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Harness your Brainwaves


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Neuroscience is all the rage at the moment but what it is and how does it apply to you in your role? Presentation delivered by Stella Collins at Aurion Connections that explored some of the psychology and neuroscience underpinning productivity, improving wellbeing and enhancing learning at work.
What exactly is neuroscience? How does it apply to you whether you’re in Human Resources, Learning & Development or e-learning design? You will challenge some of your current thinking, find scientific support for what you already do well and generate fresh, practical ideas to support yourself and your colleagues in working and learning more effectively in a busy, modern, online world.

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Harness your Brainwaves

  1. 1. www.aurionlearning.comE-LEARNING | TRAINING AND SUPPORT | PLATFORMS Harness Your Brainwaves Stella Collins
  2. 2. Who am I?
  3. 3. 2014… • Neuroscience in Action • 8 case studies • Practical application of neuroscience to real-life learning
  4. 4. Not Pink and fluffy Evidence based 25,955 students
  5. 5. Why are you here?
  6. 6. What is neuroscience? What do you know?
  7. 7. Limbic Brain stem Cortex
  8. 8. Delta •0-4Hz Theta •4-8Hz Alpha •8-12Hz Beta •12-40Hz Gamma •40-100Hz The Neuroscience
  9. 9. Delta •30 seconds Theta •20 seconds Alpha •10 seconds Beta •2 seconds Gamma •Every second What it feels like
  10. 10. Delta •Every 30s Theta •Every 20s Alpha •Every 10s Beta •Every 2s Gamma •Every second Stand up/ sit down!
  11. 11. Delta • Sleep on it Theta • Dream about it Alpha • Visualisation/ restful review Beta • Physical/ Mental/ Exercises/ Challenges/ Activity Gamma • Light bulb moments/ deep meditation Harness them…
  12. 12. Think: How can I harness brainwaves more effectively? Share: What I will do to harness brainwaves more effectively?
  13. 13. ‘Sleep on it’ Time limit work Build in visualisations Walk and talk Vary activities What stimulates lightbulb moments?
  14. 14. Guide through the maze
  15. 15. Who did the research?
  16. 16. What’s on their agenda?
  17. 17. Where was it first published?
  18. 18. When was it published?
  19. 19. How was the research done?
  20. 20. What are the results saying?
  21. 21. www.aurionlearning.comE-LEARNING | TRAINING AND SUPPORT | PLATFORMS Email RIGHT NOW with title ‘Resources’ to receive: 1. Free sample of Chapter 1 - Neuroscience for Learning and Development 2. Plus 20% discount off the book
  22. 22. www.aurionlearning.comE-LEARNING | TRAINING AND SUPPORT | PLATFORMS Continue the conversation…. +44 797 110 6697 @stellacollins
  23. 23. www.aurionlearning.comE-LEARNING | TRAINING AND SUPPORT | PLATFORMS