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Draft tor of feasibility study of FTA


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Draft tor of feasibility study of FTA

  1. 1. 1 TERMS OF REFERENCE OF THE JOINT WORKING GROUP OF THE FEASIBILITY STUDY ON POSSIBLE CHINA - XX FTA Objective l. China and XX will jointly undertake a feasibility study on a possible bilateral China-XX Free Trade Agreement (FTA). 2. For that purpose, a JWG will be established to undertake a feasibility study on a possible FTA. The JWG would study and identify the benefits that may derive from a possible FTA. In case, substantial benefits are identified from a possible FTA, the JWG would examine the feasibility of such an FTA. Composition 3. The JWG constituted for the purpose on the either side would represent the core group and representatives of the other concerned Ministry/Departments shall be co-opted to work with the JWG. Chairmanship 4. The JWG would be headed at a high level official, no less than Deputy Director General, who will co-chair the meetings of each JWG. Scope of Work 5. The joint feasibility study on a bilateral Free Trade Agreement would comprise:  Trade in goods and services and investments;
  2. 2. 2  Identified understandings for trade and investment promotion and facilitation; and  Measures for promotion of economic cooperation in identified sectors. Negotiation Timetable and Venue 6. It is generally understood that the feasibility study should be expeditious. The JWG shall complete the feasibility study by May 2013, The JWG will meet alternately in China and XX on a rotational basis. Secretariat Support 7. The Host country would prepare the draft agenda and the programme of the meeting. The secretarial assistance and the logistic support for the meetings would be provided by the host country. Official Texts 8. The only official texts of the meetings of JWG are those in English that have been approved by the JWG. The secretariat should provide both delegations with an identical set of official texts after each session, both in written and electronic forms. Language 9. Meetings, including texts and sessions should be conducted in English, without prejudice to the possibility that one or both parties avail themselves of interpretation services for Chinese or Spanish into and from English.