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How to interview for A-Players


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How to interview for A-Players

  1. How to Interview People & Identify A-Players Auren Hoffman
  2. • Best way to know if someone is an A-Player: work with them • 2nd best way: some A-Player you have worked with vouches for them • 3rd best way: interview process – Your sole goal is to determine if they are an A-Player • Really bad way: rely on the resume 2 Why Interview People
  3. Spend 15-30 min preparing: 1. Actually read the resume: interesting traits, inconsistencies, thesis, more 2. Read notes in your internal HR CRM: what do other people in your company think? How did they hear about the job? Cover letter. 3. Prep specific questions for the person: craft new questions. Customize your standard questions. 3 The Pre-interview
  4. • Show up on time – End on time (or earlier – feel free to make it short) – Be respectful of their time • Have an agenda (in your mind) on how the interview should go. – Watch the clock • (you can generalize this to all meetings) 4 The meeting: high-level notes
  5. • Get them to teach you something – Few ppl can simply explain complex concepts • Ask them insightful questions about things they should know a lot about – Their field of study or thesis or paper • Ask hard questions – And make sure they are interesting • Most brain-teasers are bad … so be careful 5 Interview Dos Recent Rapleaf hire Grant Lee taught me how to play chess during our interview
  6. 6 Interview Don’ts • Don’t ask too many questions regarding your company – Ask them similar questions about their past companies or about a fictitious company • Don’t ask questions that people just solve. Get them to interact with you. • Don’t talk more than 25% of the time.
  7. 7 Key things to learn • Is this person scary smart? • How does this person take feedback? • Are they curious? Do they ask great questions? Do they engage? • Are they unsatisfied with mediocre answers? • Can they communicate well? • Are they nice and treat people well?
  8. Auren Hoffman, CEO, Rapleaf • • We’re hiring: • 8 Thank you