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La pascua en hungría


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Published in: Spiritual
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La pascua en hungría

  1. 1. Presentación de una novedad Título
  2. 2. Popular Easter Traditions in Hungary havea very original mixture of pagan andChristian customs. Parallel to the Catholicreligious ceremonies, taken from theChristianization of the Magyars in thetenth century, farmers practicing ancienttraditions of land fertility and women.
  3. 3. Originally, the next day related to the vernalequinox. The most particular custom is the"risk of women and girls, that will not wilt."Earlier in the villages, irrigation is practicedwith well water and in secret. Today is donesymbolically, with a few drops of eau deCologne. The gift offered by women as athank you is an easter eggs, painted anddecorated with colors and motifs typical of thearea.
  4. 4. Easter is the annual commemoration of the Christian churches make the mystery of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ. To celebrate the "anniversary" of these saving events each year, at an appropriate time (the Sunday after the first full moon of spring), Christians commemorate the resurrection of Christ(Easter).
  5. 5. La leyenda del conejo de PascuaIn the tradition of transmitting the story about the origin of the Easter Bunny, which has in Jesus day a rabbit was kept in the tomb with Jesus and witnessed his resurrection.
  6. 6. Having witnessed the miracle, to leave the cave together with Jesus, is said to have been chosen as the messenger to communicate and remember all the good news boys, gi ving painted eggs, and now also giving away chocolateeggs and other goodies for Easter
  7. 7. Not all Easter sweets are made of chocolate
  8. 8. Made by:Paula Llamas Iglesias