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Impact Investing for Social Change - Shall we invest in the future?


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Presentation given during the Geneva Forum for Social Change conference on the 13th of June 2014

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Impact Investing for Social Change - Shall we invest in the future?

  2. 2. WHO AM I?
  3. 3. WHAT ABOUT SOFTWEB?  First non-for-profit limited liability company in Geneva  Social incubator for non-profits, NGOs, associations, social entrepreneurs…  Providing trainings on financing and fundraising, innovative partnerships, etc.  Social innovation consultancy  Website currently being redesigned to prepare for great things… stay tuned!
  4. 4. DOING GOOD OR DOING WELL? Source: André Delafontaine, Go Beyond “Impact investing is about do well and do good, about avoiding the dichotomy between making money and taking care about the community. The combination allows a real sustainable investment with a triple bottom line on society, environment and finances.”
  5. 5. “Impact investments are investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.”  Intent to generate impact  Expectation to generate a financial return on capital and, at a minimum, a return of capital  Measurement and reporting of the social and environmental performance IMPACT INVESTING AT A GLANCE Source: Global Impact Investing Network
  6. 6. SPECTRUM OF IMPACT INVESTING Source: The catalysts, « Making Impact Investing more powerful »
  7. 7. I decided to give a voice to organizations and entrepreneurs from my network and ask them… Why should investors finance social change? Here are some contributions, facts and thoughts…
  9. 9. Social & Environmental Impact: Getting unemployed people out of poverty, through employment and training Business model: Innovative and ethic house cleaning services to individuals and companies Your next challenge? Replicate in other cities to raise impact CLEEN: CUTTING DOWN PUBLIC COSTS FOR UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE
  10. 10. How do you finance your project(s)? Start-up capital: donations Expansion through low-interest loans and investments Is your business profitable? Self-financing: 80%-100% after a 4-year period In terms of publics costs, reinserting unemployed people has been 4 times most cost effective through Cleen Services, with a 70% reinsertion rate CLEEN: WHAT ABOUT IMPACT INVESTING?
  11. 11. Social & Environmental Impact: Organising events and installations that generate powerful and participative experiences. Creating a new a sense of community and belonging. Business model: Selling projects to cities, enterprises and creative consulting Your next challenge? Extend reach to the whole of Switzerland and first international dates 42(PROD): CREATING HAPPY CITIES
  12. 12. How do you finance your project(s)? Mandates from cities and private companies Project-related fundraising Is your business profitable? We are able to cover our costs but need to consolidate our structure both in number of employees and salaries to insure sustainability and increase impact 42(PROD): WHAT ABOUT IMPACT INVESTING?
  13. 13. Social & Environmental Impact: Raising awareness about the issue in order to contribute to understand and free the oceans from plastic pollution Business model: Scientific, educational, awareness and business platforms to achieve the goal Your next challenge? Race for Water Odyssey: A Sailing Odyssey around the planet connecting minds to learn, share and act on ocean preservation RACE FOR WATER FOUNDATION: FIND SOLUTIONS TO CLEAN THE OCEANS FROM PLASTIC
  14. 14. How do you finance your project(s)? Start-up capital: donations and private investor Expansion through: corporate support, crowd funding, merchandising, fundraising mechanics Is your foundation profitable? Self-financing: 80%-100% was reached after a 3- year period. However, we lack funds for R&D and scaling-up of our innovative programs RACE FOR WATER FOUNDATION: WHAT ABOUT IMPACT INVESTING?
  15. 15. SHALL WE STAY IN CONTACT? Thank you to our contributors: Nicolas Pidancet, Social entrepreneur Sandrine Pache, Bénévolat-Vaud Laura Venchiarutti-Tocmacov, Cleen Services Dan Acher, 42(Prod) André de la Fontaine, GoBeyond Eric Messeca, Humain au cœur du numérique Yves Zieba, Innovation consultant Anne-Cécile Turner, Race for Water Julia Beyer, TheFairTraveller