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SCORM: A Quick Guide


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SCORM: A Quick Guide. What is SCORM? An introduction to Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM); the standards and specifications for web-based e-learning.

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SCORM: A Quick Guide

  1. 1. SCORM: The Quick Guide By Alan Boyd
  2. 2. • What is SCORM?• Why SCORM?• How does it Work?• What does SCORM do?• What does SCORM not do?• Common issues/Considerations
  3. 3. What is SCORM? SCORM content will run on any learning management system (LMS) that is SCORM compliant SCORM = SCORM modules canSharable Content be reassembled &Object Reference used as components Model for new programmes
  4. 4. Reusing SCORM ModulesDiversity E-learning Course for Client 1Module 1: UK Legislation 1Module 2: UK Legislation 2Module 3: Specific to Client Diversity E-learning Course for Client 3 Module 1: UK Legislation 1 Module 2: NI Legislation Module 3: Specific to ClientDiversity E-learning Course for Client 2Module 1: UK Legislation 1Module 2: NI LegislationModule 3: Specific to Client
  5. 5. How does it Work? Initialise >>>>>>Sharable Content LearningObject (SCO) Started >>>>>> Management System Completed >> Terminate >>>> * Other functions such as Score and Suspend Data
  6. 6. What does SCORM do?• Allows the Learning Module to send information to the LMS about itself such as – Status (Not Started, Incomplete, Completed) – Score – Suspend Data• Says that this some of this data must be stored and made available again• Says that the LMS must provide some information to the Learning Module such as the user’s name
  7. 7. What does SCORM not do?• User accounts• Reports• Certificates• Communication between users• Say how a programme should look• Say how a programme should launch• Say how a programme should exit
  8. 8. Common SCORM Issues Case sensitive Size of Self- SCO contained package Common SCORMDelivering & Issues updating Setting SCORM Completion packages References to LMS or LMS functions
  9. 9. Case SensitiveA file in the html folder is linking to the PowerPoint – only one of these will work•<a href="mod-resources/nationalasthmaprogramme-HSElanD.ppt" target="_blank">Power Point</a>•<a href="mod-resources/NationalAsthmaProgramme-HSElanD.ppt" target="_blank">PowerPoint</a>•<a href="mod-Resources/NationalAsthmaProgramme-HSElanD.ppt" target="_blank">PowerPoint</a>•<a href="mod-resources/NationalAsthmaProgramme-HSEland.PPT" target="_blank">PowerPoint</a>
  10. 10. Self Contained Package• In this scenario, each topic is saved as a separate SCO.• The files in common images are shared between all topics• This won’t work because when you SCORM package the topics it will only include the files inside each folder. The common images won’t be included.
  11. 11. References to LMS / LMS Functions * Don’t include exit button in the SCO. This is an LMS function.
  12. 12. References to LMS or LMS Functions • In this scenario, the author has tried to include a link to Section 2 of the e-learning programme. To move to section 2 please click here. • Section 2 is a different SCO. Don’t try to link one SCO to another. • Use the LMS to launch SCOs.
  13. 13. Setting Completion• Completion Criteria should be considered during ID• Completion criteria should be simple• User should be informed what the completion criteria are
  14. 14. Size of SCO• Make a decision about how you want to break your learning programme into SCOs. (For example, your SCO could be the entire e-learning programme, one topic/module, and or one individual page .• Important because: – LMS should set completion for the entire programme not just separate topics/modules – LMS will be expected to produce reports on who has completed the entire programme
  15. 15. Delivering SCORM Packages• Manifest file is added.• Package is zipped with manifest file in root
  16. 16. Updating SCORM packages• Depends on LMS• Might be necessary to delete the programme and upload again.
  17. 17.