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Sutton valence school for amj pupils


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Sutton valence school for amj pupils

Published in: Education
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Sutton valence school for amj pupils

  2. 2. WHERE ARE WE?
  4. 4. OUR SCHOOL QUICK FACTS • Our Headmaster is Mr. Grindlay. • We have 520 pupils • We have 55 teachers. • We learn lots of subjects, some are compulsory and some are optional, English, Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities and Languages (Compulsory) and Music, DT, Art, Drama, HE PE and CCF. • The school was founded by William Lambe in 1576.
  5. 5. SCHOOL FACILITES In our school we have facilities such as: •Swimming pool •Theatre •Athletics track •Hockey pitch •Netball grounds •Tennis courts •Dance studio •Rugby pitch •Cricket pitch • CCF huts •Shooting Range •Boarding Houses •Art Department •DT Department •Sports Centre •Chapel
  6. 6. A TYPICAL SCHOOL DAY We arrive at school for 8:25am, where we then go to our tutor room for 10-15 minutes. After which on a Monday and Friday we will have Chapel or assembly. A normal morning for us is to have two lessons before our half an hour morning break, after this we will have a further two lessons before lunch (all of our lessons are 55 minutes long). We get an hour and a half lunch break then have another lesson followed by another 20 minute break and then another lesson or club P1 Chapel or Lesson P2 Lesson Brea k 30 minutes P3 Lesson P4 Lesson Lunc h 1 hour – 1 ½ hours P5 Lesson Brea k 20 minute break P6 Lesson or club
  7. 7. CO-CURRICULAR •Music lessons •Team matches •Lamda
  8. 8. SPORT What we play: •Hockey •Rugby •Football •Athletics •Netball •Rounder's •Tennis •Cricket •Swimming
  9. 9. SCHOOL’S NOTABLE ALUMNI Terence Cuneo – Painter Sir Charles Groves – Conductor Gordon Apps – World War 1 flying ace Ajahn Amaro – Abbot at Amaravati Buddhist monastery Ali Bongo – Magician Ben Brown – BBC journalist Joseph Friedman – Inventor of the flexible drinking straw Paul Anderson – Olympic Sailor Ashley Jackson – Olympic Hockey Mark Benson – England cricket captain Robbie Joseph – Cricket Player Sydney Wooderson – Olympic athlete and record holder Susannah Townsend – Hockey Player