbook and also double as a trackpad.Long wrote a great article on the new Windows Mobile 6.5 Honeycomb interface that has received mixed reviews. Long speaks about getting icons away from the corner and more finger and scroll friendly.Asus recently announced the P835 Windows Mobile device sporting a high end processor, Windows Mobile 6.1, a 800x480 WVGA screen and can also double as a wifi access point.
  • The Samsung Q!EX is the successor to the very popular Q1p and Q1u UMPCs
  • Andrew Coates blogged about the User Group, they meet once a month in the US and allow developers from around the world connect via LiveMeeting
  • Workforce Development & Leadership Branch leading state-wide initiatives across the Medical Workforce portfolio
  • News March 2009

    1. 1. Business &Technology News<br />SBTUG – March 2009<br />Nicholas Rayner<br /><br />
    2. 2. Developer News<br />Windows Live FrameIt SDK released<br />FrameIt Client PowerToy review by<br />Application Compatibility Testing for Windows 7<br />Create a dynamic Web Slice in 5 minutes<br />
    3. 3. IT Professional News<br />Microsoft App-V Support for the Windows 7 Beta<br />Windows Server 2008 SP2 RC released<br />Windows 7 ‘Walkthrough’ deployment guides released<br />Deployment Image Servicing & Management<br />User State Migration Tool<br />DirectAccess in Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 R2<br />
    4. 4. Windows news<br />Custom dictionary support in Windows 7<br />Vista SP2 RC now available to all<br />
    5. 5. Microsoft News<br />OfficeLive adds some new features<br />Business Action for ISVs – world tour<br />Microsoft OneNote community site launches!<br />Microsoft announces internal testing of Kumo<br />Microsoft releases free Office 2007 training videos<br />Word, PowerPoint & Windows SharePoint Services<br />
    6. 6. Mobile News<br />i-Mate announces the “Legionnaire”<br />Long Zheng discusses Windows Mobile 6.5 Honeycomb interface<br />Asus P835 announced<br />Samsung releases SDK for mobile devices<br />
    7. 7. Device news<br />Samsung Q1EX Ultra Mobile PC available in the US<br />
    8. 8. Other news<br /> User Group<br />Microsoft OneNote community site<br />Craig Pringle – I’m a Tablet PC<br />
    9. 9. About me<br />Nicholas Rayner<br />Senior Policy Officer @ NSW Department of Health<br />Workforce Development & Leadership Branch<br />Gadget lover<br />Tablet PCs & Ultra Mobile PCs<br />Windows Mobile Phones<br />Twitter - @aussienick<br />My Blog -<br />