Choosing the Right Learning Management System


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The Food Safety Authority of Ireland talk about their journey to find the right Learning Management System to deliver online training

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Choosing the Right Learning Management System

  1. 1. Starting from scratch –Choosing the right LMS to deliver training Bridget Kenna & Sharon Williams © FSAI
  2. 2. Introduction• Brief background on FSAI• Current approach to delivering training• Development of e-learning – a blended approach• Our journey to date• Next steps• Lessons learnt © FSAI
  3. 3. FSAI’s missionTo protect peoples’ health and peoples’ interests by ensuring that food consumed and produced in the State meets the highest standards of food safety reasonablyachievable and that people have accurate and worthwhile information about the nature of the foods they eat. © FSAI
  4. 4. What we do• Co-ordinate the enforcement of food – ‘official agencies’• Advise Government Departments on food safety policy• Policy advice & risk management decisions science based• Work in partnership with stakeholders in the food chain to ensure compliance with food law © FSAI
  5. 5. Delivering food safety service SERVICE CONTRACTS HSE Local Authorities/Dept. Agriculture, Co Councils Food & Marine Sea Fisheries Marine National Standards Protection Authority Institute Authority of Irl. © FSAI
  6. 6. Current approach to training deliveryTraining programmes delivered to:• Official agencies• FSAI staff• IndustryAll classroom instructor-led – includes case studies, handson exercises, role-plays etc. © FSAI
  7. 7. Other information/learning resourceswww.fsai.ieSafetynetFSAI Intranet © FSAI
  8. 8. FSAI Website - © FSAI
  9. 9. FSAI Safetynet © FSAI
  10. 10. FSAI Intranet © FSAI
  11. 11. Would e-learning add value? © FSAI
  12. 12. Other benefits rs r ne o lea t ve g mo in arn for le ity i bil o ns e sp m er so © FSAI
  13. 13. E-learning strategy• Needed to establish our overall approach• Courses vs. resources• Develop in-house skills/expertise in delivering e- learning materials• New skill set – use of authoring tools/instructional design/technology © FSAI
  14. 14. E-learning ‘blended’ approach Face to Face Learning Blended Learning Online Learning © FSAI
  15. 15. E-learning – how to reach groups? Via LMS © FSAI
  16. 16. The journey since December 2011 © FSAI
  17. 17. © FSAI
  18. 18. Rapid E-learning training•Review of a number of authoring tools•Specific training on Snap by LectoraAnd so .... our journey began © FSAI
  19. 19. Key milestones in our journey 6.Develop LMS Authoring tool 1. 2. DesignProject 5.Instructional design training / Content 4.Configure 2011 December LMS 3. Select LMS specification team training building © FSAI
  20. 20. Project teamKey representatives from:• Training Compliance• IT• Information• Communications• HR © FSAI
  21. 21. 2. Design LMS specification Intuitive & easy Hosted externally, Comprehensive to use linked to FSAI tracking & extranet reporting systemAccessible from Adaptable to any internet allow scale up connected workstation Facilitate a variety of learning methods Facilitate single & media log-on Incorporate look Used as part of a and feel of our blended learning extranet solution Facilitate Facilitates up to assessments 2,000 users © FSAI
  22. 22. Select LMS Learning Management System: NetDimensions eLearning best suited our needs © FSAI
  23. 23. Configuring our LMS• Design of LMS ‘skin’• Identify requirements for our LMS – ‘Safetynet Learning’• LMS administrator training © FSAI
  24. 24. Instructional design training• Instructional design for e-learning materials• Courses vs. resources vs. blended solutions• Methods & media• Ownership with the learner © FSAI
  25. 25. Additional authoring tool training•Training on Articulate (quizmaker and engage)Other outcomes:•Identified other resources for learning•Customised Articulate template & icons © FSAI
  26. 26. June 2012 © FSAI
  27. 27. Where we are now• Safetynet Learning ready to go live• In-house learning and development programmes uploaded and ready to deploy for FSAI staff• A number of bespoke e-learning programmes being developed for agency staff• Promotional demonstration being developed © FSAI
  28. 28. Next steps• Bulk upload of users• User acceptance testing• Launch• Review / evaluate• Continue to develop & evolve © FSAI
  29. 29. • Dedicate TIME and key personnel• Organisational/management buy-in• Availability of SME• Relationship with service provider• Walk before you run• Think of end user © FSAI
  30. 30. Key lessons learnt• Benefit of a TEAM at early stages• Network / ask questions / gather information• Its about learning, not just e-learning• Training is key to implementation & success• Lot of information available e.g. blogs, webinars etc• Exciting and evolving © FSAI
  31. 31. In Summary• Brief background on FSAI• Current approach to delivering training• Development of e-learning – a blended approach• Our journey to date• Next steps• Lessons learnt © FSAI
  32. 32. Every journey Thank you forstarts by takingthe listening first step! © FSAI
  33. 33. © FSAI