Creating your frst online video course


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  • Hi, Welcome to our first video lecture on “How to create online courses”.
  • If you are a SME, creating your first online course, we understand that you will be having lots of questions like - read the points from slideThis video tutorial will help clarify all those doubts and create a highly engaging online course.This tutorial has divided in to four activity streams namely Plan, Create, Publish and Promote.
  • Creating your frst online video course

    1. 1. creating your firstonline video course- RAHUL ARORA
    2. 2. Before we start How to decide a topic to teach? How to structure the content? What should be the duration for each session or the entire course? Software tools and settings you need to know Where to upload the course and the material?2
    3. 3. Step 1: Plan Pick a topic Define your target audience and their competency level Define the leaning objective Create an outline for your course Module/Course end assessment3
    4. 4. Step 1: PlanPick a topic4AnalyticsTechnologySportsSocialScienceMusicMath&ScienceLifestyleLanguageHealth&FitnessFinanceEducationDesignBusinessArtsStartup&EntrepreneurshipSoftSkills
    5. 5. Step 1: PlanAudience & Competency LevelsAdvancedIntermediateBeginner5
    6. 6. Step 1: PlanLearning Objectives What the student will be able to accomplish aftercompleting the coursesfor e.g. Student will be able to explain the concept ofGrammar, nouns, verbs, adjectives and form appropriatesentences.6
    7. 7. Step 1: PlanCourse Outline7Module 1- Introduction to English GrammarModule 2 – Working with NounsModule 3 – Mastering the Verbs•Lecture 1 – Regular Verbs•Lecture 2 – Irregular VerbsModule 4 – Working with AdjectivesModule 5 – Learning PunctuationModule 6 – Evaluation/Assignment
    8. 8. Step 1: PlanAssessment Module end assessment as criteria for nextmodule Course end assessment for certificationpurpose8
    9. 9. Step 2: Create Introductory Video Screencast Presentation & Digital Assets Course Introductory Image9
    10. 10. Step 2: CreateIntroductory Video 2-5 minutes long Use it as marketing tool Highlight about Presenter Course objectives Recommended readings Benefits of course10
    11. 11. Step 2: CreateScreencast Record voice over with presentations Insert annotations Create multimedia®www.techsmith.comFREE
    12. 12. Step 2: CreatePresentation & Digital Assets Give away any pre-reading material Worksheets and study notes Follow-up material12
    13. 13. Step 2: CreateIntroductory Image High resolution, Good quality Depicts the course Engaging13240px240 px
    14. 14. Step 3: PublishIdentifyCategoryInstructorDetailsCourseInfoCourseStructureSubmitfor review14Using Course Creation Wizard
    15. 15. Step 4: Promote 15• Announce your course to your social networkGo Social• Early adopters of your course to spread wordof mouthFriends & Family• Leverage your dedicated group to share tipsand tricks to promote course online.Faculty Group
    16. 16. 16lets begin…