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Infographic: 10 Tips for taking part in a video


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Video is a valuable medium for delivering content and learning in an engaging way and has been increasingly used in eLearning programs.
Check out our infographic for 10 simple tips that can help you when taking part in a video.

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Infographic: 10 Tips for taking part in a video

  1. 1. Beprepared. Focus on what you want to say. 1 It’sa conversation. You aren’t giving a speech. 9 Talent release. Give permission for the video to be used. 10 10TIPS for taking part in a video Makeyour point. Communicate effectively. 2 Bein themoment. Be yourself & listen carefully. 3 Thinkof thecamera as the third person. 4 Use your natural voice. 5 Appearance. Avoid dramatic patterns on clothing. 7 Fidgeting. Find a good position & avoid distraction. 8 Don’tbeafraid to make mistakes. 6