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E q net teacher activities phase two task one



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E q net teacher activities phase two task one

  1. 1. Phase Two (Task 1): eQNetTeachers<br />
  2. 2. Phase 2 – Task 1: Identify and Discuss TW Collections Using LRE Teacher Community Forum<br />Task 1 of Phase 2 begins: June 16, 2011<br />Work must be completed: July 6, 2011<br />Expected time to complete task: 2 hours (max)<br />Description: Identifying, Describing and Discussing Collections and TW Criteria <br />Task One can overlap with the start of Task Two (described in a separate guide available July 1, 2011).<br />Platform: LRE Teachers Community Forum:<br />Initial Requirements: Registration for an openID on – (see login instructions starting on pg. 13)<br />Powerpoint template - Patricia Munoz King<br />2<br />28/01/2009<br />
  3. 3. Task One: Objectives and Process<br />eQNet Teachers:<br />Identify 2 collections potentially rich in TW resources <br />Use LRE Community Forum<br />Share their findings with each other<br />Teachers discuss TW criteria development in the Forum<br />Each eQNet partner will have recommended collections that lead to at least 300 resources per partner to be included in the LRE by October 15, 2011<br />EUN tasks:<br />LRE team will review the collection to determine whether it is technically possible to include it in the LRE <br />Some collections might be found ineligible because of copyright limitations or other issues<br />Teachers will be asked to suggest a different collection if their collection is found to be ineligible<br />Powerpoint template - Patricia Munoz King<br />3<br />28/01/2009<br />
  4. 4. Task One: Instructions for Teachers<br />Identify 2 collections (can be more) <br />Collections are a group of resources from one provider <br />They share the same url address<br />Example<br /> This is the collection homepage<br /> This is an individual resource from the Illuminations NCTM collection<br />For this task provide just the collection homepage url and a description of the collection and its TW qualities<br />Collections can be made up of different subjects or the same subject. They can be for only one age group or many.<br />Use the LRE Community Forum to share the url, describe the collections and discuss your recommendations and experiences with other teachers<br />Powerpoint template - Patricia Munoz King<br />4<br />28/01/2009<br />
  5. 5. Task One: Requirements (1)<br />At least one of the collections should originate either from Europe or have support for European languages other than English<br />The collection must have at least 20 + individual learning resources that meet travel well criteria. <br />What to look for:<br />The collections can be something you already know well because this is where you found resources for the previous tasks.<br />Collections that have a Creative Commons license or a Terms of Use page (usually at the bottom) explicitly allowing teachers to use and share this material at no cost.<br />Powerpoint template - Patricia Munoz King<br />5<br />28/01/2009<br />
  6. 6. Task One: Requirements (2)<br />What to avoid:<br />Collections already in the LRE are not eligible<br />It is ok if one or several individual resources are in the LRE because of previous eQNet work but not the whole collection <br />You can see if the collection is in the LRE with search by provider name<br />Collections that have a lot of advertising or that require payment to use the resources <br />Look at the terms of use statement usually at the bottom of the page. <br />Does a teacher need explicit permission to use the resource in a class?<br />If yes, the collection is not eligible.<br />Powerpoint template - Patricia Munoz King<br />6<br />28/01/2009<br />
  7. 7. Task One: Requirements (3)<br />Avoid Collections that are a mix of resources provided by another aggregator/federation<br />How to tell if you are looking at an aggregator/federation:<br />When you select a resource are you taken to a different site entirely? <br />If yes, you are using an aggregator/federation. <br />Does the site let you browse by collections of providers?<br />If yes, you are using an aggregator/federation. <br />If you are unsure, feel free to send your examples to<br />Example of aggregators/federation:, and<br />It is ok to use an aggregator/federation to discover a collection but remember to provide the specific collection url and not the aggregator/federation pages.<br />Powerpoint template - Patricia Munoz King<br />7<br />28/01/2009<br />
  8. 8. Task One: Using LRE Community Forum<br />Use the LRE Community Forum to post collections<br /><br />You must be logged in with your openID<br />Instructions for creating openID are at the end of this slideshow<br />In the Community Forum in the LRE<br />There are two ‘Categories’<br />Category called ‘Collections that Travel Well’ where the collections are to be listed and described by teachers<br /><br />Category called ‘Developing TW Criteria’<br /><br />Powerpoint template - Patricia Munoz King<br />8<br />28/01/2009<br />
  9. 9. Collections that Travel Well Forum<br />Provide the title and url to the homepage of the collection<br />Describe the collection<br />How many resources do you think meet TW criteria?<br />Subjects, age ranges, types of resources, and any other relevant information<br />Which TW criteria are applicable to resources in this collection?<br />If you are able to find the license or terms of use page, what kind of legal restrictions did you find?<br />Powerpoint template - Patricia Munoz King<br />9<br />28/01/2009<br />
  10. 10. Discussion: Developing TW Criteria Forum<br />Use this category in the forum to:<br />Describe the process and challenges you and fellow teachers encountered in developing TW criteria. <br />Requirements:<br />Each Teacher answers the questions about the challenges and process they undertook to develop TW criteria (3-4 sentences minimum)<br />Each Teacher should reply to at least one other post from a fellow teacher (1-2 sentences)<br />See following slides for examples<br />Powerpoint template - Patricia Munoz King<br />10<br />28/01/2009<br />
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