Honeywell Armor 100 Wireless Security System for Home and Business


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The all new Armor 100 wireless security system with integrated Voice dialer and a variety of intelligent sensors detect any unauthorized movement within the house and keep you informed about emergency situations at home on your mobile phones and also phones of your neighbors/friends who can respond immediately.

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Honeywell Armor 100 Wireless Security System for Home and Business

  1. 1. Honeywell ‘Armor 100’Wireless Security Panel<br />Rahul Arora<br />Product Manager<br />Honeywell Technology Solutions, Bangalore<br />
  2. 2. What is ‘Armor 100’?<br /><ul><li>Entry level integrated wireless security panel
  3. 3. Suited for independent homes, apartments and small commercial establishments, moving population etc.
  4. 4. Ideal for price sensitive, first time users
  5. 5. Designed to suit Indian environment conditions
  6. 6. Optimized for lower cost of ownership</li></li></ul><li>Why ‘Armor 100’?<br />Monitoring<br />Station<br />Wireless Sensors <br />‘Armor 100’<br />Security Panel<br />Voice messages to <br />any phone number<br />Internally <br />powered <br />siren<br />Easy to program<br /><ul><li>No need to remember codes
  7. 7. Extremely short training/learning curve
  8. 8. Reduces installation and troubleshooting time to under 30 mins
  9. 9. Reduces field trips (easy to guide user via the phone)</li></ul>Quality you can rely on<br /><ul><li>No false positives (false alarms) or No true negatives (event misses), always works!
  10. 10. Excellent wireless sensor range (2 ½ floors houses)
  11. 11. Energy efficient sensors
  12. 12. Certified to global quality standards </li></ul>Easy to use<br /><ul><li>Easy to use by even elders and children
  13. 13. “Tamper proof” system & sensors</li></ul>India Perspective<br /><ul><li>Dust proof design
  14. 14. Long battery backup</li></ul>Stylish design<br /><ul><li>State of art pleasing design</li></li></ul><li>Typical Installation @ Home<br />
  15. 15. Specifications<br />Zones<br />14 Wireless zones + 1 zone for hardwired NO/NC operation<br />5 Zone types + 3 Panic types<br />Electrical<br />Aux power 12 V DC<br />8 Hour standby with 500mAh battery<br />Siren output of 500 mA<br />Support for off the shelf rechargeable NiMH batteries for extended backup<br />Communication<br />Tone dialing based alarm dial-out<br />ADEMCO Contact ID<br />Supports Additional Voice Dialer Module <br />Physical Dimensions<br />375mm W x 335 mm H x 118 mm D<br />
  16. 16. Feature Set<br />For Dealer<br /><ul><li>10 wireless zones
  17. 17. 4 wireless keyfobs that doesn’t add to zone count
  18. 18. 1 NO/NC hardwired zone
  19. 19. 20 event log with date and time stamp
  20. 20. A simple installation and configuration process
  21. 21. Supports 1 master user and 2 regular users, each with a unique PIN
  22. 22. Battery-backed real time clock
  23. 23. Visual and aural annunciation of system alerts and alarms.
  24. 24. Dialout of alarms to CMS, if CMS account is configured
  25. 25. Customizable CMS profiles for flexible reporting
  26. 26. Built-in telephone line cut detection.
  27. 27. Panel tamper, wall tamper and sensor tamper detection.
  28. 28. Sufficient rechargeable battery backup to help address erratic power conditions.
  29. 29. Programmable wireless keyfob
  30. 30. Built in 60 db buzzer
  31. 31. Provision for internally powered wired siren </li></ul>Support 1 relay module for externally powered siren<br />For End User<br /><ul><li>Dust Proof Design to ensure long life
  32. 32. Event History with date and time stamp for 20 Events
  33. 33. Internal Voice dialer
  34. 34. Customized alarm messages
  35. 35. Internal speaker and microphone
  36. 36. Voice dial out to 7 contact numbers with 2 dedicated numbers for fire and medical emergency
  37. 37. Alarm Acknowledgement over phone
  38. 38. Duress mode support for forced disarming
  39. 39. Panel tamper, wall tamper and sensor tamper detection.
  40. 40. System-wide chime support
  41. 41. Easily replaceable off the shelf NiMH batteries
  42. 42. Battery level display on LCD
  43. 43. ‘One touch’ arming
  44. 44. Synchronized hooter ding for user actions
  45. 45. Low priority alerts displayed on LCD (system maintenance and trouble alerts)</li></li></ul><li>Wireless Sensors / Accessories<br />Door/Window Sensor<br />Two zone transmitter with both built-in magnetic reed switches and wired closed circuit contact loop. The 5800 Series of door and window transmitters provide the most reliable, convenient and cost effective solutions for security protection. These devices are powerful and versatile enough to help solve even the toughest, most labor intensive installations. With a demonstrated outdoor range of over a mile, the 5800 Series has the best performance of any transmitters available today. <br />Motion Detection Sensor<br />Honeywell&apos;s 5894PI Wireless Passive Infrared Motion Sensor provides reliable detection with pet immunity up to 80 lbs. Optimum performance is obtained by using Uniform Sensitivity Optics, which provides the same level of detection throughout the entire coverage area—no matter what the distance.<br />
  46. 46. Wireless Sensors / Accessories<br />Glass Break Detector<br />Honeywell’s 5853 Wireless Glassbreak Detector offers uncompromised performance and unmatched false alarm immunity. The 5853 can be mounted on any wall or ceiling within a 25’ range, with no minimum range limitation. <br />Smoke/Heat Detector<br />5808LST is a combination wireless photoelectric smoke and heat detector that trips when temperatures reach 135º F/67º C. The 5808LST provides the ultimate in installation flexibility. Remarkably cost-effective, the attractive, low profile unit blends easily with any décor and provides benefits rarely found in smoke detectors in this price range. <br />
  47. 47. Wireless Sensors/Accessories<br />Keyfob / Remote<br />Honeywell&apos;s 5804 family of wireless remotes give your customers personal control of their security system with the touch of a single button. The 5804 family is easy-to-use personal protection that your customers can easily carry anywhere they go. Similar in size to a remote car alarm key, the 5804 Wireless Key offers many of the features of a traditional keypad with convenient fingertip control.<br />Panic Button<br />This personal panic remote is simple to use, with a single push button to signal for the authorities. It comes in two convenient forms as a belt clip or neck pendant. In emergencies, every second counts.<br />
  48. 48. Wireless Sensors / Accessories<br />Asset Protection Sensor<br />The new wireless sensor is the first Honeywell product designed to specifically address the need for theft protection on the premises while enhancing burglary protection already in place. It enables sensors to transmit signals when movement has been detected even when the panel is disarmed. The device can be programmed to send alarm signals to security panels, alerting guards and other security personnel or central stations when the protected object is being moved.<br />This is ideal for environments where the use of a constantly armed panel is not practical — such as colleges, hotels, and any areas with free-flowing human traffic.<br />The new sensor easily attaches to valuables within a home or business, such as paintings, flat screen TVs and other electronics, family heirlooms, safes and office equipment.<br />
  49. 49. Contact<br />Mail:<br />Web:<br />Flickr:<br />
  50. 50. Thank You<br />