Home Based Business Opportunity - Review Article Number 5


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Home Based Business Opportunity - Review Article Number 5

  1. 1. If youre one of the hundreds of thousands of people looking for a home based business opportunity, youvecome to the right place. Below you will find my reviews on four opportunities:
  2. 2. 1. Speaking Roses: This Company is able to print flowers -live, fresh flowers! This process can very well be one of the keys to servicing the various needs of the many markets that are responding to todays era of personalization. Speaking Roses provides you with the technical training, equipment and supplies to be successful in the fast- growing industry of personalization. Although there is a fairly steep investment, if youve got the capital and the interest, this trend makes this a cant miss opportunity.
  3. 3. Cost to get involved: $9,900
  4. 4. 2. Admats/Admenues - Okay, the first thing I wanted to know when a colleague suggested I check out this company was what the heck are a (or an) admats and an admenus. Not that I got that figured out - admats stands for "placemats with advertisement" and admenus standsfor "take-out menus with advertisements," I get what this company is doing. Its all about selling advertisements tobusinesses to be placed on restaurant placemats and take- out menus. Dont know how much time and money they spent on coming up with that name ($0000.00 would be too much), but I do believe they offer a legitimate homebased business opportunity. If you would enjoy calling on restaurants, they claim you can earn $2000 a week.
  5. 5. Cost to get involved: $350
  6. 6. 3. Friendly Folks, Inc. - These folks are in the businesspersonalized cartoon gifts. As referenced above, the era of personalization is upon us and going to get bigger. Although we actually seem to live in a world of de-personalization (with the Internet, etc.), tons of people aretrying to personalize their world. Friendly Folks, Inc. is the most respected and well-established personalized giftcompany of its kind in the world, and theyre giving you an opportunity to get involved.
  7. 7. Cost to get involved: $995
  8. 8. 4. Disability Associates, Inc. - Are you an advocate of thedisabled? Within the next 8 years, statistics show that one in every four Americans will need assistance when applying for disability benefits. If this field is somethingyou would enjoy doing, this may be the right company foryou. Although the investment seems a little heavy to me, the real reward will come from something youre passionate about.
  9. 9. Cost to get involved: $989-$5,489
  10. 10. Looking for a home based business opportunity? I spend the majority of my days scouring out those opportunities that I believe are legitimate. I have personally been scammed by these companies and individuals promoting their latest "get-rich-quick by working 4-5 hours a week"schemes. I have a passion for helping others learn from my mistakes, and my articles are intended for that very purpose.
  11. 11. http://www.ifoundthemoneytree.com/rotator/ro.php?id= 1/