Youth Art Month 2011 Nevada


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General information regarding YAM for Nevada's art teachers. Project suggestions and theme.

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Youth Art Month 2011 Nevada

  1. 1. Youth Art Month March 2011 Nicole Sattem-Crouch Howard E. Heckethorn E.S.
  2. 2. • National Youth Art Month theme for 2010-2011 • Three teachers from CCSD came up with this theme while writing their thesis!! • Often states use a unique YAM theme.
  3. 3. • In the past our flag has been designed by one young artist. • This year it will be a collaboration of many! • Inspired by our theme “Art Shapes Me” we will have our young artists design hand prints, varying in size depending on the grade level.
  4. 4. 2011 Flag Timeline • Discuss YAM with your students and the importance of the arts in schools • Print out template and have your students draw, color, paint inside the handprint. • Choose 20 winning designs. Try to select them from all grades. Send home the YAM permission slip. • Submit up to 20 designs with permission slips to YAM Co-Chair by December 22, 2010
  5. 5. 2011 National Youth Art Month Flag Event, “School Flags Across the U.S….Flying High!” • 25th year of the national YAM flag event • Flags will be displayed March in Washington D.C. to celebrate
  6. 6. Create Student Art Inspired by the YAM Theme • Think about the location and where the art will be displayed • Individual art or collaborations
  7. 7. What can you do to celebrate YAM this March? • Have a school wide art show • Team up with the other specialists and hold an arts festival • Display art in your community • Take a field trip to an art museum • Go outside and make art • Exchange art with another school • Make postcard art • Write letters to famous artists • Invite a local artist to your school • Create a mural • What’s your idea?
  8. 8. Showcase Student Art in the Community • Contact local businesses about displaying work. • At school, ask parents, family members, and family friends who own local businesses
  9. 9. Get Help! • Send notes home about volunteering • Have parents hang up art by March 1st and take down at the end of the month (make a list of who is responsible for each location)
  10. 10. • Students will be SO proud to have their art on display in a public place • Send home a list of all businesses celebrating YAM • Include where classes are located
  11. 11. What can we as a district and state do to celebrate? • Create a flag to be flown at the National Art Educators Conference, Seattle 2011 • District wide art show (K-12) • Arts festival • Art auction • Art parade • ?
  12. 12. Incentive to participate in YAM • If you participate in YAM by – Submitting flag designs – Celebrate in your school and/or community – Submit photos of your YAM activities – Be a member of Art Educators of Nevada You could win a free AEN Conference registration!! Up to $130 value!!
  13. 13. YAM Co-Chairs Southern Nevada: Nicole Sattem-Crouch Northern Nevada: Amber Urioste *Contact Nicole Sattem-Crouch on Interact with questions or ideas. Look for reminders there too! Information and website also listed on handouts
  14. 14. We need to ADVOCATE and PROMOTE the arts in schools! If we don’t, then who will?