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 Presentation of Sferyx Ltd and its Products at the AuSakai 09 Confer...
Sakai developers, Sferyx has introduced specific Sakai related features and different integration
modules in order to prov...
In conclusion our Sferyx Team would welcome any kind of collaboration with the University and
College teams in order to me...
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The Sferyx Software Components for Sakai Academic Users


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The Sferyx Software Components for Sakai Academic Users

Oggie Kolev, Rila Solutions, Sferyx Australia & Asia Pacific Representatives

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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The Sferyx Software Components for Sakai Academic Users

  1. 1. SFERYX SOFTWARE COMPONENTS FOR SAKAI ACADEMIC USERS Presentation of Sferyx Ltd and its Products at the AuSakai 09 Conference - Charles Sturt University, Bathurst Campus – 16 – 18 September 2009 First of all thank you Charles Sturt University for organising and hosting AuSakai 09 Conference and for giving Sferyx the opportunity to become one of its Sponsors. At this presentation I will talk about: • Sferyx as a company • Sferyx Portfolio of Products • Melete and Sakai collaboration • Benefits for Sakai • Sferyx new Academic Licences Sferyx as a company Registered in Milan /Italy/ in 2001 Sferyx Ltd is a software development company. It creates multiplatform JAVA based software components and applications for Internet based systems. Sferyx innovation and production objectives are to develop a family of compatible products, permitting the developers to achieve high productivity and quality of work in their projects, and offering the end users the best possible experience in their editing/publishing activities. On the software components global market Sferyx Ltd is present with products with the registered trademarks Sferyx and JSyndrome. Sferyx Editors are used by software companies, universities, colleges, schools, many leading publishing companies, government, military and civil organizations and developers in more than 40 countries. This is the best guarantee for the high quality level and the versatility of Sferyx products. Sferyx Portfolio of Products Sferyx JSyndrome Family is the flagship product of the Company since 2001. Its latest version 8.0 is available in two forms – Applet and Component Editions. Sferyx Math Editor is another product, specifically developed for the scientific organizations and specialists. It is an important instrument in editing scientific content. Our portfolio includes also PDFExport product. Melete and Sakai collaboration Our collaboration with the creators of the Melete lesson builder, led by Vivian Sinou, Dean of Foothill College in California /USA/, has began In 2004. Thanks to this collaboration now the Melete Lesson Builder and Sakai have a stable editing system, with very high productivity ration, thanks to the powerful pasting and uploading/publishing capabilities. These features, virtually using a single click, permit instant availability of the published content on-line, saving a lot of time and efforts. Sferyx HTML Editor and the technology behind it have been proven to be very efficient and easy to use. They drastically increase the productivity of the users, by allowing them to publish complex content with many graphic media and other externally linked resources within seconds, with few clicks and at the same time preserving the entire formatting. In the years after 2004 Sferyx began collaboration with the Sakai community for the integration of Sferyx Editor within the entire Sakai system. Sferyx has always appreciated the role of the universities and colleges for the development of the editing and publishing technologies that are the base of the E-Learning. In the last several years the number of the universities that develop proper E-learning systems, offering new possibilities for lecturers and students, has increased significantly. To contribute to the acceleration of this process, and following feedbacks from the
  2. 2. Sakai developers, Sferyx has introduced specific Sakai related features and different integration modules in order to provide instant embedding of the Sferyx products inside the Sakai system. There are various tutorials and manuals already available on the company’s web site at Benefits for Sakai What advantages could bring the integration of the Sferyx HTMLEditor Applet, Equation Editor and PDFExport into the SAKAI system? • In first place they deliver out of the box both advanced HTML and Equation editing capabilities for the entire system, combined with instant PDF generation capability. • Sferyx HTMLEditor is capable of publishing many files simultaneously. This is very useful when a Word document, containing many images and other external linked files is pasted. This way by submitting the form only everything is sent to the server and the entire document is published within seconds. There is no need for the user to upload all files separately, renaming them and linking them back to the document. All this is done automatically by the Sferyx editor. • It is also capable of generating unique image filenames in order to avoid name collisions. This saves a lot of efforts for both the users and the developers and gets the work done within seconds. • PDFExport can generate on-the-fly PDF files from the documents and publish them together with the HTML to the server. Powerful publishing solutions for SAKAI and Melete - increased productivity Instant content publishing from MS Word/Office, OpenOffice and others Automatic upload of multiple images, files and resources MathML / Equation support generating content viewable anywhere Convenient Academic licensing with continuous free updates and support Immediate integration - no additional programming required Academic Licences To reduce the costs of using Sferyx products by the educational institutions, our Company has launched new Academic licenses for universities and colleges. These licenses permit the use of Sferyx software in all structures of the university and allow receiving continuous updates without additional payments. They offer very convenient and competitive conditions for the use of Sferyx Editors. The ratio between quality/price of our products is one of the highest on the market. Our intention is to further empower the academic community and stimulate the use of Sferyx products in the Sakai software system by proposing new products from our portfolio mainly based on content and document management in various formats and media options, using cutting edge technology. Naturally these new products will be offered with convenient academic licenses. We are convinced that our collaboration with Sakai /Melete projects will continue in the future. That will allow us to offer to the academic community new powerful instruments and systems that increase the productivity of the lesson builders, improve the quality of the E-learning systems and the efficiency of the teaching process. Conclusion
  3. 3. In conclusion our Sferyx Team would welcome any kind of collaboration with the University and College teams in order to meet their requirements for customization, new features and other developments including related projects. If you need any kind of additional information do not hesitate to contact our local representative office or directly our customer support at Oggie Kolev Sferyx Australia