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Keyword Retriever - Review


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Keyword Retriever - Review

  1. 1. Wasting too much time trying to find Golden Keywords? Find, Use And Optimize Perfect Keyword Variations Right Within Your Wordpress Posts and Pages ...And Improve your SEO score Instantly!Hey there, it’s me...Simon...You know, I am sick of the zillion keyword tools that are out there in the market right now......because none of them actually helps you “implement” the keywords...they just find thekeywords and make you do all the work!What I have will let you rank high-volume keywords right away, and see your SEO Scoreimprove, and your sites shoot up to Page 1 in no time!This means more traffic and more profits...for YOU! Panda knocked my teeth in too...See, I have over 17 years of experience in SEO. I have established over 250 blogs thatreceive millions of visitors every year......but just like with everyone else, the Panda (and later, the Penguin update) affected my SEOscore big time!
  2. 2. Many of my sites crashed even before I could do anything about them!I realised I needed to make one big change.I needed to improve how I select keywords and use them in my posts...See, gone are those days when you could get away with 5% keyword density and long-tail-domain-names.comIt’s time for a change, and it’s time to find keywords that fit...And If You Are Wondering Why You Cant Find Those Perfect Keywords You always use MULTIPLE keyword research software, and are even more confusedthan ever! You have to IMPORT and EXPORT keywords all the time You just dont know WHICH keywords to target...and because of this, your site SEO score suffers as your site gets old.But heres the thing... It Doesnt Have to Be DifficultThe biggest issue is that most people do keyword research as a one-time process.How many people do you know go back and optimize their sites for more thattheir sites would get lots of traffic?Not many, right?Now, I make more money from my sites than I ever have...and that is because I startedusing a dynamic keyword research technique.When I first started using this keyword research technique, I jumped rankings on Day 1.Back then, the process was boring and it took me a lot of time.I went through multiple keyword research software to expand my list of keywords.There was improvement in my SEO scores, but I was not happy! The process was too slow,and it took me too long to find the right keywords.So I automated the whole thing!Thats right......I automated the process so it was faster! And I could use it whenever I wanted! In fact,what I created became SO powerful that I saw traffic numbers such as these:Thats a MASSIVE 200% increase in regular traffic!But I wasnt the only one...
  3. 3. This Is What Others Are Saying “Of all the many plugins and software’s and stuff that I bought I cannot express how pleased, happy, ecstatic, encouraged, inspired I am by your work. I bought panda knockout and I have to tell you it is so packed with good information and you are so honest and caring in putting out that info you elevated my cheesy game. I know what to do now and how I have time…a plan, I am confident…and I am not lost anymore…I want to throw away all the other garbage…I will unsubscribe from all the other stupid wso…and I could just follow you..What do you say? Because of you my boss is on my tail and now believes in the web site I started” Stefano Piardi You can be as successful as Stefano!If you use keyword research tools like Market Samurai, Traffic Travis, Long Tail Pro, you canfind many keywords...sure!But you will spend HOURS if not DAYS finding “keywords” that might work......and then you will waste EVEN MORE TIME implementing these keywords into your content.And even after all this, you wont optimize your content for newer, easier to rank and highertraffic keywords...would you?If you are lazy like me, optimization to get more traffic would never happen! And I dontblame you...After all, if the process is not easy to implement, you probably wont do it, right?I know I wouldnt.......and this is why I created this tool!
  4. 4. Introducing Keyword RetrieverThis is how Keyword Retriever works for you:Keyword retriever is full of EASY-TO-USE features that make keyword research simple andquick. Some of these outstanding features include.... In-Wordpress Updates: Keyword retriever combines best parts of top-sellingkeyword research products such as Market Samurai, Long Tail Pro and Keyword XP...savingyou lots of money. Even if you already own these products, none of them update rightinside your website, do they? Live Optimization: Find variations of your keywords right inside your Wordpress site.This saves you time as now you dont need to import/export keywords. Do all your keywordresearch right inside your post/page...while you write a post. Wider Net: Keyword variations help you cast a wider net. So you get more trafficavenues within a single post...two birds with one stone!
