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Mentoring developers - Zendcon 2012


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Published in: Technology
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Mentoring developers - Zendcon 2012

  1. 1. Padawan and Master
  2. 2. Take someone with raw potential…
  3. 3. And turn them into something useful
  4. 4. Your definition of useful may vary
  5. 5. What exactly IS this strange thing?
  6. 6. Formal or Informal
  7. 7. Professional or Personal
  8. 8. Long or Short Term
  9. 9. Group or Peer
  10. 10. Personal Rewards
  11. 11. Why be mentored?InformationRole modelingAdviceNetworkingInteraction
  12. 12. InformationTechnology moves FAST
  13. 13. Role ModelingWe all need a hero
  14. 14. AdviceNo man(or woman.. or little green thing) is an island.
  15. 15. NetworkingTo get to where you need to go, find the folks you need to know
  16. 16. InteractionHumans (well and others) are social animals
  17. 17. Why mentor others?LearningRecognitionNetworkingReciprocationIntangibles
  18. 18. LearningOnce I was the student, now I am the master
  19. 19. RecognitionWhat your apprentice does reflects on you
  20. 20. NetworkingYou might be surprised at what your apprentice can do for you
  21. 21. ReciprocationSometimes you just want to give back what you’ve been given
  22. 22. IntangiblesWe like to do things that make us feel good
  23. 23. How to get in on the good stuff
  24. 24. Find a partner1. Personality2.Skills3. Availability4.Drive
  25. 25. Decide on goals1. Ongoing process2. Both sides together, never a one way street3. Goals will evolve with circumstances4. Goals should be specific enough to clearly define progress
  26. 26. Communicate1. Interaction is the key to good mentorship2. Online is never quite as good as face-to-face, but far better then nothing3. Use the tech tools available4. No one is ever “too busy”
  27. 27. Exit Strategy1.Change the goals2.Change the nature of the relationship3.Say Goodbye4.Run away screaming
  28. 28. People Change, Relationships too
  29. 29. Remember: It takes two
  30. 30. Rules of an Apprentice1. Take responsibility for career goals2.Listen and share3. Incorporate feedback given4.Make time for interaction5.Have realistic expectations and approach the relationship with honesty
  31. 31. Rules of a Mentor1. Trust and Respect2.Listen3. Help apprentice define and achieve goals4.Offer advice, references, resources, CONSTRU CTIVE feedback5.Give support when apprentice succeeds, and when they fail
  32. 32. When things go wrong…Mismatch in expectationsMismatch in personalityBreaches of trustLack of focus
  33. 33. Remember: Failure is good!
  34. 34. Anecdotes stick around
  35. 35. Beginning Developer
  36. 36. What is expected of a beginning apprentice?1. Try to find it on your own first2. Ask questions, lots of questions, but never the SAME questions3. Don’t be afraid to question “why?” but also be open to the answers – show respect4. You will be pushed outside your comfort zone
  37. 37. Intermediate Developer
  38. 38. What is expected of an intermediateapprentice?1. Branch out beyond what you think you need to know into new areas2. Have faith that the support you need will be there when you ask for it3. Continue to reach out in new directions to new people, but keep your older contacts close as well4. Remember that failure breeds success
  39. 39. Advanced Developer
  40. 40. What is expected of an advancedapprentice?1. Your mentorship relationship is more peer to peer, more give and take2.Have respect for those who mentor you, but realize they are just people too3. Sometimes real life gets in the way4.Never stop learning and growing5.Give back (time to get your own apprentice)
  41. 41. Advanced Developer
  42. 42. What does an advanced dev need from amentor?1. Support and encouragement2.Feedback loops for coding improvements3. A shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, and less help with fixing things4.Help with those steps out of the comfort zone
  43. 43. Intermediate DeveloperSome day that boy is gonna get me killed
  44. 44. What does an Intermediate dev needfrom a mentor?1. Stretching of their coding boundaries2.Networking connections and introductions to others3. Encouragement to leave the comfort zone4.Positive role model for moving ahead
  45. 45. Beginning Developer
  46. 46. What does a beginner need from a mentor?1.Best Practices2.Positive Feedback3.Resources for their own research4.NO SPOONFEEDING
  47. 47. They grow up too soon…
  48. 48. About Me    IRC – freenode – auroraeosrose  #php-gtk #coapp and others
  49. 49. Questions? More mentorship organizations?
  50. 50. Resources: