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How to Design Movie Title and Intro Text Animation


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How to Design Title and Intro Text Animation in the video:
Creativity is the first step in the creation of titles, 3D titles of the creative process is to build storyboards, complete with a shooting script script writing process.Creative work is necessary to consider in line with the overall requirements, but also consider the way for the performance of 3D animation.
The titles consistent with the overall style of work, accurate performance of the work content and information, to give the audience a profound and distinct impression, which one of the most important to include the title, introduction and text animation design. Now I am from the titles of several aspects of the design detail of these design elements.

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How to Design Movie Title and Intro Text Animation

  1. 1. How to Design Movie Titleand Intro Text AnimationHelp Video Editor Create Cool Title Animation AURORA3D SOFTWARE
  2. 2. Aurora3D SoftwareHow to Design Title and Intro Text Animation in the videoCreativity is the first step in the creation of titles, 3D titles of the creative process is tobuild storyboards, complete with a shooting script script writing process.Creative work isnecessary to consider in line with the overall requirements, but also consider the way for theperformance of 3D animation. The titles consistent with the overall style of work, accurate performance of the work contentand information, to give the audience a profound and distinct impression, which one of themost important to include the title, introduction and text animation design. Now I am from thetitles of several aspects of the design detail of these design elements.Scene Design Animation scene is the environment in which the performance of object, animated titles in thescene not only shows off the subject and content of essential elements, but also to createatmosphere and enhance the artistic effect and appeal of programs to attract audience attentionand effective means.Background design and implementation are the following several ways:1. Directly in the environment settings to add a background image or video, provided that thescene must be in compliance with the requirements of pictures or video;2. Using the material editor materials simultaneously generate dynamic environment, wherethere are two common methods:(1) Noise background material to generate movement material;(2) The use of particle systems or other modeling tools to generate auxiliary objects, combinedwith the background color setting and image post-processing system (such as light, special effectsand high-light) to produce a dynamic background space (such as space landscape).3. In the latter part of the editing process, the use of chroma key technology into the backgroundpicture or video, if this approach to achieve overlay the background, the animation in the earlystages of the animation must be taken into account to set the background color of thebackground should be conducive to post-separation requirements. 2
  3. 3. Aurora3D SoftwareLOGOLogo is a company or group ofmarkers, the same logo as the banner,both explicit content, but alsobeautify the image and rendering therole of the atmosphere, but also canhighlight the theme, the audienceinterest and attention.Typically, group or company has itsown logo, a logo of how dynamic 3Dshape shown, which is the main taskof the design and creation.Mark the performance of the program are the following:1. Marking the move, zoom and rotation: That approach is the use of logo changes in the shapeand angle, showing logo of texture, dynamic and 3D, and thus to the audience a strong visualstimulation.2. The effect of exercise: This way is the use of light, or particle system special effects in theproduce marks on the trajectory of motion smearing or scratches, to produce a more intensemovement. Logo design are examples of such situations.3. Logo animation: through the lines, strokes and other component parts of the campaign logo,distortion, the final combination, the process of evolution for the logo animation of theperformance, the audience for the final sign of the formation of a profound impression.Intro Text AnimationVideo text animation is a core element and the finishing touch. Text on the screen gives the visualexperience is different from the background, information is different from other abstract symbols,the function key on it to point out, emphasize key information makes particularly concern, thetext in the title sequence design is crucial in this regard “Aurora3D Software” Corporation( ) product “Animation Maker” can easily help us to achievevarious effects.Text animation design to comply with two principles:SuitabilityText size, location, layout, font selection, modification, movement processing, materials, shape,set with graphic content and programs should be based on the overall tone set, the content toadapt to the needs and characteristics of the screen to get the best visual effects.Harmonization ofThe role of titles in the text to express not only the content but also to build the screen,rendering the atmosphere, text fonts, colors, layout and other aspects should be unified inseeking changes to the overall style of harmonization with the screen, people willing toaccept, get to enjoy the beauty of art. 3
  4. 4. Aurora3D SoftwareThe design of the main text the following factors need to be completed:Font choiceDifferent fonts have their own characteristics and attributes, each has unique characteristics of afont, font choices should be consistent with the animation theme.Bevel design3D design includes not only the text font options, including text thickness and bevel design. Bevelis the text on the front and side of the transition at the junction of the 3D effect. 3D effect of thetext of the most prominent text chamfered shape and texture 3D, and also reflects the styleof text and pictures of the atmosphere.Chamfer shape are commonly used in the following categories:Smooth surface BevelThis form is smooth and fluid, even exaggerated characters designed drum kit, it gives a calm,relaxed feeling, often used in entertainment programs.Punch-type BevelThrough the concave and convex surfaces have unusual 3D effects.Hollow words3D surface in the hollow of text effects, so that shape is more varied.Dynamic text effect designDynamic performance of three-dimensional characters, these dynamic effects of changes causedby differences in visual experience, a positive effect on the content of the performance.Common text animated push-pull, move, roll, rotate, change the material.Dynamic text, movement pattern, direction, speed and sound effects, to seek to better expressthe content and the best artistic effect. 4
