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Aurena Labs | The Art of Purity + Protection


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Learn how the art of purity & protection makes the evolution of medical device products into innovation spray technology possible.

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Aurena Labs | The Art of Purity + Protection

  1. 1. WWW.AURENALABS.COM EVOLVES SUPERIOR MEDICAL DEVICE PRODUCTS INTO INNOVATIVE SPRAY TECHNOLOGY Evolving a medical device shouldn’t be a one size fits all approach. Here’s how Aurena brings smart, custom and creative solutions to the pharma and medical device industry. CRAFTING UNIQUE AND CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS BRINGING THE ART TO LIFE THROUGH A COLLABORATIVE PROCESS ART PURITY PROTECTION More than just manufacturing, our process brushes every product with its own creative solution. You Need: ✔ A modern solution to an existing product ✔ To bring a new idea to market ✔ Cleanroom manufacturing ✔ Regulatory support ✔ Access to the right people and services ✔ Medical device experts We Provide: ✔ A flexible approach ✔ A range of registered products customizable for your brand ✔ Large and small batch manufacturing ✔ ‘Matchmaking’ with the right connections in formulation, regulations and more ✔ Product testing ✔ Experienced project managers THE END RESULT: A PREMIUM USER EXPERIENCE Your customer should have a convenient, painless, safe and effective experience. Creative packaging, labelling and displays make your brand stand out from the rest and improves the shopping experience. Worry free application thanks to guaranteed sterility, no rub, no sting, no chill and proven effectiveness. Conveniently spray at any angle, and take the product anywhere without worrying about leakage, then recycle when finished. We are committed to quality throughout our design, development and manufacturing process, guaranteeing a pure and contamination free product every time. The essence of bag-on-valve is complete protection from contamination, oxygen and light, maintaining integrity and sterility of the solution. Initiation, Opportunity and Risk Analysis Formulation, Concept and Feasibility Phase Design, Development, Verification and Validation Phase Product Launch and Post-Launch Assessment Final Validation, Product Launch Preparation Phase 1 2 3 4 5 With endless possibilities and few limitations, Aurena can transform, formulate or develop your product – whether it be a liquid, gel, cream or ointment -- into modern bag-on-valve spray technology. From product development to packaging and design, we bring the Art of Purity + Protection to your product. Let’s partner to make it happen.