  5. 5.  Daily Search: The tool EVEN gives you the daily search you knowexactly which keywords can bring you the most traffic! Now, you dont need to go anywhereto look for high search volume keywords. Tag Optimization: Found a decent keyword and want to optimize your post withoutchanging the content? We have you covered. Simply add these keywords as tags, andincrease your content visibility online. Density Optimizer: Most people have to manually search through the content to findhow often a keyword is repeated. Instead, Keyword retriever calculates this keyword densityon-the-fly...saving you time and complicated maths! Graphic Optimizer: Keyword density checker shows up as a graphic bar, so you canquickly and easily check the keywords you are best optimized for. Never again get penalizedfor over-optimization Google Connected: To help you stay ahead of the competition, we have integratedwith Google Adwords...and when we get our information straight from the horsesmouth...Google will love what you have! Stay Ahead: Find latest and most-used keywords with Keyword retriever. This toolgets the latest keywords straight from Google. If Google knows it, you know it! This way, youcan stay ahead of your competition. Get These Awesome Features in the Basic Version + These Added Features in the Pro Version Silo structures: Did you know that you can increase your traffic MANY times if youuse internal linking? Not just that...your SEO improves as well. For over 14 months, Googlehas been paying close attention to internal linking, and they rank sites with better internallinking.Keyword retriever Pro gives you the perfect silo structure for your website. Just pick any ofthe keyword you want, and link it to an internal page of your choice. When you update, yourpost will contain a link to the target post...with your choice of keyword! Internal Linking: Internal linking gives your website the perfect optimization. Thishelps you get more love from Google...and higher rankings! Affiliate Hot-Linking: We have introduced a never-before-seen feature in KeywordRetriever Pro. You can link the affiliate offers of your choice from within the page...right whenyou are checking the keyword variations. This will give you PLENTY more opportunities tomonetize. Better Monetization: With Keyword Retriever Pro, you can put MORE money in yourpocket! Just link out to affiliate products that you want to promote, with the keywords thathave high search volume...and there you have it...same effort, more money!Even after this, if you are still saying... “But I already bought a tool last month...”See, when I was looking into researching keywords, I realized that just one tool wont do!
  6. 6. No one tool is powerful enough......and I dont want you to buy ALL of them – in the hopes that you will find the perfectkeywords!This is why I decided to create Keyword retriever....A tool that combines the power of MANY different keyword tools out there...We made this with you in mind. We realized that most keyword research tools are outsideyour wordpress sites...and so not very effective!You still waste a time in importing/exporting keywords! And the worst of it createcontent with keywords in mind...and not the other way round!Keyword retriever is different.Keyword Retriever combines the power of ALL major keyword research tools into a wordpressplugin......and the way it is setup, you dont need to create new content.With a few clicks, you can re-optimize your content to suit new keywords you discover!You could either spend $500+ buying all the major keyword research tools out there......or you could buy Keyword Retriever at rock-bottom price! And some HEAVY bonuses...We always strive to over-deliver value to our customers......and if you have already purchased from us before, you would agree!So this time, we want to give you some awesome bonuses:# 1 The Retriever Training valued at $47Complete training course that will help you make the most out of Keyword retriever. We wrotethis course especially for you so that you could rank quickly with keyword retriever.In fact, we even hired an SEO expert to turn this into a powerful SEO course.# 2 Backlinking Bible valued at $97I have collected my 17 years of SEO knowledge and combined into this 160-page guide. Forease of reading, I have broken this down into 3 parts.This guide itself is worth more than the sale price of Keyword Retriever. So how much will you invest?Keyword retriever is a very powerful and precise keyword research tool that works from rightINSIDE your wordpress site!Nothing like this has been made before......and you get to replace keyword tools worth $500+.
  7. 7. You also get special bonuses worth $140+.Thats over $600 worth of a compellingly LOW price! 30 Days Risk Free TrialWe and our clients have utilized the power of Keyword retriever to push our websites to Page1, and increase our traffic!We want you to do the same...and we want to sweeten the deal with a 30-day full refundguarantee.Try out Keyword Retriever on your websites. And if you are not convinced of its power withinthe first 30 days, just send us an email and we will give you a no-question refund! However...Hurry UpYou have a 30-day full refund policy, but you have to make a decision quickly. After 7 days,Keyword retriever will be priced up at $67, so you really gotta hurry! Heres What You Are Getting TodayWhen you purchase Keyword Retriever, you get: BASIC PRO In-wordpress Keyword Updates Yes Yes Live Optimization Yes Yes Daily Search Volume Yes Yes Tag Optimization Yes Yes Density Optimization Yes Yes Beat Competitors Yes Yes Internal Linking Yes Silo Structures Yes Affiliate Hot-linking Yes
  8. 8. Better Monetization YesAs well as these bonuses... The Retriever Training, worth $47 Backlinking Bible, worth $97All this, and a 30-day no-hassle-guarantee for one-time-price.We have already noticed more than 200% traffic by using the same principle...and it can dothe same for you.So buy now, as the price is rising.When you buy, you will be taken to a member’s area, where you will be able to download andaccess your plugin straight away!After that, just follow our training, install, and watch your ranking and traffic rise!Thank you for your time, and I hope that I will continue to deliver awesome products to you,as I have always done!See you inside!Cheers,Simon Warner & Richard FairbairnP.S: Imagine if you could optimize your posts and pages whenever you want, and all at a clickof few buttons! No more rushing to fancy keyword software to find new keywords.P.P.S: At this price, we are underselling this product. In less than 7 days, Keyword Retrieverwill be priced at $67. Dont miss out this deal, and remember – we have you covered by our30-day money back guarantee.
  9. 9. P.P.S: If you are still reading this, I guess you are just trying to find reasons to talk you out ofthis offer. Well, there are none! This is the real deal! Trust your guts!