  5. 5. Aurora3D Software Text forms of exercise are the following categories:Directional MovementLateral movement: the text from left to right or from right to left movement, gives a smoothfeeling.Vertical movement: the text up or down movement, gives a sense of lift.Vertical movement: the text from far and near, or movement from near and far, the former givesa close, tight feeling, the latter have a strong feeling of depth into the depths of the screen.Oblique motion: inclined or oblique text to do under the direction of the movement, gives arising or falling movement.Center Zhang reduction movement: the center of the text to screen out radiation or inwardmovement of contraction, the former makes people feel stretch, opening up, which makespeople feel compact and concentrated.“Axial” rotation: Text to the center axis, or the text itself as the center of the geometric axisclockwise or counterclockwise rotation, but also can be used for integrated flip, only varied, butalso gives a strong dynamic.Flight path word: Text along a specific three-dimensional curve motion, deformation, thedeformation is more lively form of exercise, gives a light smooth feel.” Literally flying out of”: A set of text separated by one fly into the screen so that it in turn gives astrong sense of rhythm and speed of impact.The rhythm of the text is the impact velocity and dynamic text effects an important factor.Fast-moving text gives a strong visual stimulation, the tension aroused the audience excited forthe performance of fast-paced and varied content; slow movement Text is make the audienceappreciate the calm movement of the details, gives a relaxed, stretch and lyrical aestheticexperience. This rapid change in tension and a sense of slow movement of the relaxation to beeffective in the audienceAdjust the visual, so scientific and rational use of dynamic text animation speed and rhythm ofthe role titles can’t be ignored. 5
  6. 6. Aurora3D SoftwareThe design of the text materialThe texture of the text isthe text material hasbeen given a specificsurface to bring peoplesfeelings. Different textmaterial gives the visualexperience is different,such as glass smooth,transparent; bright shinymetal, etc. In theanimation, theobject texture is only through human vision to identify and, therefore, the text of the texturematerial is mainly used light and dark and high light reflective properties. 3D titles in the text ofthe materials used are metal, plastic and glass, this "class of material design in fact, is the gloss,matt and transparent parameters such as design performance of the shiny, mirror-smoothtexture, light and dark colors should be strong, solid, tight, some hard, rough texture and dullperformance, the light and dark shades should be weak, virtual , loose, light a number ofanimation production in the reflective properties of light and dark shades and the performanceof the basic parameters set by the material and reasonable lighting to be controlled. shiny metalmaterial, reflective of some degree of parameter settings should be higher.Special light effectsSpecial light effects are the most attractive three-dimensional animated titles where it canachieve amazing, spectacular dynamic lighting effects. Photosynthetic efficiency of the stuntsinvolved in the design and production volume of light, light, lens flare, special materials, use of acombination of particle systems.Golden lightA large number of markers to use text and titlesradiant special effects, this effect can be in twoways:Materials produced using gradient maps fadeout the light, and create a road map through thebeam noise."Using visible light source" light volume "for lightbody, the use of special materials --- materialsblocking the projector is not visible behind thetext of the release only through the object beam 6
  7. 7. Aurora3D Softwareof light.Compared two methods, the former rendering speed, but speed of degree less realistic light; thelatter produce tangible beam, the effect is real warm, drawback is that rendering is slow.Trailing flameAnimated titles in the tail flame is a heavilyused special effects, it is an object or spot lightbeam resulting from movement of particles inorder to strengthen the trajectory of an object,highlight the picture and lively atmosphere.This effect particles and light can producespecial effects: the use of super jets, withspecial particle age material and light effectsto produce a good flame effect; the particlesplaced in a three-dimensional space of thecurve to create the flame tail fly.Cross bright stars and lens flareThese two effects is not only common, but easy to learn, they are ready-made software toprovide special effects. Cross stunt like bright stars in the camera lens on the addition of a star inthe subject can produce high-light parts of the Star Cross. This stunt can be used to dazzlingeffect of the performance chart, you can create animated flashing stars as the background lensflare special offers powerful editing functions, using the editor, you can create a realistic cameraflare and a wide range beautiful spot. Movement of the spot is often the most attractive sight, somany titles with a campaign spot to draw the title or the title in the text after the freeze-framedesign to a spot across the way.Music and sound effectsMusic is another very important in animation form factor, the performance of its ability asan independent art form, music, the animation has a positive, multifaceted performance role,which is not reflected in the sound or picture of a on the one hand, it is reflected in the overall inthe combined sound and picture. In general, music, animation andrendering images in contrast with the atmosphere, to reveal and deepen the theme toinspire association functions.Animation art sound effects are also unique means of expression, it has enhancedrealism space, and movement to show a sense of 3D space-time, extended time, strengthenthe function of rhythm.Title animation music design should pay attention to the following two aspects:First, the style of music titles to be unified.Unity of style of music is in many ways. The first is the unity of sound and picture,music, rhythm, mood and images to reflect the contents of the consistent and secondly,orchestration and style should be uniform.Second, the music and sound effects have an overall layout. 7
  8. 8. Aurora3D SoftwareDesign a cinematic trailer for the music and sound effects when considered fromthe overall layout of the music, to focus on the thematic unity of music, accompanied by a varietyof sound effects, to determine the relationship between the primary and secondary music theme,highlighting the theme and rational distribution.Certainly help us achieve these results there are many tools, in addition to the article mentionedin the Aurora 3D Animation Maker( ), there including Adobe AE( ) and other post-production tool can be achieved,but our main idea to grasp is the production methods and processes, I hope this article will helpto you. 8