3d Interactive presentation software


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A new 3d presentation tool;

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3d Interactive presentation software

  1. 1. The future, Distinctive real-time rendering 3D interactive presentation. Do you want to have a presentation make yourself stand out? Do you have to make excellent presentation but it is hard to you? Now, with the 3D technology, and on this basis to create a variety of presentation software, so that we can use these special way to realize our ideas. Previously, we make a presentation at the time, takes a lot of content to describe our products and features, and the content of our products when there is more correlation between the need to describe these relationships when we feel this is a complex. Of course there will be some software to help us solve these problems, such as Powerpoint, Work Keynote, Flash MX, etc., which at the time gives a lot of convenience. To the nineties of last century, 3D technology began to flourish, there has been a lot of good 3D software development and production company, for example, AUTODESK, PDI-Dreamwork, etc. However, most of these 3D applications in industrial, manufacturing, film, television and so on. OPENGL and 3D technologies give people a new visual impact, people began to improve not only the pursuit of content, and more began to pursue a more visual experience. Because it was the performance limitations of the computer, so the production of all 3D rendering in the later, and due to the need of professional equipment and tools, so costs arerather expensive. To the last few years, due to the performance of graphics cards also have general is greatly enhanced, and in many industry needs to work efficiently, so real-time 3D rendering software has become the choice of many companies and individuals. Their main aim is the need to replace the real-time shows the contents of the presentation, and using the selected style and animation. The benefit is that we only need a small amount of template, you can achieve multiple content rendering. Another point is that many products for the interactive presentation mode in great demand, mainly because of a presentation allows us to introduce the product to targeted users, but an interactive presentation of products to enable us to continue to receive understanding of a wide range of users. Flash is a good example of the application on the site is very extensive. While flash is a lot of interactive displays to the user interaction products the company produced the main tool, but the complexity of its production allows the many ordinary users away. At least, I have spent 4 days to create an
  2. 2. interactivedisplay using the Flash MX. For now, the touch screen and multi-touch technology that we have more way more interesting interactive presentation. In the Google Trends search "3d presentation", you will find in these two years were searched for high frequency. In the Google search "interactive 3d presentation", will produce about 3,780,000 results. I found that the process of looking for a few rather special 3D presentation software, such as Presentation3D, Dryfork, Cult3D. Dryfork developed a few years ago, it's more dynamic background, but the software does not have interactive features, and ease of use a little lacking. Cult3D is a commercial software generated 3D display on the web. And the Presentation3D is a rising star, it contains more interactiveand easy to use. Now let's look at the software we have just mentioned. powerpoint and iwork keynote, we have already know that, in the text, shape, and has good graphics capabilities and ease of use, and templates are also very rich, only in 3D graphics, but interactive features with relatively weak. Flash, the use of its powerful scripting and animation, you can achieve a variety of ideas, the vector of the algorithm, you can create high-definition files, web pages and display a variety of display devices. As powerful and popular, while used by many production companies to produce interactiveand animated effects. But its complexity is high, so it will take some time study. Here I show the 3D interactive software has been tested and found
  3. 3. the Presentation3D this new software has some very interesting features, and I think in the case of real-time rendering, do these functions require a certain degree of knowledge, these characteristics in their products are also described on the website, www.presentation-3d.com . In Presentation3D, there is a Object named ImageWall, In the ImageWall, you can make the picture to be placed horizontally or circular manner, and can arbitrarily increase or decrease the picture, and increase the text description of each picture, change the picture caption. You can also change the shape of the size of the image background. In the show, just use the mouse to click on the image to explain, or drag the image around for quick viewing. Very convenient. Presentation3D has a special manipulator, Manipulator is committed to quickly and easily adjust the object's attributes, in an operation device, you can click the arrow to zoom in one direction, click on link rod can achieve rotation, click the center box, you can adjust the distance. When you are surrounded by direct click box is moving. You can use the ctrl-key and drag, to achieve reproduction, use shift-key, to achieve the overall scaling, you can select multiple objects simultaneously, the overall adjustment. You can adjust the grouping is very flexible! In addition there are special Presentation3D Object, such as 3D Table, 3D Chart, 3D Model, Navigation, SkyDome Background, Particle, Video and Image and so on. In terms of texture, Presentation3D have texture reflective, mirror, various Transform, and Animation and other effects. Operations also include a variety of 3D space of the adjustment and alignment. In the interactive animation, there is not similar Cult3D, using the list mode, use the drag and drop operation, easier to understand. Presentation3D also can output the contents produced a play file or a picture sequence, whether it is imported to other authoring software, or to another position to play is no need to worry. Through software testing, stable operation in my core1.7, 2G memory notebook. Software directory on the understanding that the software uses QT development tools and 3D engine OGRE. So I believe the future efficiency and 3D visual effect, there will be more room for improvement, and even need to port to other platforms is also an easy thing. There are more features on their website we can find more.
  4. 4. www.presentation-3d.com. No matter what software, what tools to use, we need outstanding presentation, we need to allow more users to learn about our products, you need all of this, a new generation of real-time rendering 3D interactive software can help you achieve. We'll see. Justin Xu